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Comment from: Brandon Tucker [Member] Email
Calling Clemens worse than T.O. is a stretch, man. I don't recall Clemens calling his cather "gay" or saying he'd rather have Pudge, or something. Clemens may be clever when it comes to contracts, but for someone who's already won a championship and left his mark on the game, who can blame him for flaunting his "retirement" to get $12 mil to pitch 15 or so starts? (reminds me of all the Swedish hockey players, how during a contract year they always say they're gonna go back to Sweden and play because of their "family" and "schools". B.S! why is Lidstrom STILL on the Wings???)

I agree about ESPN though. There's only two explanations they'd have "Bonds on Bonds" primetime yet bury one of TV's best shows, "Cheap Seats" on Classic: Ass-kissing and Greed.

How in God's name is Pedro Gomez a big-time reporter, by the way?
2006-06-23 @ 00:20
Comment from: Greg Fudge [Visitor]
Mr. Baldwin,
It definitely sounds like you are quite jealous! What have you accomplished in your life that comes anywhere even close to the major accolades that Roger has reached. If the Rocket wants to have competition in his golf game, than let him enjoy it just as any one of us would want to! Turn your ugly frown into a smile and let the Rocket have his fun time in the sun!
2006-06-23 @ 12:01
Comment from: Ron [Visitor]
and the point of this blog is what again....LOL !

Roger is the greatest as not only a pitcher but also as a contract negotiator...more power to you Roger, wish I could do the same as I'm sure this blogger wished as well :)
2006-06-23 @ 12:42
Comment from: Brad [Visitor]
I couldn't help but respond to this one. With all due respect, you are completely off base.

Roger is easily one of the top 5 pitchers baseball has ever had. I have never heard ONE WORD bad in the media about him from his teammates. Ask any manager in the game what pitcher they'd want to pitch the big game, and it'd be almost unanimous for Clemens -- even in his mid forties.

Keep in mind he played for Team USA when a lot of these spoiled major-leaguers wouldn't. Cut the guy some slack -- this is America and good for him for making what he can. In my opinion, he's earned every bit of it.
2006-06-23 @ 20:53
Comment from: Gary C. [Visitor]
Im unsure why your bashing Roger Clemens. Or comparing him to Terrell Owens. They are two different individuals. Who knew Roger would play three yrs for the Astros, after the Yankees. Roger isnt a perfect person, nor is anyone that I know. I just know that we are lucky to have him playing another season, with whomever it might have been. I find it to be very selfish to put judgement on him. He has given us great baseball for 23 seasons, and given some fans hope that there are still good players out there. That dont do drugs "steroids", and are not money pushers. I would lay money down that Roger has given at least half of this yrs salary to charity or pretty darn close. All I know is that he has alot of class, and does alot for charity, and has given baseball fans hope. Have a great season ROCKET
2006-06-24 @ 13:54
Comment from: Chuck [Visitor]
Chris, let's get to the bottom of it. You're either a Yankees or Red Sox fan who is upset that Clemens chose not to pitch for your team. HE WANTS TO BE IN HOUSTON!-GET OVER IT!!!

The Clemens-T.O. comparison is the biggest waste of space on the internet. Clemens has World Series rings, 7 Cy Young awards, a College World Series title, among his numerous other accomplishments. What accomplishments does T.O. have? Been run out of 2 cities? implying his QB was gay?I don't recall Clemens calling his teammates out publicly. Furthermore, he's not making 22 mil this season. He's making 12- It's a pro-rated contract. If you'd have taken ANY time to learn the facts, that one would have jumped out at you.
Plus, out of the $12 million he's making this season, he's already pledged $3 million of that to the Pediatric Unit at Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston. Let's see your boy T.O. match that donation!

If you don't like the guy fine. If your upset because he didn't sign with your team, OK. But get all the facts before you start taking unwarranted pot-shots at him.
2006-06-25 @ 15:08
Comment from: theclan [Visitor]
Haaaaaaaaaaa....what a two-faced reporter (reporter..said with much sarcasm)...you wrote this garbage AFTER you had a sit down interview with Roger...no wait...I don't think you actually got a sit down interview did you?....which the interview by the way, was so...enlightening...blah, blah, blah blah....get back on the airwaves when you can come up with your own original opinion.....
2006-07-05 @ 14:46
Comment from: Chris Baldwin [Member] Email
Hey, The Clan. I actually prefer to do all my interviews standing up. It was a stand up interview. Only stand up interviews. It's in my contract. No exceptions for Roger Clemens.

Of course, being an obviously enlightened guy with your moniker you'd understand that. And what airwave is this on?

Just wondering.

2006-07-05 @ 15:00

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