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Comment from: [Visitor]
It helps to have a little athletic ability.
2005-05-01 @ 22:28
Comment from: Pat Kimball [Visitor]
It is too bad you put all golf professionals that teach in the same category.
I do agree with you that there are those that should not be teaching, however, there are some that do know what they are doing and can answer any questions you have, and make sense.
Try reading Manuel de la Torre's book, "Understanding the Golf Swing". This should enlighten you. There are many of us who teach his method which is simple, understandable, easy to produce.
2005-05-02 @ 09:51
Comment from: PGAPROKY [Visitor]
Writer's can't follow simple writing techniques. You, of all people, should understand that nobody is perfect. I ask you, do we all deserve to be in our chosen career paths? I mean, if you consider yourself a professional writer, should you not have proofread your work (2nd to last paragraph)? Also, your title does not follow the body of your essay??? What simple instructions do WE not follow??
2005-05-08 @ 12:05
Comment from: Kristopher Jackson [Visitor]

I came across your rant about golf instructors while browsing the web. I am not sure if you have had many of these but I am a golf instructor who agrees with you (somewhat). I am ashamed at the rate many golf instructors charge for their services. We are teaching a golf swing, not splitting atoms or finding a cure for cancer. When I decided that I just might have a strength in communitcating the way to hit a golf ball well to others I wanted to make sure no matter how busy I became I stuck to two ideals:
1. Always be on the cutting edge of teaching technology
2. Never charge more than you could ask from a junior or an honest working man without blushing
I might be mistaken but I believe there is quite a distance between you and me geographically but I would still would like to offer my services in teaching you how to hit a golf ball, free of charge, via e-mails and maybe even e-mailing videos of your attempts. I would like to prove to you that there are instructors who care about the game and truly want to help attempting golfers enjoy what can be the most humbling of games.
2005-05-28 @ 10:37
Comment from: Dr.Ron DC [Visitor]
I wouldn't worry about the snake oil, just pull your head out of your ass concerning chiropractic.
2005-08-20 @ 21:35
Comment from: Rob [Visitor]
So why did you pay? Did you ask for your money back? What did you need help with? Your "article" lacked evidence. Were you paying attention to your instrctor? Did you actually practice after the lesson. Come on -- weak, very weak article. - Rob
2006-02-23 @ 23:07

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