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Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
When my better half offered a golf week to celebrate my 40th, she presumed that Monterrey would be the destination. Not even close...pay $4 bills for Pebble, get caught sneaking on to Cypress? No way. I chose Bandon, and enjoyed every swing on each of the three courses. Only regret was I didn't get to "play" the practice range, only hit there. The target greens actually form a par three course, which is beyond original.
2006-08-07 @ 18:14
Comment from: Norm Miller [Visitor]
Baldwin: I usually don't agree with much you say. But on the issue of Edgewood vs. Pebble Beach there is no comparison. I have played both courses several times and Edgewood is one of my favorite courses anywhere. Pebble Beach has beautiful vistas but as a golf course it has too many weak holes. Edgewood has no weak holes, you must stay in the present and play every shot on every hole. Even Splyglass is a stronger golf course than Pebble Beach. My all time favorite is Tres Vidas near Alcapulco, Mexico. Every shot is a chalange on every hole. But, if you hit good shots you are rewarded. And, there still are no stop lights in Graeagle. NORM
2006-08-08 @ 21:54
Comment from: Vic Williams [Visitor]
Great debate. Absolutely Spyglass is the best of the Pebble Company courses from a pure golf standpoint, and the first five holes are unbeatable. Pebble shines from 5 through 10 and on 18; whether that's worth $450 is debatable, but it's Pebble. It's the history of the place. Edgewood is a great track but there are no dogleg left holes, and 18 should be an epic par 4.

My final take? Viva Bandon! It's the best pure golf resort on the West Coast.
2006-08-09 @ 12:00
Comment from: M. C. Roseto [Visitor]
Chris Baldwin should move on to loftier golf subjects. His recent article represents the 1,752th comparison of a golf course to Pebble Beach. This theme just displays the writer's inferiorty golf complex. If Mr Baldwin consistently shows partiality based on how he is treated by the golf course manager. So Pebble Beach did not offer him a free round. The golf resort doesn't need his approval or concern about $425. per round.

Baldwin wouldn't know luxury in golf if it were placed at his doorstep. Why not try writting for a discount golf site.

I recall in earlier years where new hotels used to say, "Our rooms are as good as the Fairmont (SF)" Yeah, but at the end of the day, you're are not Fairmont. Again, re: the Edgewood Golf Course, " I know Pebble Beach well, it has been a worthy favorite for many years, but believe me, you're no Pebble Beach".
2006-08-09 @ 23:02
Comment from: Andy [Visitor] Email
It's apples and oranges. Pebble is Pebble. St Andrews is St.Andrews. You can't compare courses like that on a shot by shot basis. How many newly designed courses require a shot over shed? The Road Hole? That would be dumb design at any other course. Who wants a out of bounds road right next to a green?
Standing on the 8th fairway at Pebble Beach looking over the ocean to that little green. That's not going to happen anywhere else.
2008-07-17 @ 15:44

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