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Comment from: Mike [Visitor]
Baldwin, IM beginning to believe you lay in bed at night with wet dreams of Michelle Wie laying next to you. You need therapy pal, your just too up tight about this Michelle thing. Your amusing like the clowns at a circus, but can we move on now to something else.
2006-03-28 @ 11:25
Comment from: Paul W [Visitor]
Chris, give up on attacking Michelle Wie, your 15 seconds of fame are over.
2006-03-28 @ 12:14
Comment from: Claire [Visitor]

Every word you write screams: "I WANT TO BE A 16-YEAR-OLD GIRL! (but I can't, so I'll just obsess and rant over a famous one)"
2006-03-28 @ 13:58
Comment from: Ron [Visitor]
To all Chris Haters:

Maybe Michelle's Wie's 15 minutes will be that she tried to play with the men but never won a mayor.
2006-03-28 @ 15:45
Comment from: LCLiberal [Visitor]
Rush got part of it right, that Wie is hyped for marketing. But the rest is just pure shock value, Rush pandering to his right-wing base.

Michelle Wie has an awful lot of talent, and deserves at least a spot in the Sony Open in Hawaii, where she is by far the best golfer. Yeah, she should go on the LPGA and win tournaments there before attempting to compete with the men. But that's not because of "political-correctness", it's because she's a headstrong 16-year-old.
2006-03-28 @ 16:21
Comment from: One-Putt [Visitor]
"Comment from: Ron [Visitor]
To all Chris Haters:

Maybe Michelle's Wie's 15 minutes will be that she tried to play with the men but never won a mayor."

She never ran for Mayor of Honolulu. But if she did she would be elected.
2006-03-29 @ 04:42
Comment from: Ken [Visitor]
Chris, why don't you ask Rush yourself?

Oh I forgot, he's mad at you for taking his comments out of context...oh well...
2006-03-29 @ 15:40
Comment from: Ken [Visitor]
Did Chris Baldwin go James Frey on Michelle Wie?

Only his hairdresser knows for sure...
2006-03-29 @ 16:26
Comment from: Wayne [Visitor]
Baldwin, I can't believe you're making excuses for Limbaugh. He just thrashed your website and the little itty-bitty man who runs it. Ah, that'd be you, Chris.

That's what you get for jumping out of a thicket to ambush Limbaugh for an interview. Then baiting the guy with a question that fits your agenda. Nice.
2006-03-29 @ 19:52
Comment from: Claire Voyante [Visitor]
Does anyone else find it hilarious that Baldwin hysterically accuses Wie of self-promotion and "pandering" when she becomes a watch spokesperson, but as soon as he gets an itty-bitty little mention (not even by name) in Time magazine, he trumpets out loudly to anyone who'll listen? And then his hero Rush makes a little disparaging comment about Baldwin, and Baldie's proud just to get noticed ... ROFLMAO
2006-03-30 @ 11:42
Comment from: Norman [Visitor]

Chris Baldwin has spent quite a bit of time in the last while insulting Wie over her sparkly watch, and how she reacted when she was asked about it.

Well Chris Baldwin's own favour golfer, Paula Creamer did practically the same thing when asked about her Blackberry (personal organiser thing). She said "it's shiny" as she showed it, and the P on the back of it for Paula, and giggled. Just like Wie. She was just being a normal girl, just like Wie.

To add further insult to injury for Chris, Paula was asked about her rivalry with Annika. Paula stated that they were in 2 tournaments together this year and Annika beat her in Mexico, but Paula BEAT Annika when they played in Arizona. Yes, Paula actually said that she BEAT Annika in Arizona.

This claim by Paula backs up, us Wie Warriers, who have been rightly saying that when you place higher in a tournament than another player you have beaten them.

I am glad that Paula Creamer agrees with us Wie Warriers.

By the way, here is the web address for the Paula interview, because unlike Chris, I like to show the source of the claims:


Just click "Select Interviews Here" and scroll down to Wedneday and Paula Creamer's interview.
2006-03-31 @ 17:09
Comment from: Al [Visitor]
my gay brother responded a week or two ago and thought you had to be gay as well to talk about girls the way you do.

here is another point he brought up to me.

why, like now, when Ms. Wie is going well you have nothing to say. when she does not do well you have all the answers. why is that mr. baldwin?
2006-04-01 @ 12:22
Comment from: david [Visitor]
hi chris what's going on with cremer she is +6...She can't win the big one....She is never competitive in major tournament.. When it matters the most
2006-04-01 @ 16:53
Comment from: TBN [Visitor]
"Yes, Rush Limbaugh is unafraid of the vast liberal media machine."
Great. Another "liberal media" media mention. The media is as liberal as it is conservative... which is to say that it's not much of both. What really matters in the end is money. And so rightwing mouthpieces like Limbaugh and left counterparts Al Franken are just niche markets.

Anyway, I actually agree with Limbaugh this time, inspite of his douche baggish rep.
2006-04-03 @ 04:03

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