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Comment from: Norm [Visitor]
I am beyond furious at TNT and their tape delay. I have turned the friggin TV off and am watching the scores at Yahoo Sports. How sad is that? I believe they think most people will not even notice the 3 hour delay. They treat us like children. TNT/Time Warner should be banned from televised sports.

San Diego
2005-07-15 @ 10:28
Comment from: Rhoda [Visitor]
I totally agree with you guys. They should have shown it live. What is the point when I sign on and already see the scores and TNT hasn't even aired yet. Pointless. TNT needs to stick to airing basketball.
2005-07-15 @ 22:12
Comment from: Matt [Visitor]
What's even stupider is listening to the mesmerizingly mundane offerings of Mike Tirico. His Milquetoast voice and blinding glimpses of the obvious numb the mind and stagger even the already deadened sensibilities of dumbed-down, hapless golf watchers everywhere. To top it off, the opening quick-change images meant to stupify and freeze the viewer into mouth-breathing idiocy, the endless commercials after every three shots, and the tiresome Tiger Woods coverage (Why is he always "Tiger" and everyone else is referred to by his surname?) have all left me so cold that I can't even watch that tripe anymore. I used to laugh at my wife for buying women's magazines that are 80 percent advertising. I'd tell her: "YOU'RE PAYING TO READ ADVERTISING." Now she can laugh at me: nothing makes me feel dumber than dirt like watching moronically bad golf broadcasts.
2005-07-16 @ 20:36
Comment from: jane dzwonkowski [Visitor]
I think the coverage of the british open stinks. I watch tournament play with my husband all the time and the coverage of this years tournament is less then enjoyable. It is partial, uninformative and very unexciting. I can't believe a tournament of this cariber is so poorly covered.
2005-07-17 @ 11:04
Comment from: shashy [Visitor] Email
To top it off, the opening quick-change images meant to stupify and freeze the viewer into mouth-breathing idiocy, the endless commercials...
2009-01-14 @ 13:02

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