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Golf Channel putting Evian Masters on tape delay typical of overblown network

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Here's a news flash for the folks at The Golf Channel. You know, the people who are supposed to be saving golf because they managed to get PGA Tour events on a more obscure cable channel. They are not playing golf at 3 in the morning in France. The Fr… more »

Rolling Stone weighs in on's Charles Barkley defected to Democrats interview

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Rolling Stone magazine isn't just about rock & roll. It's long dabbled in politics and national issues. Now, it's joining the fray on Charles Barkley, bad golfer turned sudden loud Democrat. Rolling Stone National Affairs Tim Dickinson writes abou… more »

Sergio Garcia's yellow outfit his greatest offense at the British Open, more than even talking Wie

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No one expected Sergio Garcia to win the British Open even after that 65 on Saturday. Obviously, not even Sergio himself. So it's no great shame that Garcia went out there and tripped all over himself, rang up four bogeys on the front nine and carded… more »

British Open or The Open proves why it's better than U.S. Open

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Who cares if they call it The British Open or The Open? (Though, personally after seeing how much The Open frustrates's resident fuddy duddy Tim McDonald I've developed an affinity for that style.) What you have to call it is better than t… more »

New York Post's Page 6 spotlights reported Dan Quayle/John Mellencamp/Charles Barkley political controversy

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The New York Post's famed Page Six is now turning to for some of its celebrity tidbits. At least when it comes to golf and politics. On Thursday, Page Six ran an item detailing how Dan Quayle walked out on a John Mellecamp concert for M… more »

Yankee World Series ring man Paul O'Neill needs his driver checked for steroids

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When John Mellencamp wasn't ripping on Bush in a concert, Dan Quayle wasn't walking out on Mellencamp and Charles Barkley wasn't declaring that "Conservative means discriminatory", there was some actual golf played at the American Century Championship in… more »

Charles Barkley: John Mellencamp right, "Conservative means discriminatory"

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When John Mellencamp let loose with a rip on the Bush administration in the middle of an celebrity golf tournament event concert, sending ex Vice President Dan Quayle marching for the exit, he may have shot a few shockwaves through the American Century C… more »

Dan Quayle walks out on John Mellencamp for Republican bashing at Lake Tahoe celebrity golf tourney

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In the continuing attempt to make sure the celebrities playing golf in the American Century Championship get their every appetite sated, free VIP tickets to a special tournament set up John Mellencamp concert at Harvey's Lake Tahoe were provided. Ex Vice… more »

Cedric The Entertainer funnier entertaining American Century Championship celebs than on The Tonight Show

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Cedric The Entertainer appeared on The Tonight Show the night after he put on a private comedy show for the celebrity golfers and most favored sponsor guests of the American Century Championship. Guess which performance he was funnier in? And it wasn'… more »

Ben Roethlisberger finds God, Jerry Rice finds dancing blondes in Lake Tahoe

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At least Jerry Rice hasn't let this Dancing With The Stars thing go to his head. Rice only danced with every hot blonde he could call up on the small stage overlooking the main bar at Harrah's Lake Tahoe Wednesday night. Not that anyone could accuse R… more »

Don't mess with Charles Barkley sitting on a Lake Tahoe bar

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Before Charles Barkley took over the main bar at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe, he sat on the corner bar at the casino’s theater, riding Marcus Allen in a charity auction for the American Century Championship. As Allen bid - or more accurately Allen’s wife -… more »

Mario Lemieux, Jerry Rice & Brandi Chastain at a Lake Tahoe buffet

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Nothing reveals the true character of a celebrity like the buffet experience. Lining up with the great unwashed masses and waiting to get your food? Trying to pick out the best piece of beef with those community medal claws? By yourself? Are you kiddi… more »

Einstein Ben Roethlisberger shrugs off his motorcycle wounds to golf

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Forget strippers and "medicinal" mood aids. That’s so 1980s, so Pauly Shore rather than Johnny Depp. If you really want to see celebrities go wild these days, you need to turn to golf. No amount of pole gyrating can produce the craziness that hap… more »

Ridiculous rankings allow Michelle Wie to duck Paula Creamer & Morgan Pressel again, yet Wie still Mark Cuban whines

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Everyone who knows anything about sports understands that any world rankings that put someone who's never won a single thing at No. 2 are as insane as Norman Bates. Michelle Wie being ranked the No. 2 women's golfer in the world is equivalent to a 0-11 N… more »

New Jersey closes its Atlantic City casinos, golf goes on

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No one really expected New Jersey's budget crisis to shut down the Atlantic City casinos. When push came to slot machine whirl, the safe bet was the politicians would cave and keep the money bandits operating.But lo and behold, there was no last minu… more »
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