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Mandalay Bay the most disappointing Las Vegas casino hotel stay

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There's one way to fall out of love with Mandalay Bay. Staying there. Mandalay Bay is an ultra hip, cool place. It's practically the only reason to go to its far end of The Strip. (You're certainly not making the trip for Luxor). It's nightclubs, gam… more »

Did Rush Limbaugh go Donovan McNabb on Michelle Wie?

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Did Rush Limbaugh go Donovan McNabb on Michelle Wie? In an interview with no less? It's apparent that Limbaugh thinks that Time magazine tried to make it seem that way. After Time published a Wie Q&A that asked her what she thought… more »

Time Magazine uses's Rush Limbaugh response in Michelle Wie interview: Wie shows ignorance

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All those Michelle Wie fans who think she's above are in for a rude awakening when the new issue of Time magazine hits newstands Monday. For Time uses our Rush Limbaugh interview to ask Wie a question in their Q&A. While Time doesn'… more »

Gonzaga's Adam Morrison crying with time left in NCAA Tournament game worse than any golf choke

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Greg Norman can finally exhale. Greg Owen - who was always only Greg Owen anyways - needn't fret. Davis Love III should feel free to joke about going from the lead to headed home in a flash at the Players Championship.For no golf choke will ever comp… more »

Bashing Rush Limbaugh without facts shows an ignorance beyond even Michelle Wie Warriors

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If you want to bash Rush Limbaugh, there's surely plenty of ammunition out there. Just bring some of it. Deal in facts. Instead we have's ambiguously liberal duo Tim McDonald - a waffler of John Kerry proportions and William K. Wolfrum… more »

Scottsdale: Where golfers wear cowboy boots?

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Scottsdale is one of the most sophisticated cities on the West Coast with its plethora of great restaurants, happening night clubs and of course, showstopping golf. In fact, Scottsdale's so eager to be hip these days - often successfully, sometimes tryin… more »

Sorry Dukie Coach K defenders, Michelle Wie fans & Lovely Mario: Justin Timberlake's posse giving me more love

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It's sad day for all those high brow, low class Dukies, those Wie Warriors who soak up Michelle Wie's marketing mumbo jumbo like rats following the Pied Piper (or Cameron Crazies trailing Coach Bully Fraud) and the breathtaking but delusional Jennifer Ma… more »

Vu at Hyatt Regency Scottsdale a restaurant so good it makes veal chop sing

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Scottsdale boasts some of the best restaurants on the West Coast. But they tend to fall into two categories: underrated with really good food or trendy overhyped with decent, vastly overpriced food. Vu at Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa brea… more »

Mike Krzyzewski isn't the Lakers coach because he couldn't God bully the pros (Vijay Singh style) the way he does his Duke players

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The most hilarious of all the sidesplitting Mike Krzyzewski as the Blessed Virgin Mary arguments advanced by these rabid supposedly high brow Dukies is this one: Coach K "gave up" $40 million of LA Lakers money because he's committed to education and hig… more »

Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski - sports' ultimate fraud - 1,000 times more annoying than Phil Mickelson

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Phil Mickelson carries a rep - a largely bum rep - as being a fingernails-on-chalkboard annoying faker.But if you want a real sports fraud, you don't have to look far. Especially this time of year. If it's March Madness, you'll have Duke coach Mike K… more »

Phoenix-Scottsdale locals the wimpiest COLD WEATHER golfers anywhere

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Showed up at Sanctuary Golf Course at WestWorld in Scottsdale and was promptly told by the cart kid that the bad weather had driven all the golfers away. It was about 65 degrees and sunny. Oh sure, there was a brisk, little wind blowing, but this w… more »

Barry Bonds, steroids book man, no Stubby Clapp, let alone Tiger Woods

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How detailed is the new book that goes into Barry Bonds' steroid progression? Even Bill Clinton couldn't talk his way out of his one. Let alone bombastic Barry. Baseball's nightmare is the kind of thing that should make PGA Commissioner Tim Finchem ev… more »

No easier place to play two rounds in a winter day than Phoenix-Scottsdale

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Show up at 3 p.m. in the wintertime talking about getting in a full 18 in most golf destinations and you'll get some strange looks. Even winter golf destinations. Forget the looks. You may find yourself being fitted for a Hannibal Lecter jacket. Ex… more »

Paula Creamer at the Oscars: One more thing Carolyn Bivens' media dictatorship almost ruins

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Paula Creamer at the Oscars. Now that's great form. Does anything else have to be said? Really. Here's the LPGA's photo array of the true threat to Annika Sorenstam's throne getting ready for the Academy Awards. And I wondered why I couldn't concentra… more »

Difference between Phil Mickelson & Michelle Wie: He buys fan's watch, she crassly pimps hers

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Phil Mickelson delivered one of the great little side moments in sports Saturday. No, not his slide from tied for the lead with Tiger Woods to four shots back. Phil losing it while being paired with Tiger is as old news as Lindsay Lohan's dad having a… more »
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