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Comment from: Bumpnrun [Visitor]
Hey Pete,

I've been a supporter of yours forever, but this time you can "BITE ME!". The game of golf demands an entirely different atmosphere that baseball, or football, or any other sport for that matter, and I am both surprised and disappointed that you do not recognise and respect that. By your standards, you should be able to withstand the impact of a 130 mph hockey puck in your balls, or an uppercut to the jaw from Mike Tyson and still maintain the stamina to put one out of the park.
Sure big guy. I'd like to see it!
2005-03-09 @ 13:27
Comment from: tom [Visitor]
Just hearing the name of that washed up has been Charlie "Hustler" nauseates me. I'm tempted however to buy an autograph...I'm running low on toilet paper.
2005-03-11 @ 12:37
Comment from: Jack Ives [Visitor]
Pete, I agree with you. How many factors goes into a baseball swing? Maybe, not as much as a golf swing, but no one ever keeps quiet in a ball park and yet the ball speeding towards you @ 90mph must be hit in only 3 trys, or your out. PS You've served more of a sentence then what is just. The fans are behind you. Get a top PR firm now, your come back is now.
2005-03-30 @ 00:04

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