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Ty Votaw's wishy washy LPGA logic at World Match Play

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Ty Votaw is a public relations man's dream. He shows up at his press conferences looking like he stepped straight off the pages of GQ. He's not salesman charming, he's mother charming. If you were lucky enough to be this guy's wing man in college, you… more »

There's no crying in golf, unless it's Michelle Wie at the U.S. Open

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NBC's cameras captured Michelle Wie obviously unsuccessfully fighting tears after one of her two-foot putt misses in the front nine of her collapse Sunday afternoon. Nothing wrong with that. She's only 15.Well, there's nothing wrong with that unless… more »

Golfing in Mexico: Bring your balls and exchange your money at the airport

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A recent golfing trip through Mexico once again illustrated the folly of leaving home without enough golf balls. I ran into several golfers who told me stories of shelling out $100 for 24 balls (and these were the kind of cheapies you can usually get 24… more »

No Robert Horrys in golf, Retief Goosen on his own to deal with U.S. Open collapse

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While Rebel Blogger makes a halfway decent point with his Robert Horry, clutch role player analogy, the hat man is missing the big picture. There are no Robert Horrys in golf. No role players with guts galore to carry a star when they're feeling the p… more »

Retief Goosen done as a major player after his U.S. Open meltdown at Pinehurst No. 2

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Do you think Retief Goosen started believing the press clippings about him holding the pulse rate of a cadaver under pressure? For Goosen seemed more shocked than anyone at his Greg Normanesque implosion at Pinehurst No. 2 on Sunday. It was like the G… more »

More Amazing Jennifer Mario predictions, Tiger still only reason to watch U.S. Open final round

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This just in: Jennifer Mario, who amazingly declared that she predicted Retief Goosen would win the U.S. Open back before it started, only she didn't want to tell anyone, so she waited until he had a three-shot lead on Saturday night to reveal this insig… more »

Chance of Tiger Woods doing something special only reason to watch final round of U.S. Open at Pinehurst No. 2

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Retief Goosen may not be dull but watching Retief Goosen with a three-shot lead over Beavis and Butthead at the U.S. Open is duller than watching paint dry. Or a reality show with cabins. Or our own Nutty Professor deliver a lecture. Let's face it. Th… more »

New U.S. Open twist: Phil Mickelson psyches himself out at Pinehurst No. 2

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The fact Phil Mickelson carries the mental fortitude of Greg Norman is no secret. But usually, someone has to at least make an effort to rattle America's favorite runner up, a la Vijay Singh and spike gate at the Masters. But not this year at the U.S.… more »

Phil Mickelson joins line of wimpy whines at U.S. Open at Pinehurst No. 2

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Phil Mickelson is always good for a choke at a major, but now America's lovable runner up is revealing himself to be just another pampered athlete who's going to kick, scream and hold his breath when he doesn't get his way. Was that Phil or Vijay Singh w… more »

Pinehurst No. 2 alert: U.S. Open the one major Retief Goosen can win

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If this was Masters, British Open or PGA Championship week, Retief Goosen would have as much chance of winning as Rory Sabbatini does of collecting a Miss Manners trophy. Contending? Sure. Winning? No way. Goosen just does not have the game to win tou… more »

Rory Sabbatini's Terrible Twos Temper Tantrum no solution for slow play

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I like to play golf at a brisk pace. Not George Bush Sr. and W. fast, but fast. And sure there's nothing more annoying than waiting while some double-gutted yahoo who thinks he's Tiger Woods sizes up that five footer for the 15th time. But that doesn'… more »

Annika Sorenstam's moment going, going ... already gone ... Pinehurst all the rage

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So Annika Sorenstam dominates another LPGA major, gets halfway to the grand slam and ... all anyone's talking about is the men's U.S. Open. Even Kato had a bigger window of fame. The only one talking about Sorenstam on the radio is our own Jennifer Ma… more »

Sneak Peak at P.B. Dye's new Playa Paraiso Golf Club

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Played Playa Paraiso Golf Club, the new P.B. Dye in Riveria Maya (Cancun area) that's scheduled to open next Saturday, June 18. It's not as tough as you expect from a Dye. In fact, if you're looking to get absolutely beaten up and then pounded on some mo… more »

Golf course pricing no exact science

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In Vancouver, one of the more cosmopolitan cities in the world mind you, a course like Westwood Plateau is regarded as a purely rich man's playground by most locals. Westwood Plateau is $159 Canadian and it's more than worth it ... yet if you tell someon… more »

McDonald/Rebel smooch aside, it's travel editors not travel writers dumping on consumers most

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Well, Tim McDonald and Rebel Blogger's latest attempt at reenacting the Madonna-Britney Spears MTV kiss is touching, our Archie Bunker's once again showing his ignorance. I know it's been a long time Tim, but remember the first rule of journalism: Fol… more »
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