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Comment from: Grannie Mary [Visitor]
Chris Baldwin is listed as a staff writer, implying a journalism background. To Baldwin I say, "Shame on you!" What a totally unfounded assault on a community. Where are the official statistics on which you base this ridiculous blog? Where did you get your journalism education, and did you miss the course on ethics? I'm over 60 and have lived in Biloxi most of my adult life. I read the local newspaper daily, and I've seen no such trend of crime targeting the elderly as Baldwin claims. On the contrary, Biloxi is a mecca for military retirees looking to settle down. Biloxi--and the entire Mississippi Gulf Coast--draws "snowbirds" by the thousands year after. These people, generally identified by their grey hair and the Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota, Indiana or Missouri tags on their vehicles, come back year after year because they enjoy this area's outstanding hospitality, affordable prices and easy-going atmosphere. Thousands upon thousands of seniors can't be wrong. I travel often, and I'll take Biloxi over much of New Orleans, Chicago and the "gentlemen's" club(read "strip joints")infested South Carolina tourist destinations any day!
This website is evidently trying to build readership at the expense of truth. I'm also an adjunct college professor teaching mass communications, and I know that sensationalism in mass communication, whatever the medium, can quickly slip into "yellow journalism" and the loss of all credibility. Advertisers on Travelgolf.com may want to consider whether they want to be affiliated with such media sleeze.
2005-03-21 @ 11:54
Comment from: sb [Visitor]
Good Lord, Grannie Mary! Did you not get the HUMOR in that piece!? It was a tongue-in-cheek jab at Tim McDonald, insinuating that he's OLD. Have a look at Tim's March 14 'Diamonds in the rough' blog entry at http://www.travelgolf.org/departments/blogs/mcdonald.

Good God, what have I done!? With Grannie Mary's patented lack of a sense of humor, that blog just may give her a stroke! :-0
2005-03-24 @ 13:11

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