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Comment from: Andy Steenson [Visitor]
It seems like the world is obsessed with the percieved evils of America. American culture is actually a microcosm of world culture. This is true because America doesn't shut other cultures out. We integrate them into our own. So those that hate America hate the world or even more likely, hate themselves.
2004-12-02 @ 00:12
Comment from: Keith Johnson [Visitor]
We finally have Buliten bulletin board material that can be posted in the American Locker Room at the K Club. This stuff happens everyday in the world of sports. It's OK for "CAN YOU BELIEVE HE SAID THAT" to happen in the world of Baseball, Football, Soccer, Hockey and Basketball but for it to happen in the game of Golf. Shame! Shame! Shame! Think about this, Titleist is going to cancel Paul Casey's contract over what was said. And sales of Titleist golf balls are going to go where in Europe? Well, they should go down. (Should make the stock holders happy at FB) What Titleist did was just as bad if not worse than what Casey said. Hell our players don't have to say anything we have corporations do all of our talking. We fired back and that is going to do nothing but fuel the fire of Paul Casey and Europen Team even more in 2006.
2004-12-02 @ 15:24
Comment from: Cathy Uy [Visitor]
I was going to buy Titleist wedges. Not anymore. I regularly buy ProV1s. Not anymore. Titleist's actions show American arrogance and inability to take criticism. It also shows hypocrisy 'cuz Americans do what Casey did all the time--case in point, Rumsfeld's remarks about "old Europe," John McEnroe's remarks back then about England and Australia, etc.

I guess Bush won re-election as karma for all past misdeeds of the US: killing nationalistic General of Chile to put Pinochet in power, supporting Marcos and his torture/death of peaceful Filipinos, ramming that Japanese boat with US submarine, etc. I wouldn't be surprised if the Euro becomes the world currency and the USA, the greatest debtor in the world, is forced to start paying for its debts and goes bankrupt. Ha ha!
2004-12-11 @ 15:49
Comment from: Neil Sonnier [Visitor]
Golf is an individual's game , it is not a team sport . The European team has a built in advantage , they are part of a team Continent. They have their own team currency , they share hotel rooms , they have plenty of experience playing poorly kept golf courses and they like playing together . They also have the inherent hatred that all countries around the world have for America . Who wouldn't hate a country that is less than 300 years old and is easily the most successful in everything meaningful .
What amazes me is how a player can live in the U.S. , go to school in the U.S. , and even have a girlfriend who is American and still play on a Euro team .If we really want to be fair shouldn't the teams consist of people who actually live in the Country they supposedly represent?
As for you Cathy , Titleist has the right to sponsor who they want to sponsor . It has nothing to do with Americans and their ability to accept criticism . I personally don't care what a third world idiot has to say , that is MY right . Why don't you make sure you only use equipment from your country and leave the technically superior American equipment for people with more intelligence. Oh and be sure to stock up on that euro currency too because that is just what the world wants , a currency that depends on all of Europe to vote and agree on everything , that is sure to last.
2004-12-16 @ 11:50
Comment from: Brit [Visitor]
Why has this topic degenerated into the good old USA v World syndrome ? You have clearly lost any sense of rationality.

If you had heard the whole quote, Casey was specifically referring to American Ryder Cup GOLFERS (as opposed to the entire population) and their disgusting behaviour on the golf course (previous cup). You Americans do not know just how offensive all that screaming, shouting and whooping can be to golfers, ESPECIALLY while running around a golfer who is just about to play his shot !

And whoever cannot understand why that behaviour is offensive and disrespectful to a golfer is stupid. And if you think it's 'just sour grapes', then that confirms your own stupidity and your lack of understanding of the word 'honour'. Europe has lost to America many times and have always treated you with nothing but complete respect (including the crowd).
2004-12-18 @ 09:51
Comment from: Sesquipedalian [Visitor]
Neil Sonnier, old bean, you are a simpleton.
Before you take the Casey remarks as further opportunity to rail over 'third world' countries, your 'rights' as an American citizen, and if we let you, presumably some guff about white supremacy, Jesus dying for us all, and assorted additional ignorant invective. Consider this. The remarks were massaged by the scum end of the British media to MAKE A HEADLINE.
Casey is an aggressive golfer, a talented golfer, an often brash bordering on arrogant young man.
He also took swimmingly to the US collegiate system AT THEIR INVITATION. Why do you think such scholarships are offered?? Duh. Go figure. If you want to get upset, get upset with your team of losers and chokers. To demonstrate such collective arrogance as the US team did at Brookline then not be able to take a soupcon back, that's what makes non-US onlookers laugh at your lack of irony, your crybaby loser whining, and your habit of converting a lack of self worth into preening xenophobic Nationalism.

Incidentally, that's team sport. You properly hate us.
2005-02-02 @ 18:43
Comment from: Neil Sonnier [Visitor]
Wow Sesquip,
Those extra long sentences are very impressive , can you play golf too? I find it very ironic that the very same asswipes that enjoy criticising the United States like it is a nationalized sport will throw out the xenophobe accusations at anyone from the U.S. that responds .Could you explain how you think you know so much about me? You assume a great deal from a very short post , I would have to think that it is you who is the ignorant one . White supremacy and Jesus? Please jerk , you don't have a clue about me .
I have spent enough time outside the U.S. to know that I want to stay here and spend all of my money here for now on . I also recommend to everyone that will listen to do the same .The golf is vastly superior , we don't play on goat ranches . We drive real cars on the correct side of the road , not souped up sewing machines and scooters .
Now if we could just keep scum like Paul Casey out , we could have a wonderful place to live. But then again we are a free country that allows any pile of crap from lesser places to come and rip us off . We will see how Pauly Casey does on a real golf tour playing real golf courses against real golfers without a team to lean on, I think he will find that American golfers play much harder when it comes to getting paid for your effort.
As for all of you that hate us so much . . . stay away and don't use our products jerks.
2005-04-05 @ 11:46
Comment from: Kim Monteleone [Visitor]
Neil, Neil, Neil, Why so angry?
2005-08-04 @ 18:47
Comment from: j.jackson [Visitor] Email
paul casey is an idiot and a medicore golfer at best. not entertaing to watch. his comments about us golfers is unwarrented and uncalled for. he should stay the hell out of the us and mind his own business. who does he think he is ?

thankyou ,, j.jackson
2009-08-06 @ 23:32

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