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Michelle Wie would have trouble closing out Women's British Open six shots up, at six back no shot

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I love these Saturday night eve of a major final round posts from's Jennifer Mario. The ones where she's obviously had that one glass of wine or in the case of her Hawaii adventures that half mai tai that's pushed her over the top. At s… more »

Benefits of 115 degrees in Scottsdale/Phoenix: A Pete Dye for $13.50

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Sure, the temperature's hovered between 108 and 117 for the last two months straight in the Phoenix-Scottsdale resort corridor. Sure, stepping outside feels like stepping into an oven that's been preheated for a while. Sure, even that dry heat argument i… more »

Paula Creamer better than Michelle Wie now, will always be better than Wie

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While Michelle Wie's endless defenders come up with more excuses for their no-win marketing machine, Paula Creamer continues to show why she's the best young talent in women's golf. It's hard for Wie's hype mongers to accept this because Creamer has actu… more »

LPGA's Ty Votaw jumping to PGA as Tim Finchem's right-hand man: exclusive

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It turns out Ty Votaw did not just resign his LPGA commissioner's post just to leave. He left to become a PGA Tour higher up. Votaw is set to assume a high-ranking post in the PGA Tour that will essentially make him Commissioner Tim Finchem's right-ha… more »

Tiger Woods proves Butch Harmon the one riding his coattails

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Guess that Tiger Woods needing Butch Harmon talk can go away now, huh? That ridiculous notion that Woods would never be dominant again without Butch evaporated into Scottish fog faster than even Retief Goosen. No one's saying that Harmon isn't a g… more »

Retief Goosen sets himself up nicely at British Open - For another collapse

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While Tiger Woods marched on toward the second of the three majors he's winning this year, a familar sight appeared just behind the best golfer of all time. There was Retief Goosen throwing up a 6-under 66 in Saturday's third round, moving within three s… more »

Michelle Wie dominated at Public Links, Tiger Woods dominate at British Open - All's right in golf world

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On the same day that Tiger Woods turned the British Open into one of his runaway major wins, the kind that all those clueless critics said he didn't have in him anymore, Michelle Wie was completely overpowered at the U.S. Amateur Public Links. And all… more »

TNT's stupid tape delayed British Open coverage

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TNT must think it's covering the Olympics. For it's sure not treating the British Open like a real sporting event. Once again, the braintrust at the network which boasts "We Know Drama" is giving us most of the drama on tape delay. When everyone who r… more »

Michelle Wie flaming out again - Men's Amateur Public Links this time

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Michelle Wie is doing just enough not to do anything at another tournament against the men. This time it's in the men's Amateur Public Links where everyone's favorite 15-year-old marketing marvel is in serious danger of not even making it to the match pl… more »

Michelle Wie's dog and pony show no longer enough at John Deere

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While it doesn't surprise me that our resident Nutty Professor is arguing that whetever Michelle Wie does is wonderful because well it's wonderful, this isn't reality. Truth is Michelle Wie absolutely needs to make the cut today at the John Deere Clas… more »

Memo to Robert Thompson, Canada Golf God: It's a blog

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I enjoy it when Robert Thompson, Canada's gift to golf, writes about having to file a story later because his 10-month-old daughter's Sydney's only allowing him four hours of sleep. That's interesting stuff. It adds some extra crackle to Going For The Gr… more »
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