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Comment from: steve [Visitor]
One thing I like about you, you have balls. Deep down you no this guy has what it takes to win this week, but youre sticking with your previous dumbass comments. I admire that,I really do. man oh man will you hear it tommorow if the goose pulls through today.I think youre forgetting that this guy insnt normal, he was struck by lightning, which caused serious memory issues. Have you listened to a interview with this guy. He's very vague because he doesnt make all the correct connections. So he doesnt remember much of the us open
2005-07-17 @ 06:55
Comment from: Joi Ron [Visitor]
You've done it again...nice prediction, although an easy one to make. Keep it up.
2005-07-17 @ 16:08
Comment from: non idiot [Visitor]
so let me get this straight @#4% face, He "sets himself up nicely" he ties for 5th but he's done as a major player? I see tim answers a few of he's blogs what about you?
2005-07-18 @ 14:19
Comment from: Chris Baldwin [Member] Email
Thanks for noticing my face, Non Idiot. Such a flatterer. But back to point, yeah you really had to be impressed with Goosen going out there and gagging all over himself on the way to a front nine 39 that put him completely out of contention before he could really collapse.

This may have escaped you, but he did pretty much exactly what I said he would. But here it is for you again: Retief Goosen is done as a major player.

By the way, did you start going by the identifier Non Idiot because people were getting confused?

2005-07-19 @ 03:53
Comment from: non idiot's reply [Visitor]
that was very funny, i probably deserved it. I'm also sorry about the face comment. in your picture you actually look like a handsome man. I'm not really such an agressive asshole as i made out to be, just like your not the idiot for saying he's done as a major player.
2005-07-19 @ 12:06
Comment from: Dennis [Visitor]
I always love guys like you, who no doubt are the biggest chokers in every sport you ever played and a expert from your TV room on everyone. Goosen done as a major player? You must have been choking down some food with Hefty, excuse...Lefty and forgot to look. He'll win another before you write a intelligent column. That can be banked on !
2005-07-27 @ 21:42

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