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Comment from: Matt [Visitor]
"Because if you do think about, this really could be Mickelson last, best chance to win another major."

Why? Seriously. Why, if I "think about it", will this be his last, best chance? You got anything? Or just blanket statements of lameness.
2005-08-14 @ 00:29
Comment from: Chris Baldwin [Member] Email
Matt. Mickelson's 35 and he's never been the most dedicated golfer in conditioning. It's no stretch to say his window could be closing.

And that's completely ignoring the nerves angle. Nerves tend to get worse as you get older, not better.

He had a three-shot lead heading into the weekend of a major, he's still tied for the lead heading into Sunday. Plus, Tiger Woods, the great who freaks Mickelson out, is still far enough back at even par that if Mickelson shoots even a two under Sunday, Tiger's out of it. All this is unlikely to come together in perfect sequence for Phil ever again.

Yes, this could be Phil Mickelson's last, best chance to win a major.

He'd be wise to recognize that. Think about it.

2005-08-14 @ 01:59
Comment from: Chris Kaltenbach [Visitor]
Phil Mickelson is much better than you guys give him credit for. Not only will he win this PGA Championship, he will win another couple of majors over the next few years!
2005-08-14 @ 07:04
Comment from: Norman [Visitor]
You can use the argument that Tiger is a long way back, so this is a great chance for them all who are within striking distance.
.... there probably will be some majors Tiger will simply walk away with in the next couple of years. So it is a great chance for everyone in contention to strike now.

I do think Phil will contend for more majors though, whether he wins this or not.
2005-08-14 @ 16:13
Comment from: Mary [Visitor]
Gee, Chris, you're talking as if Mickelson and Love were hitting 80's, and no one else bothered to show up.
Which is rather obviously not so....

If your favorite player isn't shooting as well as someone else, whine that he isn't -
Don't slam the ones who actually are playing well.
You were a huge whiner during the US Open in Pinehurst too, when a cool guy from New Zealand beat Tiger, who you pimp like Simon Cowell for Carrie Underwood.
2005-08-14 @ 19:42
Comment from: DL [Visitor]
Phil Mickelson and Davis Love III are underachievers? Man, you are lame! If you want to garner any more attention with your blogging, you should go back and write more about Wie, or you are finished.
2005-08-14 @ 22:03
Comment from: George [Visitor]
Hey, Chris. About your prediction how Phil Mickelson would fail to win, did you buy your power ball tickets?
2005-08-15 @ 12:16
Comment from: Kiel Christianson [Visitor]
D'oh! So much for that prediction...

And BTW, Mickelson might look out of shape to someone who's never spent time with him, but tee it up with the guy and you'll see a hell of a lot of power. Similar body type to Vijay, actually, and how many majors has HE won in the years after his 35th B-day?
2005-08-15 @ 13:07
Comment from: Shanks [Visitor]
Okay, Chris, time to be a man and eat that plate of crow.
2005-08-15 @ 13:28
Comment from: RJ [Visitor]
Mickelson a similar body type to Vijay? Check that prescription man, i think your glasses are busted...
2005-08-15 @ 14:31
Comment from: Norman [Visitor]

Humble pie time for Chris.

WOW, nerves of STEEL.

He needed a birdie at the last and he got it. That doesn't sound like a choker now does it.

Great play. Well done Phil.
2005-08-15 @ 15:12
Comment from: Fred [Visitor]
Way to go, Lefty! He is the last golfer standing in this bizzard tourny.
2005-08-16 @ 00:58
Comment from: tony [Visitor]
phil proved he is a MAJOR winner,again!
will you tiger lovers and other phil haters just give it a rest!tiger wasn't going to win this,no matter what.
2005-08-16 @ 09:23
Comment from: Greg Pinelli [Visitor]
Chris..I you love! I can't think of anyone else who is so superficial and simple minded that I feel truly superior concerning golf....excceeded only perhaps by the commentators I've read preceding who can't seem to carry anything away from this "Championship" except telling us what we already know. All of this "rooting" is depressing. Bjorn was incredibly unluckly...and at the least should have been in a playoff with our woman and little girl dominated Champion.
In any case...is it possible this was a joke of a venue? 40 years past its prime and looking like something from a computer generated game? I await the first 700 yd par 5 and a "course" made up entirely of 500 yd + par 4s and 6 yard wide fairways......

2005-08-18 @ 22:16

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