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Comment from: tim [Visitor] Email
How dare you question my Top-10 list. You go to Myrtle Beach with your fancy West Coast self and all of a sudden you're an expert?

It takes a man to appreciate the Dye course at Barefoot, and a golfer of rare skill and knowledge.

It appears you were wowed by all the fancy visual tricks Fazio fooled you with. That's obvious due to your Jessica Simpson references.

You and your me-first, Starbucks, MTV generation know little of what it takes to make a great golf course. Only when the years allow you to gain wisdom and insight will you be able to judge such things.

Until then, why don't you high-tail it back to Phoenix and sit around with all your hippie friends at your fern bars and tofu joints and let the real golfers here in the Lowcountry make these kinds of decisions.

What next? You coming to Tallahassee?

2006-12-21 @ 06:07
Comment from: Dave Marrandette [Visitor]
Now boys, behave. I believe I am the only one properly qualified to categorize golf courses. I lived and worked in Myrtle Beach for a number of years and now live and work just a little south of Phoenix. Plus, I have traveled the country playing any ground with flagstick and a tee box.

So, publish all the lists you so desire. But when the Eye On Golf Top Ten is published, it will be the final word.
2006-12-21 @ 08:15
Comment from: Brandon Tucker [Member] Email

Where is the top ten most expensive OJs in MB blog?

2006-12-21 @ 15:58
Comment from: accesorii nokia [Visitor]
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2010-10-27 @ 13:11

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