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Comment from: Candace Polski [Visitor]
Clever and insightful as always. Feeling threattened are we, Mr. Baldwin? What is it about Mrs. Mario you don't like, exactly? Because you are clearly not expressing your full view. Maybe you know something we readers don't - perhaps she is generating more blog hits than you? Or is it the fact that she seems capable - as a writer, a blogger and a golfer - while you seem barely coherent? Yes, that seems more likely.

As for uninteresting predictions, "Tiger is the reason to watch. He might do something!" Quality work. You have uncovered that Tiger Woods is both the best golfer out there AND that people tune in to watch Tiger play. Did you stay up late figuring that out? Must have been quite the epiphany. (That means it was a sudden realization - and if those words are still too big for you, go ask Mrs. Mario if you can borrow her dictionary).

Be sure to get some rest today, you probably overworked your limited mental capacity last night generating these last few gems on your blog list. Wouldn't want you to hurt yourself. How would I know which golfer will be the reason to watch the next tournament?
2005-06-19 @ 11:17

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