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Comment from: June [Visitor]
I thought you gave up Wie-bashing job title to Tim. I guess not.
2006-06-07 @ 23:11
Comment from: Jim COULTHARD [Visitor]
Interesting observations. Wie's competitors were given more frequent updates on Wie's score on the USGA site than what Wie was given about their scores. This means that the USGA gave an unfair competitive advantage to evey one of Wie's competitors at Canoe Brook.
2006-06-07 @ 23:43
Comment from: Jud [Visitor]

You are saying that all of Wie's competitors were carrying web browsers around?


You do realize that the USGA (actually GHIN) very likely realized that they would have unprecedented traffic to their site for this qualifier. The Golf Channel did, they admitted it on the air.

Perhaps they wanted people coming to their site. FWIW: the USGA/GHIN didn't do a good job, Yahoo and others were as close to realtime as you could hope for. GHIN had numerous delays.
2006-06-08 @ 01:18
Comment from: mike@hawaii [Visitor]
I just wonder Blady, are you related to the same Baldwin family that convinced the Hawaiians they were pagans and then "taught" them the value of land ownership, then took it from them? You sure seem to be of the same cloth.

Amen to you brother.
2006-06-08 @ 01:45
Comment from: Johnny N. [Visitor]
She still had to play on the same turf and from the same tees.

It in no way helped her golf game or gave her any advantage there. It simply gave her numerous fans the opportunity to follow how she was doing.

And guess what? I bet Chris Baldwin was checking her score every 20 seconds or so.
2006-06-08 @ 07:40
Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
Honestly, who cares? If you run a website, you want hits. The USGA went for the hits. Who do you think they are, Arthur and his court? My guess is that this was the first instance of a sectional qualifier being closed due to attendance overflow. Who calls that a bad thing for golf?
2006-06-08 @ 10:29
Comment from: HoJo [Visitor]
Ron Mon,

That is precisely why Baldie is posting all these nonsenses... More hits! I promised myself that I will waste no more time on his blog but can't stand his nonsense... In fact, I found other site which had more substances in their discussions related to Michelle Wie and golf in general.

Baldie and Tim McD have done a tremendous job alienating a lot of people.

Ciao, Sayonara, So long...
2006-06-08 @ 10:49
Comment from: Ken [Visitor]
MW -4 today and charging up the leaderboard.

Mr. Baldwin: for Sunday dinner, enjoy your goat with vinegar.
2006-06-09 @ 16:23
Comment from: Ron [Visitor]
This is a quick note to say that you got the name of the town wrong,It is (Creswell Or.)
2006-06-11 @ 11:19

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