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Comment from: Asur Bekanan [Visitor]
What? No mention of Tracy Flick?
2005-10-24 @ 12:17
Comment from: Wei [Visitor]
Why is this stuff on this website? Put it in a community newsletter where it belongs, no one else cares about this stuff or even has any idea what the guy is talking about.
2005-10-24 @ 23:19
Comment from: Darin [Visitor]
For $5oo I'l try Pebble beach.
2005-10-25 @ 14:14
Comment from: metoo [Visitor]
It is a golf travel website
2005-10-26 @ 19:17
Comment from: Chuck [Visitor]
Cool, I get to comment about Michelle Wie without the extremists on both sides chiming (including the idiot blogger himself).

Golf is a quirky game with quirky rules. It is this quirkiness that allows any Joe-Bob to call in a rules violation. If you don't like it, too bad. If you don't like the fact that Wie is under greater scrutiny, too bad too, because it goes with the territory--I'd be that Chris would trade places with her to be under that kind of scrutiny in a heartbeat ;-)

I personally believe that Bamberger didn't do the "dirty deed" for reasons other than upholding the rules. I believe his comment in SI that he regrets not approaching Wie before signing her card.

Finally, Chris bashing Wie's caddie is all wrong. The caddie was understandably upset at the time--Chris, let it go. Oh yeah, I forgot, you can't...
2005-10-27 @ 23:39
Comment from: metoo [Visitor]
Played Shadow Creek in Las Vegas. Pretty cool track. Can't see the desert and you are treated like a VIP...but for $500 not including the tip of the caddie (or limo driver)..its mighty steep. How can Las Vegas support another one of these track?? Casino comps???

A for golf, b- for value.

And Chuck...mention quirky one more time and I am coming through the screen. Golf is more than a game of rules...its a game of tradition, a game of sportsmanship, a game of integrity. Only a few our nailing Bamberger for calling a rules violation. Nearly everyone from Tiger Woods, Vijay Singh down to me (including Bamberger himself---but not Chris), are critical of his timing. That's why this was such brouhaha. His timing turned a TWO SHOT penalty into a DQ in the most watched pro debut in a decade. I am sure she will always remember the first sunday she turmed pro...but not for the right reason.
2005-10-28 @ 16:44
Comment from: RB [Visitor]
I've heard from many people that it's worth the money. To be treated like a king at a place that cost $54Million to build.....who can't afford $500? That's one bet at the roulette table...

So will it be red or black this time?
2005-11-16 @ 10:23
Comment from: aGolphinGuy [Visitor]
I can't help wondering about those people who say it's 'worth the money'

If you pay $500 for a round of golf, do the greens roll 5 times truer, than on a $100 golf course? Is the scenerey really 5 times better? Are the cart girls 5 times more luscious? The fairways 5 times more green?

In my opinion the golfer who spends that kind of money on his green fees is doing it more for the status than anything else.

I've heard, when you play these exclusive course, that when the guy in your group breaks wind on the tee they somehow have a way of making it smell like lilac. Ok, now I'm just being silly. Time to pack it in.

2005-11-22 @ 15:56
Comment from: Mathew Wyrick [Visitor]
Cascata what an awesome track!!!!!! I promise you this I will be back to visit with my golfing buddies next time. Thanks for the hospitality!!!
2006-07-21 @ 21:20

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