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Casey's I-Hate Americans Right On

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English golfer Paul Casey comes out and tells the world, the European Ryder Cup team "properly hate" Americans, adds he personally thinks they're "stupid" and everyone's in a uproar? Suddenly, Casey's telling reporters that he has an American girlfriend… more »

No Surprise Detroit's Brawltown

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I grew up in the Detroit area, became a sports writer in part because of the Isiah Thomas-Joe Dumars-Vinnie Johnson Pistons and spent many an argument defending the city's dinning/entertainment options to out-of-town friends. Which makes what I'm about t… more »

Misguided PGA Pros & Misguided Dave

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My new buddy Dave (also found on this page) must be going Bill Clinton on me, trying to reach out and make us see our similarities when we're really completely opposed. Dave comes back and says he agrees with me on slow play being caused by course greed… more »

Slow Play = Course Greed

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My colleague Dave is like the guy who blames the bears for visting his campground when he leaves a picnic table of food out overnight when it comes to the slow play issue. Slow play isn't a golfer's etiquette problem. It's a course problem. Rangers ar… more »

Hootie Bribes Spurrier

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Anyone who doesn't think golf runs the universe hasn't been paying attention to South Carolina's pursuit of Steve Spurrier. The Gamecocks have the former Florida run-and-gun genius/Redskins bust considering taking over their football program for one reas… more »

Speed traps hurt golf economy

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Making the drive that so many golfers make, from the East Coast down to Myrtle Beach on I-95, it is striking how many speed traps are set up along the corridor. From New Jersey to Baltimore to Virginia, every state seems determined to grab a bigger and b… more »

Rip Off Throw-In Courses

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Notice how many golf architects are designing two to three courses on one mammoth site/housing development these days? Inevitably, at least one of these courses seems to suffer and come out as little more than a throw in. It's like, oh well, maybe the pu… more »

Celebrities, Please Shut Up

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Can celebrities stop telling us how to vote now? Please. One of the more obnoxious sidelights of the 2004 Presidential Election was that every person who's ever been deemed famous took it as their civic duty to inform the rest of us who we should vote fo… more »
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