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Comment from: Jeff [Visitor]
ris. Had to post this quote showing up in a number of news articles from this past weekend’s McDonalds's LPGA Championship; Wie actually says: "I played my 'B' game and I was still in the top five,"..."It's very frustrating. It just didn't work out for me."

Yeeoouch! OK, so if I read this self-analysis correctly, her "B" game is good enough to wallop most of the big name lady golfers on tour...right, and if she only brought her "A" game to the championship...she would have destroyed the field of lesser what "hackers."

OK, maybe I’m over reacting here, and admittedly I think she’s going about things the wrong way (her Millions in endorsement contracts notwithstanding), but in two recent post-event interviews with MW, she has let us into her view on where she stands in the golfing world. After her missing the slot at the U.S. Open sectional she said (following the prerequisite and pre-planned interview response: I had fun out there, giggle, giggle etc...) she goes on to say after a question about the controversial way she’s beginning her pro career, that she'll do what she wants to do; and now after a major LPGA tourney including some of the best lady players in the world (including a hall of famer or two): "I played my 'B' game and I was still in the top five."

C'mon...don't tell me the other accomplished ladies on the tour are going to let that one just lay there...are they???

She's got talent, she can win tournaments, she's no doubt the major golfing story, but jeesh, could some one teach her patience, humility, regard for the game and respect for her fellow sportsmen. I think she can expect continued sub-zero shouldering from the ladies of the LPGA, and I can't blame them fro giving it. A shame, because she could probably benefit from a seasoned mentor on the tour, but heck...few of them can beat her "B" game anyway, so why should she bother.

2006-06-12 @ 09:05

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