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Comment from: ac [Visitor]
Hey Chris,
now your my kind of writer. It seems to me that you know about athletes, you know about golf and you know when people make far out and unbelievable comments like our friend Tim. Did you read his ploy story? This poor guy.
Take a look at my recent reply to his recent apology: Take a look

Well I agree with you, Tiger will blow out Jack's record.
And for the record I absoluetly loved seeing Jack playing in the Masters this year and I truly wanted to see him qualify for the finals. He is a true icon, legend, great athlete. He is part of what makes me proud of being American. He is one of a kind and a true living legend.

But Tiger is from another planet. He is a fantastic athlete, combined with being very spiritual and mix that up with having a father like he has. (God Bless you pops. Hope you get better.) Tiger Woods has proven to be one of the greatest athletes of all time. Throughout history and across the world.
Tiger Woods has been chosen and he will fulfill his destiny and path so that all of us can enjoy his talents, his gifts, his sincerity, his bright and shining light.

I don't mean to get all new age and shit, it's just that I have been a musician and athlete all my life. I am in focus with the importance of having talent, vision, spirit, faith and to know one's path. Tiger has not only won the Masters, if you look closely you will also have learned some extremely important lessons to be used in LIFE.
2005-04-13 @ 02:59
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2005-04-13 @ 07:50
Comment from: ron mullins [Visitor]
You either don't know what you're talking about or are smoking something that you should share but Tiger Woods is NOT as dominant as ever and will likely not break Jack Nicklaus' record. When he was 21 he won the Masters by 12 strokes and you say he is as dominant as ever when he won this year in a playoff. The only reason he got into a playoff was that he sunk a miracle chop shot to tie the tournament. In his dominant years he would have never made two bogies in the last three holes of a major that he had a chance of winning. You know nothing and should be fired.
2005-06-23 @ 08:31

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