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Tiger Woods' Buick Invite win shows why he's the greatest of all time

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Tiger Woods' mug is plastered on the top front corner of USA Today's front page Friday with the headline "Woods looks rusty at Buick." A few days later, he's collecting another trophy and first-place check. This is why Tiger Woods is the greatest golf… more »

PGA Merchandise Show: Custom fitted club sham continues

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Another PGA Merchandise Show is winding down, which means many more hours have been spent extolling the need for you to get your golf clubs custom fitted to your swing. Why not just take diet advice from John Daly? If you're a 4-foot-8 man or a 6-f… more »

I love Justin Timberlake: Confessions hurt

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There’s a confession that needs to be made. It’s embarrassing, somewhat humiliating (OK, forget the somewhat), thoroughly against any code of coolness. It’s the kind of thing that a guy who wants to be thought of as ... well, a GUY just doesn’t a… more »

David Duval's parking lot scramble from reporters at Bob Hope kills his sympathy factor

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After finishing his final round at the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic, David Duval found three reporters waiting to talk to him. A general assignment reporter from the Riverside Press-Enterprise, a PGA Tour radio guy who's so pro player that Phil Mickelson ma… more »

Mike Weir questions Classic Club's freeway location at Bob Hope Chrysler Classic

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Mike Weir might be the nicest guy on the PGA Tour. He is undoubtedly one of the blandest quotes. When Mike Weir questions something, you can be sure it's a valid issue. That's where the Classic Club - the brand new tournament-owned course for the Bob… more »

Ty Votaw's PGA defection no news to readers

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The PGA Tour's announcement this week that recently departed LPGA commissioner Ty Votaw had been hired as their new Executive Vice President seemed to lack some of the tour's usual bluster. Maybe because reported last July that Votaw and c… more »

Is it the wind or Bob Hope Chrysler Classic parties that restore scoring order?

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Tim Hurja - a local teaching pro/golf packager who's been my guide to Palm Springs golf - kept telling me to just wait until the wind kicks up to see how everything changes on the area's golf courses. I kept waiting and waiting, through weeks of endless… more »

Pat Perez's 60 shows what Bob Hope Chrysler Classic Course really outdated

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After 45 years, the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic ended its association with Indian Wells Country Club because the 6,400 yarder was deemed too easy for today's pros. Two tournaments later, it is apparent the wrong course was kicked to the curb. The immort… more »

Phil Mickelson's season debut gives Bob Hope Chrysler Classic intrigue

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Phil Mickelson is still no Tiger. Who in history is? But he's the second most intriguing player of this era. Which gives the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic, which starts today, at least a dash of interest. Besides tuning in to see how bad Justin Timberlake… more »

At least Peyton Manning's always won more than Michelle Wie

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Peyton Manning's taking a lot of heat right now for coming up small in another big game. Deservedly so. And it didn't help that Manning tried to shift the blame with a weak, "I'm trying to be a good teammate here, but we had some protection problems."… more »

Despite Bob Hope Classic easy rep, Palm Springs golf carries bite

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The Bob Hope Chrysler Classic carries a reputation for being one of the easiest weeks on the PGA Tour. For good reason. This is the tourney, where David Duval shot his 59. The mistake comes in people assuming that a Palm Springs golf trip means nice a… more »

Beth Daniel blasts Michelle Wie's pompous coach David Leadbetter

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Beth Daniel has grown into the voice of reason on the LPGA Tour. And the Hall of Famer with 32 career wins more than Michelle Wie rightly blasted another ridiculous comment from the Winless Wonder's Pompous Camp. Wie's coach David Leadbetter said on W… more »

The Michelle Wie hype disappears even before Sony meltdown? Aloha, Hawaii

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Even before Michelle Wie posted that nifty nine-over par at the Sony Open, you could almost hear some of her hype leaking away like the hot air it always was. This tournament never carried the same feel as her other recent marketing machine created "even… more »

John Daly and Hooters split! Say it ain't so

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John Daly is getting the one divorce no one ever expected. He's splitting with Hooters. Daly revealed the parting on FOX News this morning, explaining that "he still loved" Hooters, but his wife was not comfortable with the partnership. So there go th… more »

Los Angeles' smog problem underplayed

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Woke up in LA, stepped outside and thought I'd walked right into a mushroom cloud. The smog was that low lying, completely covering buildings. The fog in San Francisco is even thinner. Not to mention much more pleasant. Now, of course it's not like… more »
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