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Comment from: Kiel Christianson [Member] Email
Phil won 2 majors with just one driver, and came in second in 2 US Opens. Oh, and he had around 25 tour wins with one driver, too. Seems like he is sticking with what brought him...

BTW, one *could* argue that Phil IS as good as Tiger in most skills, except in putting, where Tiger might be the best ever, and in mental toughness, where Tiger might be the best ever.
2006-04-20 @ 12:32
Comment from: Simon [Visitor]
Your an absolute jerk. How can you get away with writing such utter shit. You are an embarrassment to journalism. Mickelson has won three of the last nine majors since adopting his own brand of preparation. I think he knows what is best for his game better than some loser like yourself. As Kiel says, Phil has won two majors with the single driver approach. It is only the last two wins where Phil has played two drivers - due to the course set up. The US Open will be shorter and narrower so the premium is on keeping out of the rough without the need for huge length. I am not sure if you are completely stupid or, more likely, just making up something to get a reaction. You a clearly a Tiger fan, that is fine but why do you feel the need to bad mouth Phil when he is playing well?
2006-04-20 @ 17:21
Comment from: Andrew [Visitor]
Or maybe Phil is just using his brain again, and realising that due to the importance of putting the ball in the fairway at the US Open he only needs the fade driver, and due to the likelihood of very tricky, fast, hard greens he will need his sand wedge so he has more variety in his 100-yard in game?
2006-04-21 @ 09:13
Comment from: Robert [Visitor]
Wow, you have the brain power of a pile of steaming dung. You, who have accomplished nothing in your miserable existence - is critical of someone who just won the last 2 majors (and 3 of the last 9). Let me get this straight, you know more about preparation for major championships than Phil???

Seriously dude, you need to pull your head out of your backside, wipe the shit out of your eyes and ponder your own stupidity. Do you really believe the bilge that flows like raw sewage from your mouth?
2006-04-23 @ 13:52

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