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Comment from: MILWMIKE [Visitor]
I watch the coverage on TNT this moring and saw only one golfer (Tiger) and a lot of advertizing. So much for golf coverage.
2005-08-13 @ 12:28
Comment from: James Kirby [Visitor]
I have watched this mornings golf and am sick of watching Tiger over and over again. I have seen every shot 3 or 4 times good or bad, Please show some of the players who are ahead of him. The broadcasters should back up wipe there noses of and get on with the tournament. I beleive there is 70 some players playing.

sincerely a very discussed fan.
2005-08-13 @ 12:46
Comment from: John D [Visitor]
And what is really sad is that Tigger is in 20th place. Not even a contender!!!!
2005-08-13 @ 21:27
Comment from: Mike [Visitor]
They show what the people want to watch. If they show Tiger, the ratings go up and ratings == money. What else should they do?

Blame the viewers.
2005-08-14 @ 01:20
Comment from: Mryan [Visitor]
Mister Baldwin ....WAKE UP !!!!!!!How can you talk like that about soccer.First of all, soccer (actually football,REAL football, not one played by hand !!! her in the USA)is the most loved,played and watched sport in the World.And is getting apreciatted more and more every day by millions of American youngsters .The real problem is like Mike said above in his message:America is all about money.America doesnt give a s**t about me ,you or Tiger Woods as long as they have a greater player :Benjamin Franklin and his 100 "clubs".I am from Europe ,living in USA for 9 years now and I sadly discovered that here in USA sport,the sport , is not about playing anymore ,everything is about money and bussiness.Everything is a bussines.Too bad for the real sport lovers.....
2005-08-14 @ 04:21
Comment from: Hoyt Decker [Visitor]
Hey, Myran: You've got to be kidding!

If sports in Europe are truly about the sport, why is it that Euro athletes are covered from head to toe with endorsements? Seriously. Watch a hockey or football match. There's not a centimeter of their bodies that hasn't been sold to the highest bidder. It's not uncommon for a player's uniform to sport the name/logo of a sponsor in letters MUCH bigger than that of the actual team name.

It must really warm fans' hearts every time ole Opel/Sansung/Nokia/Amstel/Bayer/VW/Delvita/Sony/Erikson scores a goal!
2005-08-15 @ 05:03
Comment from: Robert [Visitor]

I agree with Hoyt...pack your bags and head back across the pond if you're dissatisfied with American sports...
2005-08-15 @ 06:47
Comment from: RJ [Visitor]
Myran, while Chris is perhaps the biggest idiot this site employs, what exactly did he say about soccer that was so objectionable? He stated a fact that in America soccer is hardly even an afterthought as a spectator sport. Look, I love the game, played it throughout my childhood, but facts are facts, and Baldwin is right, soccer just doesn't get much viewership in the USA. That's not a knock against soccer or sports or America, it's a friggin' fact. Stop being so sensitive already.
2005-08-15 @ 14:37
Comment from: Ivory [Visitor]
For those of you who complain endlessly about the networks coverage of Tiger Woods, I give you this...increased ratings when Tiger is playing is testimony that a great deal more golf enthusiasts are interested in his play than those who are bothered by the coverage of him. And those ratings are even higher when he is anywhere near being in contention (i.e. 23rd place). So, should the networks (TNT, CBS, ABC, NBC, ESPN, MSNBC,CNN, etc.) adhere to your narrow-minded individual concerns, or to those of the overwhelming majority of viewers? If you need to see more of the other golfers, tell them to play better...as David Toms did in the World Match Play earlier this year. Stop complaining and just enjoy watching one of the best golfers in history.
2005-08-16 @ 13:27
Comment from: Greg Pinelli [Visitor]
Myran...my dear fellow soccer lover...if you're going to promote the sport please spell so that at least a semi-literate can comprehend. The only reason most people in the world pay attention to soccer is they can't afford to play golf or anything else civilized.
Soccer, unfortunately, is an idiots paradise...the players dream of being Marodonna or Pele and the fans believe the World Cup trophy makes their pathetic little countries important.
2005-08-18 @ 22:04
Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
Love it when a blogger chastises another for a spelling faux pas, then commits one himself! Yeah, Greg. Study up on those Argentine surnames. You don't get credit for the Brasilian one; four letters, same vowel twice, forget about it! Soccer and golf have the same plane in common, which makes them strange bedfellows. One of the reasons NFL kickers are usually damned good golfers is their awareness of the leg/club shaft plane similarity.
2005-08-18 @ 22:48

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