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Comment from: steve [Visitor] Email
yeah this is true. good blog.
tiger is trying to be "repectfull", which i can understand.....but clearly its not working.
2006-09-24 @ 07:23
Comment from: tommy [Visitor] Email
i'm glad somebody remebered what casey said about americans and american fans. i can't stand that guy. tiger letting sergio beat him this week while paired with furyk is the ultimate insult. lets face it these guys just can't get motivated for this shit. i think the rider cup is lame anyway. i bet these guys could get up for it if it was USA vs. THE WORLD though. now that would be worth watching.
2006-09-24 @ 14:26
Comment from: Booger [Visitor] Email
Tommy said

"i bet these guys could get up for it if it was USA vs. THE WORLD though. now that would be worth watching."

we already have that in the form of an
increasingly bizarre and psychotic foreign

As far as golf goes, I think it is high
time for Europe to replace the USA in
the President's Cup. That would be worth
2006-09-24 @ 17:46
Comment from: Rodney Cameron [Visitor] Email
You would think Chris would have actually read the Paul Casey article to which he is referring. If he did, obviously, he didn't comprehend much of it.
2006-09-24 @ 22:41
Comment from: The aussie hacker [Visitor] Email
It may be time to condsider the following:
Winner of Ryder cup to play the internationals for the Presidents Cup with the challengers to host the tournament.
The winner of this to play the US as they lost the previous year - then continuing the format from there.
maybe this will anti up the stakes and maintain the motivation for the Americans, the Eropeans and the Internationals who will probably be made up of 70% Aussies.
2006-09-24 @ 22:43
Comment from: Merrin [Visitor] Email
"lets face it these guys just can't get motivated for this shit" Tommy

This is the dumbest rhetoric Ive seen circulated since the RC ended & the US got thier butts handed to them. If you dont think they wanted to win you havnt been paying attention. THEY COULDNT WIN. THEIR TEAM was not as good.

I wish CVhris & Tommy would take a look at the team the US threw out there & the team the Euros threw out there, then tell me exactly who had the edge. IT didnt help that Philly Mick was still shellshocked, but we really were OUT classed their.

As for TIger needing to be more hate filled Chris-Tiger expresses himself differently. He's never taken potshots at Sergio the way he has at him...doesnt mean he doesnt hate him. He's never criticized Casey like he did to the US...doesnt mean he doesnt feel the same way. All of a sudden somehtings wrong with Tigers MO as soon as the uS loses at The RC...hey CHris: TIGER ISNT THE ENTIRE US TEAM. HE could have played BRILLIANTLY and the team still lost. You cheap shots just dont make sense dude.It's just bitter, ill thought out reflex.
2006-09-30 @ 18:02

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