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Comment from: Jennifer Mario [Member] Email
In his first PGA event, Tiger Woods missed the cut by six strokes. He was 16. In her first PGA event, Michelle missed it by one. She was 14. Tiger didn't make the cut at any pro event until he was 18 years old. You're right that Tiger "never looked like this young, shaky Michelle Wie." At 15, he never looked that good.
2005-07-15 @ 17:37
Comment from: Chris Baldwin [Member] Email
Jen, Jen, Jen. Tiger won three straight U.S. Junior Amateur Championships and three straight U.S. Amateur Championships.

It's not about who "almost" makes the cut better. It's about winning. Which is something anyone who defends Michelle Wie has to forget.

Tiger always won.

2005-07-15 @ 18:22
Comment from: David Baxter [Visitor]
Chris, Chris, Chris. I think that you should play Wie. Yeah, I didn't think so.
2005-07-15 @ 19:17
Comment from: Harry Chopra [Visitor]
What if Michelle Wie was a concert level violinist at age 15? What if Michelle Wie wanted to play with the New York Philharmonic at Carnegie Hall? Would anyone object? Of course not, they would encourage it. Why then are people so worked up against her playing golf against the men? Simple: She is not white, and she is not their daughter.
2005-07-15 @ 19:29
Comment from: Venu [Visitor]
Wie has been marketed for more than what she is actually worth it. She can get exemptions and play all she wants but i doubt she would become a great player like Annika or Karrie or some other great women golfers. It is a waste of time trying to compare her with Tiger.
2005-07-15 @ 19:33
Comment from: George [Visitor]
I know I am the next in a long line, but Michelle Wie is starting to look a lot like the next Todd Marinovich. She needs to play other 16 years and destroy them, then destroy the 18 year olds, then move up. She can't just jump into the adult pool and win. The only thing that she has done is learn to lose, and learn to be a carny side show.
2005-07-15 @ 20:24
Comment from: Paddy [Visitor]
So she decides to go about making a career (or non-career) the way she sees fit.
So easy to be armchair golfers isn't it? It's never YOUR ass on the line.
Does she belong on the men's tour? Sure she does, if she qualifies. And if she doesn't ever win anything? Tell that to the other several hundred journeymen who have no trophies but keep at it.
Does she delegitimize the women's tour by playing on the men's? What garbage. That's sourgraping if I ever heard it. No one is stopping any woman from attempting to make the cut. Are they afraid the LPGA will get less sponsor commitment if they are short one marketable personality, or if the crowds follow Michelle to the men's tournaments? Tough banana.
For God's sake, shut up and let the girl play.
Oh, and shut up Chris.
2005-07-15 @ 21:32
Comment from: Paddy [Visitor]
"The problem is the way Wie and her handlers have tried to cast herself as this great player when she's simply another talented 15-year-old trying to find her way."

I'd like to see the facts on what you base this statement.

"It's about time everyone recognized who's a true great and who's forever destined to be a heaping of hype."

How wonderful! Sterling commentary and delphic pronouncements all on one page.
2005-07-15 @ 21:41
Comment from: Gail [Visitor]
Michelle Wie claims amateur status but competes in only pro events, showing little interest in amateur comptetion (unless there might me an invitation to the Master's attached). Doesn't this mock the very definition of amateur? Could this situation exist in any other sport except golf? Factoring out money Wie's been handed a mini pro career. What a tremendous advantage over the up and coming 'real' amateurs. I'd like to know who is paying for this amateur's caddie, lessons with David Leadbetter, travel expenses? Now there's a story.
2005-07-15 @ 22:53
Comment from: Doug [Visitor]
Those of you that have nothing good to say about Michelle Wie should read what Phil Mickleson and Greg Norman have to say.
People that have accomplished great things always recognize a good thing while all the critics in the world are too busy criticizing. Remember, they have never made a statue for a critic, only for people that inspires and touching lives!
2005-07-15 @ 23:51
Comment from: john [Visitor]
I think you are wrong bot in your Wie/Tiger comparison and your characterization of Wie's performance in the Publinks. First - Wie's performance at the publinks will do more for her confidence, development, and attitude than any of her previous PGA tour appearances. She ran into a buzzsaw today, its just one of those things that happens in match play. Ogden threw a boatload of birdies at her, but it wasn't like she puked all over herself and gave it to him. Ogden was similarly ousted in the Publinks by Ryan Moore last year, and one of the things he has openly talked about is how he learned from it.

As far as the Woods/Wie comparison, Woods didn't make a PGA cut until he was 19, on his ~9th try. Woods himself has characterized Wie as better than he was at the same age.
2005-07-16 @ 00:17
Comment from: Asur Bekanan [Visitor]
Obsesssing a bit, aren't we, Chris?

Seek Help.

Take Pills.

2005-07-16 @ 09:07
Comment from: John D [Visitor]
Clay Ogden dominated from the opening tee shot and crushed Wie by a 5-and-4 margin. WAY TO GO CLAY ! ! ! !
2005-07-16 @ 17:50
Comment from: Nelson C [Visitor]
dear chris,why is it so hard for you to realize in that tiny mind of yours that Michelle Wie is tne next better thing than tiger woods was and is now. Her road map to fame and fortune have never been dreamed and is unchartered as other phenons(ie,tiger) have paved into history. Why can't you see that her past experience since little have been playing with the men in tournments and now because she is getting stronger,more experience and better in her short game and she is more at home playing the longer courses versus the shorter courses in the LPGA and the junior circuit. Think,if you can imagine,that a PGA pro would probably play poorly on a shorter course than a longer course,whereas he or SHE(Michelle) is better accustomed to playing per one's golfing skills and physical strenghts.Think,if you can ever imagine,that Michelle is still very young and will get better and better with time and experience. She is the coming,whether you and others like it or not. Now that you have stirred a lot of ill-emotions with your negative column on Michelle,i can see why you...yes you... want very much the kind of attention as Michelle is getting...but who are you?
2005-07-16 @ 20:35
Comment from: Kate [Visitor]
I actually didn't know who Michelle Wie was until two weeks ago. I rarely watch TV and follow few sports events (The last event I watched was the Venus Williams-Davenport Wimbledon match). But suddenly, I'm interested in golf. I'm very interested in how Wie will fare, playing with both women and men. I have no opinion on whether she will be great. I find, however, seeing what she's done in the last week, that she's one of those very rare, exceptional athletes. Chris, focusing only on the negative will win few converts over to your side. And "only winning counts" is an EXTREMELY BORING and dogmatic position.
2005-07-16 @ 21:22
Comment from: Vernon Wong [Visitor]
Funny you should compare Michelle to Paula Creamer. In LPGA tournaments where they both participated, do you know how they stack up to each other? Michelle holds a 7-1-1 "edge." Unless Paula has gotten a lot worse, I'd say Michelle is better at 15. Do you know who started the "hype" about Michelle? Ernie Els, Freddy Couples, Jesper Parnevic, Vijay Singh, Jerry Kelly and most of the other pros who watched her hitting drives at the 2003 and 2004 Sony Opens when she was 12 and 13. Tom Lehman gave her the nickname of The Big Wiesey. In case you don't know, Michelle played only in the Junior/Pro exhibition in 2003. I know; I was there. Phil Mickelson just said when he was 17, as a successful junior golfer, he did not come close to qualifying. If you want an expert opinion about Michelle, ask Johnny Miller. Who made you an expert?
2005-07-17 @ 03:44
Comment from: roy brown [Visitor]
Are there 10 better women golfers in the world than Michelle Wie? I doubt it.

She's 15 years old. Can you name one woman that could do any better playing on the PGA tour than Michelle Wie? I doubt it. She's 15 years old.

Can you name one other woman amateur that could make it to the final 8 in the APL? I doubt it. Michelle Wie is 15 years old.

2005-07-17 @ 20:02
Comment from: John D [Visitor]
Roy - How old is Wie, again?
2005-07-18 @ 07:05
Comment from: Arnie [Visitor]
Wow, what a load of emotional drivel on this site. She's a great young golfer, period. Everything else is hype at this point. She may turn out to be anything from a phenom capable of winning on the men's tour (extremely unlikely) or a total bust (also extremely unlikely.) Who the heck knows right now. But I do agree, in my humble opinion, with the people who think she is making a mistake in not dominating in the amateur ranks before playing pro. While she clearly has game to play with the pros, I don't put as much stake in her high finishes so far. She has had zero pressure on her, and every time the pressure has mounted she has failed. I don't revel in her failure, but I also can't see how failing over and over again is good training for her. I guess her handlers know best. I will say this, as much as I think it would be cool, neither she, or any other woman, will ever win a PGA tour event in my lifetime. It just ain't gonna happen. Scratching to make the cut in an off-week tournament against a field of guys that are 15 minutes from being back on the Nationwide tour? Maybe. Actually winning a tournament? Just ain't gonna happen. Makes for great water cooler debate though.

2005-07-18 @ 12:53
Comment from: brad [Visitor]
How can you say that she is over-hyped when she is beating half the field in PGA events and coming close to winning in LPGA events? Can you name another player as good as Michelle at age 15? I highly doubt it! She is the next big thing and golf and I guarantee that she will be dominating the LPGA tour by the time she is 18.
2005-07-18 @ 23:20
Comment from: John D [Visitor]
IF she is dominating the LPGA at 18, then she should have to be considered PRO. If she is considered PRO she will miss playing on the NCAA circuit. If she does not become pro, I hope they catch her at bribe taking, just like LeBron James. Only I hope they actually levy a REAL penalty for bribery. LeBron and his team got to keep all thier high school tropheys due to the FINE judicial systems in this country.
2005-07-19 @ 05:22
Comment from: Arnie [Visitor]
Brad, you're missing my point. I'm not saying she is not supremely talented. But there is a big difference between being extremely talented and actually winning in the Pro ranks. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of top pro and amatuer male golfers in this country that are equal to or better than Michelle Wie. Didn't she just lose the APL to a college golfer from BYU? Didn't she lose at the APL last year to another teenage girl? Until she wins something with the pressure on, the whole 'Michele Wie is gonna dominate this or that tour' argument is just hype. I do believe that she will be a solid female golfer and has a chance to be a dominant one at that. I don't give her much chance to ever be competitive on the men's PGA tour. But if she qualifies and succeeds, I will be the first one to give her credit. All I'm saying is let's wait and see. Barely missing the cut in a PGA Tour event with a Nationwide Tour field only says she's a very talented golfer in a sizeable pool of very talented golfers. And girls mature much faster than men, so it will be interesting to see how much better her game will really get.
2005-07-19 @ 11:09
Comment from: Ivory [Visitor]
Get a grip!! If Michelle Wie was your daughter, you would be supporting her 100%. So, what is the real issue here...sexism, racism? Probably not! But, surely male-dominate stupidity. This young lady is tremendously talented, and only 15 years old. Try acknowledging her skills in the spirit of our game...like real gentlemen!!!
2005-07-19 @ 13:24
Comment from: John D [Visitor]
I don't have a problem allowing Wie to show off her skills...as long as it is in the Womens' NCAA, Womens' Amatuer, and LPGA.
2005-07-19 @ 14:24
Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
George and his Todd Marinovich association are misguided; John D. either cannot spell or spell-check,doesn't understand amateur status, tosses out the term "bribe-taking" with no explanation, and is also misguided; Gail fails to grasp that professional status and professional experience differ greatly (most of Bobby Jones competitions were against professionals, in events like the Southern, US, Western, and R & A Open championships.) However, Chris does get the best response rate of all the bloggers, so the rest of us are jealous as can be. Way to hit another nerve, Chris!!
2005-07-19 @ 23:52
Comment from: Boomer [Visitor]
If I read one more comment touting the race card because someone doesn't completely fall down and worship Wie, I'm going to puke. "She is talented, and she's only 15" - SO WHAT? She hasn't made the cut on a pro tournament, and fawning over her for nearly making it as a young woman while ignoring the person who won it because they are a white male (you racist :rolleyes: ) is completely asinine.

For cying out loud, she couldn't even win the amatuer event this week! She lost to a guy who wasn't even good enough to make BYU's team last year! Why is she such a big deal in the pros?

"But... but... she's 15! And a girl! And Asian! Did I mention she's 15?!?"

Nobody's calling for Clay Ogden to go pro. Must be a white male. And a whopping 3 years older.
2005-07-20 @ 16:20
Comment from: Greg Pinelli [Visitor]
Boomer...you've been hit in the head too many times. Arnie is next in that category..unless he 75 or 80 what really makes him think a talent like Wie or Pressel couldn't win a PGA event in the next 10 years? If Mickey Wright had been playing with our technology she would have won a PGA event 40 years ago! Today's equipment doesn't separate players it condenses them...which means that it comes down to the one thing thats least influenced by space age cheating...the short game..chipping and putting. Michelle makes two more putts at John Deere and what happens then?? She has to win 10 times on the Heifer Circuit before she recieves her get out of jail free card..and the right at age 25 to make Singh look foolish??
2005-07-20 @ 23:44
Comment from: Boomer [Visitor]
Sorry Greg, no head injuries here. I never said she wasn't talented, but let's wait until she actually does something besides NEARLY winning or ALMOST beating someone. Horseshoes and handgrenades, my friend.

And if she's going to make Vijay look foolish, she'll have to play a lot better than she did versus Ogden or in the John Deere.

When people brag about a athlete based not on that person's accomplishments, but because of their age, sex or race - you've got to wonder who exactly is the one with the head injury, Greg.

Good luck to Wie. If she can make a cut and place in the top 10, I'll be the first to applaud her. I seriously doubt it will take her until her 24th birthday to do so - but I'm not throwing her a parade until then.
2005-07-22 @ 17:46
Comment from: Jim Coulthard [Visitor]
The next week Michelle Wie finished tied for 2nd at the Evian Masters. Meanwhile 17 year old Morgan Pressel competed in the Girls Junior and lost in the 3rd round of match play. The previous week Michelle Wie went one more round against the men.

If Wie had beaten Kim or Park in the US Junior Girls, instead of Kim beating Park, should we have been more impressed than a 2nd at the Evian, behind only Paula Creamer, tied with Lorena Ochoa, and ahead of Anaka and 74 other top women golfers from around the world.

And while we are at it, what do Wie, Park, and Kim have in common? Is it not possible that the success of young Koreans in ladies golf has engendered some ethnic envy that makes some people want to promote golfers such as Creamer and Pressel instead.

Michelle Wie is improving. She now has three 2nds on the LPGA this year. But she is not allowed to compete very often on the LPGA. If you look at Paula Creamer, you can see how much a golfer can improve playing with the pros every week. Expect a dramatic improvement once Michelle Wie takes up golf full time. But three 2nds in six events suggests that Michelle could be ready to win at any time.

2005-07-24 @ 20:56
Comment from: david talley [Visitor]
wie has not won any tournament of any substance in quite some time....period. everyone is excited because she is marketable and plays golf pretty well for a lady. she would get chewed up and spit out on the pga tour. no woman has ever been able to compete on the pga tour and probably never will unless their from the former soviet union or east germany.
2005-07-29 @ 19:40
Comment from: david talley [Visitor]
wie has not won any tournament of any substance in quite some time....period. everyone is excited because she is marketable and plays golf very well for a man or a woman. however, she would get chewed up and spit out on the pga tour. no woman has ever been able to compete on the pga tour and probably never will unless their from the former soviet union or east germany.
2005-07-29 @ 19:46
Comment from: Jason [Visitor]
"Tiger who actually dominated his level of competition as a teenager."

Come on man...Tiger played in events against people his own age, thats where he dominated. When he played against the pros he didnt do so well...missed the cuts by a lot more than one. You're just mad that you cant get a date with girls that are as cute as Wie...
2005-07-31 @ 12:00
Comment from: Balrog [Visitor]
Wie cute? HAHA In Korea maybe. Anyways has she trampled the competition in the amateur ranks? The answer is NO. Tiger won tournaments most of the time, the fact is he learned how to win and be progressive. I laugh and wonder how stupid Tiger would have made the pga pros look if he had FREE RIDES into tournaments.
2005-08-01 @ 20:18
Comment from: Ashley [Visitor]
Just because shes a girl your doubting her, thats not the way this centery is, it's gonna be girls being the same and even better than guys. So guys quite cring and making it a big deal and get over it. She is a gifted girl and anyone would, like yourself would loose to her. So stop bashing her and write good things about her, besides this opinion of yours probably makes her stronger. This is the point were you should write on talent and not gender so if you would have done that or if it was a boy you were writing about you would be saying how amazing she was and she is so stop being gender wise and write on talent which is all there for her.
2005-08-03 @ 11:25
Comment from: Ashley [Visitor]
Your jsut like Chris Baldwin and hes self set on that guys are better then women and there not so get that through your head she may have lost but she's better than YOU so shut up and stop being gender pick and support.
2005-08-03 @ 11:28
Comment from: Balrog [Visitor]
First off please learn to write and make up sentences, and paragraphs. Because I didn't understand anything you said. In the little I did I'll argue that men are better and to prove my point is her willingness to always want to play with men. She says she wants to play with men because it's the cream of the crop. In other words she's also saying that the LPGA isn't good enough for her because the talent isn't up to par as then men. Now if I was an LPGA player I'd be like FK her. Is the LPGA not good enough now? That's why I don't like her and loves it when she doesnt succeed. She's only won four tournaments in her whole career and A WHOLE LOT OF SECONDS AND THIRDS. That my friends does not a phenom make.
2005-08-07 @ 17:31
Comment from: Balrog [Visitor]
Sponsors giving her free rides? Blah Earn it like everyone else and prove to all us haters that we're wrong. Oh wait she won't because if she can't do it then that means the critics are right and god forbid she might let that happen so it's better to keep accepting the invites. Go Michelle free ticket to ride.
2005-08-07 @ 17:36

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