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Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
Check out my blog last month (or this month, I forget) about the same boot dropping on the BC Open in upstate NY. Crappy little town of Endicott can brag about its PGA event until ... whoops, Finchem gets a burr in his saddle and buh-bye like David Spade.
2006-02-23 @ 22:13
Comment from: a golfer [Visitor]
Hi, Chris,

How is your baby girl Paula doing in the Fields Open?

In a couple of days, you will look like a fool. You know what I am talking about.
2006-02-23 @ 22:13
Comment from: Bangkok Al [Visitor]
I totally agree with you, Chris, and especially the part about the players who know where their toast is buttered -- no, caviared. They're not going to squawk about a trivial matter like loyalty, or "right vs. wrong." Everything is business in this world live in. This is just one more manifestation of it. The problem for the rest of us is how much do we want to think about it? Because if we really think about it, why should we care who wins which tournament?
2006-02-24 @ 00:24
Comment from: tasha [Visitor]
Well Stephen Ames did it again. He is known to make disparaging comments in the past, about Tiger Woods which he did in an article in the Calgary Herald a few years ago and said, in essence, that Tiger was a bad role model for young kids for a number of reasons. Read it in the archives.

This is coming from a guy who lied to US immigration authorities about where he lives so that he can play in the US full time and when the lie became known, he was only allowed limited access to the US.

I don't think Tiger's ever forgotten about that article. Give Steven Ames a chance to speak and his golf shoes seem to be get lodged in his mouth every time.
2006-02-24 @ 13:24

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