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Comment from: Larry Windsor [Visitor] Email
Chris - I have had the "privilege" of playing with both you and Wolrum. Remember Coyote Moon? Did you actually finish a hole that day? I would be happy to host a challenge match between you two "golfers"? anywhere in the High Sierra you choose. If you are able to beat Wolrum, the Golf Digest School at Old Greenwood will become world famous for swing reclamation. Let me know.
Larry Windsor
2006-10-19 @ 11:34
Comment from: Chris Baldwin [Member] Email
And world famous it shall be Larry.

You might want to do a little further research before backing that Wolfrum horse in this race to the ugly swing. Like ask Dinger, the region’s PR ace, who’s actually seen the wonders of my game on more than one day. You might be surprised by who he’d be putting his money on.

The scores will also be kept legit too. No Special K. math.

By the way, case in point K. He played with you yesterday and already got your name wrong.
2006-10-19 @ 15:40
Comment from: Shanks [Member] Email
Golf is a lot like sex. You don't have to be great at it to enjoy everything about it.
2006-10-20 @ 12:06

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