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Comment from: R.D.Frable [Visitor]
Is this just an odoriferous excuse to weasel a trip to Vegas? If so, we see right through you, just like we saw through the bozos whose first sports were baseball, football or rasslin'.
2005-09-06 @ 21:45
Comment from: Harve [Visitor]
Stick to playing with your putter dude.

2005-09-07 @ 08:09
Comment from: Sarah [Visitor]
You obviously know nothing about NASCAR. Why don't you go get some real facts about it before you go writing about it. I would like to see a football player get in one of those cars where its 130 degrees and drive for 500 miles, inches away from hitting a wall or another car. Good luck with your driving school. You have a rude awakening.
2005-09-07 @ 12:40
Comment from: Joe [Visitor]
NASCAR = athletics? Hmm, I drove to work this morning. Therefore, I too am an athlete. Heck, I'm better than the guys in 'NECK-CAR because on my drive to work I also turned......RIGHT.

I'll watch Tiger, Phil, and Vijay battle on the links any day; 'necks in stock cars that have nothing stock in them turning left? Forget it.

Non-Athletic Sport Centered Around Rednecks
2005-09-14 @ 15:13
Comment from: BA [Visitor]
I have never understood how anyone can listen to country music, or rap, or watch Nascar and enjoy it. I realize that by making this statement I have probably offended some people twice. Or three times. That's okay, it's just my opinion. Here's my favorite quote from the BLOG: (From Sarah, I believe) "I would like to see a football player get in one of those cars where its 130 degrees and drive for 500 miles, inches away from hitting a wall or another car." Hey! I have three things to say: first, I would love to see a nascar driver (old or young, makes no difference) get his hemmy-laden butt (I don't mean an engine!) out onto a football field and take more than one hit before crying for mommy, assuming he's still awake! Second, why the heck are we talkin' about football? I thought this was a golf comparison? I am confused! Third, I live in Louisiana. When I get into a bumper car at the local Putt-Putt, I am essentially "in one of those cars where its 130 degrees and drive for 500 miles, inches away from hitting a wall or another car." Okay, so maybe it's not 500 miles - BUT I get rammed 500 times! Later.
2005-09-16 @ 00:27
Comment from: Mike Hamilton [Visitor]
Well, I don't know about anyone else but I only find Nascar exciting in the last 10 laps of a 500 mile race, that is when all the BS is over with and someone really tries to make a move to win. Now, if we are talking racing, there is really only one style that is worth watching and that is Formula 1. Unlike Nascar and Indy cars, who run for cover at the first drop of rain, Formula 1 just puts on rain tires and keeps going at it. Which is alot like golf, you don't see a golfer running for a shelter at the first drop of rain and they keep playing until you need Moses to part the waters on the greens to be able to have a decent chance at putting. Maybe someone will come up with a concept to combine both sports, Golf and racing. SpeedGolf, Carts with sponsors on them, racing from shot to shot, seeing who has the fastest round and lowest score. Hmmmm, remember, you heard it here first and it was my idea so any royalities come my way. LOL
2005-11-17 @ 08:10
Comment from: George Karaganeas [Visitor]
I'm no expert but your going to get my take on this - like it or not. I live 3 miles from Lowes motor speedway in Charlotte, NC - Been here 10 years never went to a race. Play golf once a week (not well - that's why I'm reading this web site) and have been to the Open at Pinehurst and the Masters. I'm going to break down what I see are the important factors in this discussion based on my limited knowledge of both sports. Please feel free to add or comment after you see this.

Golf - 140/@60 on weekend

NASCAR - 100,000 +
Golf - 30,000/day

Nascar - a given
Golf - Sightest noise can affect your swing(unless you're Tiger).

Location of fans:
NASCAR - in the stands
Golf - feet away

Nascar - static position in cramped quarters, hot.
Golf - Walking, open area, hilly, flat.

NASCAR - Hot, smelly (gas & oil), Wind - no affect, Rain - race suspended.
Golf - Sun beating down, rain pouring, windy (last two affect your shot making).

NASCAR - 4 hrs (?) - 1 day
Golf - 4 days 5 hrs / day

NASCAR - must stay focused for 4 hr so not to wreck. Golf - smooth swing - hit the ball in the hole.

NASCAR - hold on & turn the wheel ?
Golf - walk - hit - walk some more for 4 days. Plus pro/am & practice rounds, warm ups, etc…

NASCAR - quarter turn of the wheel too much & your in the wall or a car, too much gas and your in the rear of the car ahead, too little - loose the race.
Golf - Swing too hard, easy -in the woods, water, sand. Putt the wrong speed and line miss the birdy - loose the match.

Best that can happen:
NASCAR - Win the race
Golf - Win the match

Worst that can happen: NASCAR - Crash, major physical injury, death.
Golf - Loose the match go on to Hooter Tour, be a pro at local club.

My conclusion - both are athletes - both should be respected for their abilities. I have to say that for as much as I like and enjoy Pro golf - NASCAR drivers are brave SOBs!

2005-11-29 @ 13:50

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