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New Wynn casino in Vegas nice, but four hours people?

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Wynn Las Vegas, the just opened Las Vegas shrine to all things money, is impressive enough. All the fresh flowers are a nice touch if you're not allergic to the beauties. The themelessness of the casino is a welcome departure. And who can quibble with th… more »

Golf lesson or root canal?

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Well, I did have a root canal scheduled for next week. I guess I can cancel that and go with the more painful option: a golf lesson. Now that my boss has ordered me to take a golf lesson, I'll be trying out the world of Zen mumbo jumbo and nifty props… more »

Golf Instructors Can't Follow Simple Instructions

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Yes, I did say that golf instructors always struck me as the modern-day equivalent of snake-oil salesmen or chiropractors in the latest newsletter. And yes, I stand by the notion that some of these PGA-certified instructors charge hourly… more »

Upper Deck Over Majerle's In Phoenix Sports Bars

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Majerle's Sports Grill draws most of the attention in the Phoenix sports bar scene. It's owned by Suns fan favorite Dan Majerle, it gets the occassional celebrity drop in and it's in a downtown building with history. If you just want to watch the games… more »

San Francisco A Bad Airport For Golfers

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Be afraid, be very afraid when checking your golf clubs on a flight into SFO (San Francisco International airport for the acronym impaired). On a recent trip to the San Fran area, I had four different golfers volunteer SFO club horror stories to me. The… more »

Hotel Parking Scams

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Now, I don't want to start sounding like the resident old crank blogger - Is that Tim McDonald or Archie Bunker? - but hotel parking is one of the last great scams out there. You have to love these establishments that charge you for a room and then turn… more »

San Fran's City Market A Better Choice Than Fisherman's Wharf

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Walking into the old ferry building along the pier and taking in the bustling, buzzing city market is turning into one of San Francisco's true pleasures. Whichever city planner decided the ferry building should be renovated and put to use deserves some k… more »

Tiger 22, Phil 1 = Your future majors count

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Now that dimwits everywhere are declaring Tiger not so dominant (no surprise to see my favorite Lefty Loving blogger Matt Paulson joining this Mensa society), here's a little reality check. Tiger Woods is not only going to break Jack Nicklaus' major wins… more »

Can We Stop Doubting Tiger, please? Masters his

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The yahoos calling up to complain about Tiger Woods' stance on a tap-in putt (imagine a viewer phoning ABC to say Shaq took an extra half step on a uncontested slam, who cares?) aren't as funny as yahoos like Tim McDonald who rushed to call Woods' Master… more »

Vijay Messes With Mickelson's Masters mind

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Vijay Singh may sometimes make Barry Bonds look like a nice guy by comparision (hear Vijay call his old caddie a drunk, etc...) But no one can doubt how intelligently and ruthlessly cunning Singh is. Not after what he did to Phil Mickelson at the Master… more »

Billy Casper's No-Card A Masters' Wimp Out

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The only time Billy Casper embarrassed himself at the Masters is when he refused to take credit for his record-setting folly. That's when the 73-year-old former champion went bush league. When Casper "no-carded" - declined to submit his scorecard - elec… more »

Forget Mickelson, Jesper the Masters Man

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While it did make me reconsider my Phil Mickelson No Masters repeat guarantee when Grandpa McDonald agreed with me, there are more important things to move onto. Like my new favorite golfer and Masters pick Jesper Parnevik. Jesper went to the Masters wi… more »

Phil's soggy win hampers already remote Masters repeat

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Hope that BellSouth trophy was worth it. For Phil Mickelson hurt his already remote repeat chances at Augusta by doing what he does best: pulling out a win in a run-of-the-mill tournament missing the other big names. I don't want to say that my fellow b… more »

A Mickelson Masters repeat is a no-way proposition

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Even now that Phil Mickelson’s closet has held a green jacket for almost a year, people have trouble seeing the real Lefty. Instead of recognizing that Mickelson’s had his one shinning moment, a once-in-a-lifetime experience when everything came toge… more »
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