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Comment from: j the great [Visitor]
well lets face it,,he will get into the hall of fame with that short game,,but hardly think he could land a french fry cook at what-a-burger with that lame brained 18 th what a figgin dud,,phil needs to drop a few pounds,,,the gallery chanted (man boobs) phil sucks,,he,s fat,and doesnt know how to put the fusion #1 away,,his wife is gettin on in weight to bet there marrage is in peril now,,, the besty part remains,,the crowds will disapate,,the sun will set,,and only he knows what a crap sniffin job he did,,,dont feel to bad for him,,,he,s got just about enough money to buy a US open..........just about!!
2006-06-18 @ 21:08
Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
My question is, do Bones and Monty's caddies go into the Hall of Fame with Jean Van de Velde's looper? As Miller put it, four wood off the 18th tee, long iron into green, game over, three-fourths of the way to the Fat Guy's Slam. I cannot believe that Monty's guy let him switch clubs at the last second, nor that Bones let Philly hit driver after three wayward war clubs in the previous four holes.
2006-06-18 @ 21:26
Comment from: Wayne [Visitor]
Shades of Normandy! Well, maybe not quite.
2006-06-18 @ 22:44
Comment from: David [Visitor]
phil does have some pretty big man boobs...
2006-06-19 @ 02:47
Comment from: pete [Visitor]
I just love it when everyone sucks up to phil the intire tournament......thats why he showed sighns of the old phil....he started getting cocky...started to think he could do anything...Its kinda sad if you think about it..it was a product from all this overwhelming support he's been getting...haha i think its hilarious.....guess youre not getting invited to the tonight show this time phil...once again you are the joke.
2006-06-19 @ 03:32
Comment from: Norman [Visitor]
Phil messed up near the end of the tournament.

So did Colin Montgomerie.
So did Jim Furyk.
So did Padraig Harrington.
So did Kennie Ferrie.
So did Mike Weir.
So did Vijay Singh.
So did Ian Poutler.
And so did Geoff Ogilvy.
2006-06-19 @ 10:52
Comment from: Brett [Visitor]
You idiots obviously don't play golf. This kind of crap happens, and it just lets you know your human. None of you could break 150 on that course so lighten up. He has won three majors and 2 in a row. He will win the Master's as many times as he wants to and the U.S. Open is there for him every year that the PGA makes it long and tight. It makes me sick to think that people like you are now golf fans, thank you for that Tiger Woods. What did he do this weekend?
2006-06-19 @ 11:49
Comment from: jcd [Visitor]
i have been a phil fan for a long time- he still boggles the mind at times. yes, he needs to loose weight. Is Bones a mute?
2006-06-19 @ 12:32
Comment from: Ford [Visitor]
Brett--Stick a cork in it! This kind of crap happens when you can't hit your driver worth a shit(2 fairways hit all day for Phil) and you stupidly and stubbornly try to hit it on one of the toughest holes, nursing a one stroke lead in the U.S. Open. You're boy Phil screwed up, just as he's done countless times before, the sooner you get over it the better off we will all be. As far as Phil winning as many Masters as he wants, well if that's what you think then I can't help you. I tried to call Tiger to see what he was doing this weekend and I was told that he was mourning the loss of his father and comforting himself by shining up his 10 major title trophies--maybe Phil should try that, he won't get nearly as much comfort from his measly 3 titles, but he's always got food to comfort him. Brett why don't you leave this site to the real golf fans and take you're love of Phil somewhere else, like say a eaters annonymous website.
2006-06-19 @ 15:47
Comment from: GT [Visitor]
It has completely amazed me that no one in the American press has said a word about the 10, 000 idiots shouting at Phil down the 18th hole.

The guy has to play only 4 shots and he wins the open. Sure he blocked the 1st one, but then instead of giving him some space to regroup and think out his strategy, he had these boneheads nattering in his ear.
"Go big boy"
"Comon Phil, you our man"
"Let's go Phil, Let's go - clap clap"

What complete fools.

Seeing Mickleson play such stupid shots was what they earned from their behaviour.

Does anyone in the USA think it's time to issue duct tape at the gate on Sundays?
2006-06-21 @ 07:50

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