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Comment from: Denver Player [Visitor]
Mr. Miserly,

I think I can speak on this subject with some degree of expertise, as I lived in the area for 3+ years.

Summertime in Palm Springs is UNBELIEVABLE for golf. I remember playing Sun City for $25 WITH A CART from noon 'til close.

PGA West was around $75 bucks, if I remember correctly. This was some time ago (94-97), but the deals should still be good.

Just bring ALOT of water.
2005-12-13 @ 19:46
Comment from: Cheap Bastard [Member] Email
Nice point DP.

Do you know if any courses have weather rates? Because, lets face it, even if a person isn't blessed with my creamy white skin and freckles, there are some days in Palm Springs that I just can't imagine golfing. Or getting out of bed, even (though that's kinda normal for moi.)

It would seem that maybe they'd have separate rates depending on the temps at some courses. It's not ALWAYS 125 degrees in the summer, but it's pretty hot, pretty often. Though, like you said, with water and an easy pace, playing in PS when it's around 105-110 shouldn't be that bad.

2005-12-15 @ 09:21
Comment from: Denver Player [Visitor]

Seasonal, but not "weather rates". Maybe you can barter, but that's on a case by case basis.

Usually the weather in the heat of the day is between 95-105 in Palm Springs. Pick a weekday at noon, and the first tee at most courses is open.

Check up with Ron Mon. Maybe he can find you a shop that sells evaporative coolers on the cheap.

Seriously, though. I never thought it was that bad. Stay in the cart as much as possible, put a cool towel on the back of your neck, wear a hat, and drink water. Should be fine, you'll have a great time with a great pace of play, and you'll save some major dinero in the process.
2005-12-15 @ 19:17
Comment from: dick [Visitor] Email
Try the red dot golf discount book. http://www.reddotgolf.com

You can save a lot all year round in Palm Springs. Lots of great 2 for 1's...including PGA West, La Quinta Resort, SilverRock, Trilogy, Classic Club, etc.
2009-02-24 @ 01:51

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