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Memorial Day should equal free golf for Veterans

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Another Memorial Day's come and gone with most people blissfully barbecuing away with little clue about what the long weekend's really about. Golf should step up as an industry and remind everyone. Veterans should play for free at any course of their… more »

Topless pools all the rage in Las Vegas casino hotels

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If you get past all the blue-haired ladies camped out at the slot machines and slowing traffic on The Strip to a crawl, there might just be a little sizzle left in Las Vegas.The new Wynn Las Vegas casino and Casears have joined trendsetter Mandalay B… more »

But those new Callaway and Ping clubs are sure shiny!

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Leave it to's resident curmudgeon Tim McDonald to diss golf's new space-age technology. Just because McDonald's been playing in the same pair of backwards Florida swampland overalls for the last 40 years doesn't mean the rest of us don't w… more »

No lesson yet sure, but.....

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Well, it's true as my boss Mark Nessmith points out that I haven't actually gotten around to taking my ordered golf lesson yet, that doesn't mean I haven't been getting guidance the chiropractor hucksters would swoon over. Just the other day, Randy Pa… more »

Next time I play British Columbia's Furry Creek, I'm hiring Brandon...

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Forget the lessons from the chiropractor quack worthy golf instructors. On at least one course I've found an easy solution to my problems. The next time I play Furry Creek, a scenic marvel of a thrilling golf amusement ride on the road between Vancouv… more »

Chateau Whistler Golf Club an incredible course where unincredible golfers are welcome

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Chateau Whistler Golf Club, a Robert Trent Jones II design just a walk away from the charming village of Whistler, offers some of the most incredible mountain views in Canada. Chances are better than 50-50 that you'll even get to see a few black bears go… more »

A Whistler Extreme Day: Ski & Golf in manner of hours

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Whistler in May provides a most unique opportunity. Where else but in this resort community two hours from Vancouver could you ski and golf in the same day? And not in some tricked up manner where you're freezing as you line up your putt or sloshing t… more »

Vancouver airport a golfer's paradise

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Now, I'm no Doug Carey, airport freak. Call me crazy, but the least amount of time I can spend in the airport the better. Like most frequent travelers, it's all about getting in and getting out as quickly as possible. I don't want a fancy shop or a go… more »

But it's a dry heat ... actual applies in Arizona golf

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Being a Midwesterner by birth and a East Coaster by choice most of my life, I always regarded that "But it's a dry heat" line desert dwellers throw out there as holding as much truth as "Tastes Great, Less Filling" or a campaign promise.Only after a… more »
Lihue Golf Packages
Dates: November 10, 2017 - December 31, 2018
There's oceanfront golf, and then there is Hōkūala. This is the longest stretch of oceanfront golf in all of Hawaii and a true highlight of every round of play. Come and play!
Price range: $469