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Comment from: Kim [Visitor]
I went to Las Vegas for my birthday. Wynn opened ON my birthday. I thought a players card would be nice from there so the 6 of us decided to go there for breakfast but oh no, twenty minutes before breakfast should have ended, we were not allowed to go in. Then, the man who was running the line I was in for the players card just left the line, and someone else had to take over. I think the man had quit. Not a good birthday. I never got to put so much as a quarter in any machine. And do you think there is a site where you can make a complaint TO Wynn...nope.
2005-05-03 @ 20:30
Comment from: Jim (Opening night visitor) [Visitor]
I was there on opening night,standing in line like everyone else but it was worth it, got in at 12:06 am and when directly to the BJ table and walked away with a quick $160.00 and left. The casino has a nice flair to it, a little to pricey for me, very high end stores inside. Worth the wait.
2005-05-04 @ 01:06
Comment from: bart [Visitor]
I think Stevec sh#t the bed on this one! The bellagio is still nicer. It could be a very costly mistake for Mr. Wynn.
2005-05-06 @ 11:30
Comment from: bart [Visitor]
I think Steve sh#t the bed on this one! The bellagio is still nicer. It could be a very costly mistake for Mr. Wynn.
2005-05-06 @ 11:33
Comment from: Egon [Visitor]
nice place ,played a x5 machine $20 in , hit a x5,x5,red seven plus other little hits , got out with $560 in less then a hour not bad .
2005-05-08 @ 23:58
Comment from: Adam [Visitor]
I took at look at the Wynn this weekend and was sorely dissapointed. While it is elegent and simply, it is not grand and awe inspiring as hyped. This place was touted as a mega resort for upscale clients. The grass was the cheapest fake crap I have ever seen. There wasn't a spec of real grass to be seen, except for the golf course which I is maybe worth $75 / round, not the $500 + you must be a guest they want. There were however a lot of areas not open to non-guests. This leads me to hope Wynn saved the special stuff for guests only, to keep it exclusive and segregated from the masses.
2005-05-20 @ 01:08
Comment from: ken [Visitor]
My family and friends recently spent 3 days @ the Wynn, although we had minor disspleasures the overall experience was exceptional. The staff was for the most part were not familar with areas outside of their respective departments, but this should be expected considering the size, complexity and age of the resort. We have spent many nights at most of the 4 and 5 star resorts most recently at the bellagio. Truefully it is difficult to compare the Wynn to any other experience in Las Vegas. The rooms were better, the flat screen televisions in the bathrooms and bedrooms are a terrific upgrade. The staff in their respective fields were terrific. The spa facilities were the excelent. Our dining experience was probably the top of the list, every meal was exceptional, without a doubt the best Vegas has to offer. The most incredible part of our stay was the willingness of management to insure our return with compensation for whatever difficulties we encountered even closing our stay with a limo ride to the airport.
In our opinion Steve Wynn hit a home run . We believe once the bugs are worked out this establishment it will be second to none. Mr. Wynn's hotel has/will set the standared for Las Vegas to follow.
We will return!!!!!
2005-05-31 @ 15:05
Comment from: pat [Visitor]
Casino was on the top of my list to see on Memorial Day week-end. Big mistake. The casino is very nice, but others on the strip are just as nice. We parked in the ramp and it took us an hour and half to get out of the ramp and we were on the first level. We called security from our cell for some help in directing the traffic and was told that it was a holiday week-end and all casinos were busy--------4 upper levels and us trying to get into one lane--------insane. Needless to say our next vist will not be to the Wynn.
2005-06-01 @ 19:37
Comment from: Kathy Schneider [Visitor]
I also stood on line for the grand opening of Wynn and it was anything but grand. While waiting on the line, there was no control and at the intersection by the entrance to Wynn masses of people were crossing the street and breaking into the line and getting into the casino ahead of the fools who waited on line. When security was confronted on this issue they said they were doing the best they could - which was poor. Finally, after one of the people in line got in front of a camera security then stepped up to the plate. The casino was nice but nothing to write home to momma about. Employees were completely uninformed about different things in the casino, for example, the shuttle to the monorail - no one seemed to know if it was operating. I wrote a letter complaining to Wynn casino and received the regular "oh well" letter sorry but get over it. I am returning to Vegas in July and I could care less if I entered Wynn again.
2005-06-02 @ 10:04
Comment from: JOHN CONNOR [Visitor]
2005-06-03 @ 22:05
Comment from: Severin [Visitor]
Just got back from Vegas. Went to the Wynn twice. First time, late nite. It sucked. Very few waitresses, drinks the size of mosquitoes when they finally arrived. And, there is nothing to see. Gave it a second shot the next day. Saw the mountain. Big deal. It is a hill, not a mountain. Lots of super upscale shops; I don't come to Vegas to buy overpriced Gucci-Gucci. Finally, upon leaving, I get hit in the face by the Ferrari dealership. "Look at your car, loser" it screams. Like I needed to be reminded I can't afford a Ferrari. Maybe this is a resort for Bill Gates types, but it sure ain't a place I would ever visit again. And, besides, the staff was surly! (Except for the valets, who were a happy, wonderful crew!)

Wynn, you lost touch with the street. Maybe it's because you stand on the top of your building!
2005-06-04 @ 09:39
Comment from: joanne [Visitor]
I will be visiting Las Vegas the end of June into the beginning of July. I was debating, do I stop at the Wynn or don't I? All of the memo's posted here, have helped. Well, sort of. lol.
I am not a "Bill Gates" type, so, I guess maybe it's not for me. But who knows maybe it's worth the peek.
2005-06-08 @ 15:05
Comment from: AJ [Visitor]
cheap bitter old poor people. Stay away do the rest of us a favor and stay away!
2005-06-14 @ 14:49
Comment from: Phil 'n Jane [Visitor]
We are going to Wynn's to celebrate our birthday's (June and August). Taking in KA and O and ready for some R&R. We'll report back, but we ARE looking forward to our stay at Wynns.
2005-06-14 @ 17:18
Comment from: tammy [Visitor]
I recently visited Vegas-2nd week of June, and wanted to see Wynn very badly. I was not disappointed-I think all of those who are grumbling should really get over it! The hotel, shops and casino are absolutely beautiful, plus it's the best smelling place on the strip. I may not be able to afford the cars but they sure were cool to see. I highly suggest a visit.
2005-07-06 @ 16:28
Comment from: art [Visitor] [Visitor]
I am Steve Wynn's and his Bellagio fan. The bottom line is that Steve Wynn is targeting THE BEST not THE SORRY A$$ type people. To understand
Steve Wynn you have to want to be the best and appreciate the beauty. I did not see the Wynn but I love the Bellagio.
2005-09-01 @ 01:31
Comment from: BSL [Visitor]
I just got back from a medical meeting. It was my first time to visit Las Vegas, so naturally I have nothing to compare. The facility was very nice and the people were very helpful. Being from a part of the country where I do have access to riverboat gambling, I was surprise at how scant the waitresses were when you needed a drink. I do agree with the above comment that while most employees knew a lot about their given area, they were clueless when it came to other areas (and this place has been open since spring). I am returning at the end of October (for another meeting) but this time with my wife. It will be interesting to see if her impression is the same.
2005-09-11 @ 23:46
Comment from: Karen [Visitor]
My husband and I visited the Wynn Casino, we thought it was beautiful and elegant...not as gaudy as some. But, I do think it is only for the Rich, we bought coffee and paid $3.50 for a cup and it was some of the worst coffee we have ever had. We also dropped $100.00 in a couple of slot machines in less than 5 minutes and did not hit any kind of pay off.
2005-09-24 @ 16:12
Comment from: Earl Schofield [Visitor]
I was there the 2nd week of August.
Very nice, no crowds. Played the lower end of the high-limit slot area
($10&25 machines) finished the week with approx. $10K to the good!!
Enjoyed the food places; even the buffet, which I never do anywhere!
Nice folks at the machines, and a great host.
2005-09-29 @ 11:24
Comment from: connie nguyen [Visitor]
it's was huge and beautiful elegant flowers and so much things can not describe in words. it's was world wide beauty place to visit.
i was there last week, immedialy got a playing card and right at that aways sat down at Let it ride and play.
connie nguyen
2005-10-01 @ 20:09
Comment from: Wendy [Visitor]
I live in Las Vegas and I waited for a long time for the Wynn to open. I thought it was breathtaking! Everywhere is something to see, down to the smallest of details. Looking at the ceiling in a certain part reminds me of chocolate cake! Pure Heaven. Just a gorgeous property and by the way I can't afford anything there either, but who cares? To look, experience, smell, take it all in is 100% free!
2005-10-03 @ 04:40
Comment from: betty lee anderson [Visitor]
I live in Yonkers, New York and I saw
this hotel being made 1 year and I come back the next and it was built.
My brother works there. This is the
most beautiful hotel that I have seen
in a long time. The food excellent
The shops excellent. The only thing
I did not get to see is the Hotel Rooms that because I stayed at my brother's house. I would love on day to spend 2 days and 2 nights thanks for a beautiful time there anyway.
2005-10-04 @ 15:13
Comment from: Miriam [Visitor]
Wynn hotel was my first job since I came from New Jersey. I even get to sit down on those nice chairs in the hotel rooms. I saw every single floor of that hotel when it was in contruction i went to the suites very nice.
2005-11-08 @ 01:47
Comment from: CuteChefDePartie [Visitor]
I must say, I decided to Google Wynn las vegas to see what is being said about the Hotel I work for. As 'common people," I can see why some are disappointed due to all the hype that was displayed prior to opening. However, the kitchens are amazing, the uniforms are impecable, the Employee Dinning Room, it looks like a restuarant, with options. I Have Options now!! I am an employee at the Wynn, and am very sorry for all 25 displeased guests. I wish that I could personally make all your displeasures go away. However keep this in mind. Wynn Las Vegas is the first hotel based on the Employee's Needs and Wants. All equipment is fantastic and new. Top of the line so we the staff can perform our best. Other hotels, staff has no input, they are just a number. And while some may feel that here at Wynn, I know that I moved here from another state, with no one here in LV waiting for me except my kitchen staff. I am greated by amazing people everyday and you know what, Steve Wynn hired those people. So as you critic this "unpleasent hotel" think to yourself, are you happy at work? Does the owner walk by you and shake your hand and ask you how your family is? Because mine does. The charity work done by Wynn is amazing in itself. You know too the tiles, the little tiles that make flowers and designs in the foyer are hand placed. Did you know that? The chairs are hand stitched and not in some place in Asia by little kids either. Did you know that at the Hotel we have people who were employed right away that came from Hurricane Katrina, given housing and money with no attachments. Did your boss do that? I am a faithful employee and while everyone has their opinions from the outside, This is mine from the inside. I hope that you all go back to the hotel and truely look at everysingle detail that is open to those of you not paying to stay there. Notice the cleaners, cleaning the plants and windows constantly, wiping finger prints and water spots just so you can window shop. everyone works hard, too bad you can't appreciate it. Oh and also, the Wynn is 50% smaller than Bellagio, so of course, it is going to smaller. And of course there aren't going to be huge rooms with just a scene of the season in it, there's no space for something like that. If you go to the Wynn web page, you will be able to see how much money the hotel grossed this quarter. All of the numbers are there. We did better than Bellagio! And we are smaller. Well I can go on and on, however, I am not going to. I wish you all happy traveling and hopefully one day you will all see what I see.
2005-11-13 @ 21:19
Comment from: Karl Kunsek [Visitor]
Temp Staff!
Recently I had the privilage to work on "The Wynn", and could not be more impressed with the way departmentmental staff interacted with one another. Bias and head butting can always be expected in the launching of a new ship, but, once under sail ...the crew understands the red sky warnings.
For what its worth, I believe Steve has a HELL of a place!, and anyone who has the opportunity to visit-Should!
Thank you,
2006-01-18 @ 22:20
Comment from: Tim [Visitor]
Chris Baldwin says> "New Wynn casino in Vegas nice, but four hours people?"

This guy is a moron.
2006-01-21 @ 21:30
Comment from: pat bradley [Visitor]
visited the wynn over st patrick's day weekend. the first day we got players club cards and played the slots. the hotel is beautiful and the casino is easy to traverse. we didnt win any money, but we decicec to go back to try again the following day. played slots again and did not win, but the thing that shocked me was that we were not offered drinks either day. i found this highly unusual in a vegas casino.
2006-04-03 @ 22:02

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