Mix up Your Golf Experience and Exercise Your Brain Muscle!

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  Gosh, I see so many great places on www.travelgolf.com to play golf!  It makes me want to go to all of them.  When I was in grad school, training to be a counselor, I used to tell students to “pick something they love to do and get paid for it.”  Sou… more »

Improving your golf game: 2010 is another chance to get it right!

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  If improving my golf game was on one of my 2009 goals, I wouldn’t have received a passing grade....what would your grade be? I made goals but didn’t stick to them. This year I resolve to GET IT RIGHT!  We are blessed to be given another chance to mak… more »

What's Your Pre-Game Routine?

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We live in a fast paced, muti-tasking society. We eat in front of the TV, we text while in the grocery store, we email while having a conversation with someone across the room. Geezzzz...talk about attention deficit disorder! We're training everyone to… more »

Small, Medium, large, or Supersize....which will you order!?

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Have you ever watched your playing partners have a wide stance for a chip shot....or do they have a narrow stance for a shot using the driver? Check out the setups of the people you play with. What's going on in their brain usually shows up in their setu… more »

Take your practice to the course and play!

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We all hear about golfers who never practice but we don't hear much about the player who practices more than they play. A question I often get from my students is "why do I hit it great on the range yet I can't take it to the course?" My answer is "you… more »

The Driver Lesson..."Supersize" your set-up!

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OK...this article is for our blogger, Chris Baldwin. Back in May, Chris claimed that instructors are "afraid to teach the driver". No, they are not "afraid." Experienced and knowledgeable instructors want to help students "walk around the block befo… more »

Bunker shot distance control...get it close!

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Get it OUT! Get it CLOSE! Get it IN! Once you've learned to get your bunker shot onto the green, you'll now want to learn how to get it CLOSE! So you need to learn BUNKER DISTANCE CONTROL This lesson is to help you adjust to the different length s… more »

"One Plane, Two Plane, 3 Plane, 4..." : Labeling Your Golf Swing.

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I receive several golf publications each month because I need to know what my students are reading and seeing. Sooner or later a student of mine will ask me about a theory, concept, or idea that is being written about in one of these magazines. I need to… more »

Play a Donald Ross golf course and practice your chipping!

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Donald Ross is alive at Pine Needles this week for the US Women's Open! I hope all of you are watching the Open this weekend. These women (and girls) are good!! Just to show you what girls can do…the yardage is set up to 6664 yards. OK guys, how… more »

Golf Rules: Can we make them up as we go!?

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I've heard it ALL now!! I got a call from a student of mine after she played in a local golf event recently. It was a fun event that was played with a group of local women and a group of invited women from another city. She's a fairly new golfer (2 yrs… more »

PITCHING: The birdie making shot!

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I used to be a terrible “pitcher” of the golf ball when I was learning to play golf. I could hit it far off the tee but when I got to 70-30 yards from the hole, my knuckles would turn white, my shoulders would be up around my ears and the ground wo… more »

After golf school: Now what?

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Last week I wrote about being invited to be an instructor at a golf school of 35 women and 7 instructors. The school was a great success ... how do I know? Because I saw LOTS of smiles, experienced lots of positive energy, saw lots of camaraderie, and th… more »

Golf Schools: Should you go and where?

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I have been invited to be an instructor at an all women's 3-day golf school. There will be 35 students and 7 instructors at one facility. Whew! Sounds like a zoo, doesn't it? Thank goodness the lead instructor is very organized. Read my blog on "Teachin… more »

Playing Golf in the Wind: for those who like surprises!

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What's going on with the weather this week!? Watch the tournaments on TV today and see how the pros handle these conditions. I know that the wind is playing havoc on golf games around the country. Scores are higher and it is a battle sometimes just to g… more »

Understanding the Masters Golf Tournament

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It's spring and it's Augusta, Georgia! To truly understand the Masters Golf Tournament and why it is the most revered event in all of sports, one must have an understanding of Bobby Jones. Being from the South (Greensboro, NC), I also believe one must un… more »
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