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Comment from: Jennifer Mario [Member] Email
Chris, you're so smart. You even know better than Lakers owner Jerry Buss--the most successful owner in the NBA--who offered Coach K $40 million to come coach his team. Buss clearly should've talked to you before making that offer.

And your remarkable ability to translate Elton Brand's comments to mean that K "wouldn't be able to deal with NBA players" is pure genius. Brand never said K couldn't do the job, he said K wouldn't enjoy it. And Brand went on to say that he was excited about playing for Coach K again in the Olympics--maybe he just loves being berated?

I'm so impressed with your sports prowess that I insist we stop beating around the bush. Meet me at Smith & Wollensky's in Vegas at 8 pm on Saturday night. I'll be waiting for you at the bar. I'll show, I promise...
2006-03-15 @ 10:19
Comment from: ToddCommish [Visitor]
Baldwin's probably right. But then he's essentially giving Coach K credit for knowing his limitations, unlike PJ Carlesimo, Rick Pitino, and others who parlayed great collegiate success into NBA coaching suckitude.
2006-03-15 @ 15:23
Comment from: NickW [Visitor]
You're right. He doesn't want to coach a pro team because he knows he can't treat pros the same way he treats his Duke teams.

Except for the fact that he is the head coach of the USA basketball team, which I believe is comprised of professional athletes.

And pro basketball players don't exactly have a stellar history of acting their age.
2006-03-17 @ 12:42

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