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Comment from: Mike [Visitor]
Nice going Chris, shout loud enough about everybody else and maybe no one will notice that you got it dead wrong also. (Perhaps you were being self-mocking, but I'm not sure you have it in you...)

In blaming the weather and CBS for your failure (i.e. Phil's success), you neglected to credit Phil himself for lobbying hard to start an hour earlier to avoid the thunderstorms rolling in. It wasn't his fault that they finished on Monday.

And frankly, I'm getting sick of all these bloggers (not just Chris) going on about chokers and choking all the time.

Why doesn't everyone just admit one simple truth about the game of golf:

It's a bloody hard game to play under any sort of pressure, let alone when you're in the hunt for a major title.

Only on those rare occasions when someone's game (usually Tiger's, sometimes Vijay's) is "on" is any pro seemingly immune to the pressure of the final round.

Over and over again it's usually the player who "chokes" the least who wins. We need not look any further than those final round scorecards from the PGA Championship this week.
2005-08-16 @ 01:03
Comment from: Jim COULTHARD [Visitor]
If we shift to the LPGA, there seems to be another group of pros who are immune to choking. Obscure Korean pros who have caddies who tell them what to do, even if they do ocassional peak at the scorecard.
2005-08-16 @ 17:43

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