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Comment from: jamie [Visitor] Email
I've said it before and I'll say it again-The Wie one keeps saying she is playing with the men because shes "learning alot". Shes not making very good progress.
2007-01-18 @ 18:22
Comment from: Mr. Wonderful [Visitor] Email
It is not that people hate her or want to see her fail, but her arrogance, her Korean parents pushing her in the forefront, and most of all Nike for exploitation.

I have said over and over she needs to get away from Leadbetter and get back to her teacher when she was 12. I saw it up claose and personal. Her swing was natural then, a carbon of Ernie. Then she was touched by the hands of death. She became a Leadbetter machine... When they work, they dominate, When they go off the tracks, they are gonzo.

The mechanics of her appreciation is also unnearving. She makes a putt and it is like, oh, I am supposed to wave, so the hand goes straight up, like "that was long enough". There is no genuine appreciation for people who are rooting for her. No youthful actions to show she is having fun. Sit her down and make her watch Tadd last week. Now that was fun to watch. Sometime she needs to watch her interviews and learn from then. Maybe in the future take a few speech classes at Stanford.

Reality check? Reality, when she shoots in the 80's and says she is getting better?

Hate her, no, don't think Alex hates her, nor Smails, or really anyone else...We just hate the positive and negative situations she is in coupled with arrogance. But in reality, she has millions of dollars to do it her way, deal with the negative...
2007-01-18 @ 21:15
Comment from: whywie? [Visitor]
I don't like her parents. I heard stories from some friends that work at Waialae Country Club.

Back when Michelle was the toast of the town, the Wie's treated the staff at Waialae like shi.. shi... sh... servants.

And it would seem that their snobby behavior may have transfered upon their daughter.
2007-01-18 @ 22:00
Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email

Are you saying that she had donned a sparkly bandage?
2007-01-18 @ 23:36
Comment from: Dave Marrandette [Visitor]
Chris, Come back from the dark side; let the Force guide you through the great Ekin tunnel.
2007-01-19 @ 08:16
Comment from: Ford [Visitor] Email
There was a time when a negative Baldwin blog on Michelle Wie would have brought hundreds of furious responses from Wie disciples, women, teens, half of Hawaii, etc...Those days are apparently long gone. Where have the Kimo's, Patricks, One-Putts, Putt4Par, Ghet Rheels Candace's and Norman's of the world gone? They once proudly roamed these sites spewing their pro-Wie agenda, telling all those who would listen that Michelle was indeed the "second coming", treating us to stories of her never before seen power, her deft touch and her silky smooth swing. She nearly qualified for a men's event at 14, surely they said she would be contending by 16 and winning by 17 on the PGA tour, what of the LPGA you ask, that would be as mere stepping stone on her way to the Master's and Ryder Cup, she would be dominating by this time. Anybody who dare disagree with this was a shortsighted fool, incapable of seeing the potential, scared that the future of golf was a young girl, an obvious racist, sexist hater. Fast forward a couple of years and Michelle's future looks more like Ty Tryon's than Tiger Wood's, her swing looks more local hacker than Ernie Els and her legions of fans are MIA just like her game. If the great Michelle Wie debate were a fight it would have been stopped more than a few rounds ago. The next Tiger Woods will be lucky to be the next Pat Hurst. You are all lousy cowards who owe Baldwin, Alex, Judge, and everybody else who stood up to Nike and said no to the Wie hype machine an apology. Where are you now that you're girl has been exposed as a fraud?

2007-01-19 @ 10:52
Comment from: Ford [Visitor] Email
I just had a Norman sighting on another blog. He was up to his old tricks; calling all of us that just focus on Michelle's scoring shortsighted(silly me I thought they counted strokes for a reason). Her game according to Norman is actually PGA tour ready, except , of course for the problem of hitting fairways, being last in driving distance and next to last in greens in regulation. Her once in a lifetime scrambling and putting numbers this week prove this according to the great unemployed golfer. Last year Norman and others were obsessing over her overall driving distance and accuracy as indicators of her imminent success on the PGA tour, it was her putting that kept keeping her down. Now, like Ghet Rheel, Norman is claiming that the teen pheonom will actually hit her stride in another decade or so--Wie warriors worldwide be patient the promise that Michelle showed at 12 was nothing to what you will see in 2007. Don't believe your eyes, the obvious regression you are seeing in her game is just an illusion, she is actually improving according to Norman. Michelle Wie is a classic example of too much too soon. She was paid on potential that will never be realized, the sooner her fans see this the better off we will all be--We should go back to rewarding people for achievement and substance rather than simply style.

Oh yeah, one more thing, girl is fat!
2007-01-19 @ 15:39
Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email

I don't feel inclined to expound upon this right now, but what can we say about the psychology of a man when he wants to see other men beaten by a woman?

Anyone ever hear of the "rubber suit crowd"?
2007-01-19 @ 21:01
Comment from: One-Putt [Visitor] Email
"Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email

I don't feel inclined to expound upon this right now, but what can we say about the psychology of a man when he wants to see other men beaten by a woman?

Anyone ever hear of the "rubber suit crowd"?"

When not playing golf Judge, I am usually wearing a rubber suit. So just what does it all mean?

2007-01-19 @ 21:47
Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email

If you're wearing the kind of rubber suit I'm talking about, it means your wife owns a whip.
2007-01-20 @ 03:39
Comment from: RonMon [Visitor] Email
She may be learning, but is she retaining? Good luck at Stanford!! Watch out for the muggers.
2007-01-20 @ 12:44
Comment from: One-Putt [Visitor] Email
"Comment from: RonMon [Visitor] Email · http://www.travelgolf.com/blogs/ron.mon
She may be learning, but is she retaining? Good luck at Stanford!! Watch out for the muggers."

Ron, do you really think Michelle will be wandering around the campus alone?
2007-01-20 @ 13:20
Comment from: Norman [Visitor] Email

Do you know who you are like? If you have ever watched American Idol, there are some very entertaining people who come out and try to sing at the auditions but drive the judges to laughter with their abysmal attempts.

Your comments are similar in standard to their singing.
You are just a clown.

Your comments should be bolded, so that your complete ignorance can be laughed at.
2007-01-20 @ 17:19
Comment from: Norman [Visitor] Email
By the way Ford, Michelle still has those fans and in fact has a growing fan base.

However, unlike you, they don't have so much free time.

Perhaps you could considering getting a job. You really should, it helps bring self respect, which is obviously something that you are lacking in.

Your lashing out a teenage girl shows in no uncertain terms the phsychological problems that you have.

You should try to build your own self respect one little bit at a time and eventually, hopefully, you will eventually mature into an adult.

That isn't for certain though.
2007-01-20 @ 17:24
Comment from: Jay [Visitor] Email
Let's wait and see how Wie does in LPGA 2007. Sure, she tanked in PGA tours, but her LPGA scores in 2006 was pretty impressive.

I think Wie will breeze thru LPGA after she 'learned a lot' from PGA. I don't know about her 'learning of lot', but certainly she won't feel the pressure of having to whack the ball hard.
2007-01-21 @ 03:09
Comment from: InTheBunker [Visitor] Email
What she does on the LPGA this year will be telling for a couple of reasons, particularly if her last two outings on that tour are symptomatic of where her game is going--she didn't do well.

After her escapades against men, I'd give anything to be a fly on the locker room wall at her next LPGA tournament. She will basically show up among a group of women carrying a bulls-eye on her back having been beaten senseless by men around the world. She now goes to the LPGA, tail between her legs, having been told go dominate the women then come back. The same women she has, intended or not, demonstrated nothing but contempt and disrespect for.

She's basically told these women you're not good enough for me, you don't challenge me, you bore me. If I'm an LPGA member, that's the message her actions, and to some degree, her comments send.

If anything, Wie has made the LPGA tournaments she plays in must see events--I bet those ladies are gonna try to beat her brains out.
2007-01-21 @ 14:10
Comment from: Shanks [Member] Email
Well, ITB, if she said that playing in the LPGA was as challenging as the PGA Tour - or any male Tour - she'd be lying. But what the LPGA did not want was to have it pointed out so clearly.
2007-01-22 @ 07:57
Comment from: Ford [Visitor] Email
Norman--So nice to hear from you again. Just a couple of thoughts: If you are going to call people immature, it's best not to use an American Idol analogy; when expounding on the virtues of holding a job, it's best to actually have one yourself(failed golf pro does not count).

I could take the time to defend myself against your slanderous attacks, but I am far too bust being a husband, father, philanthropist and world traveler--These endeavors provide me with a great deal of happiness and self-worth.

I do want to apologize for one thing. I should not have called Michelle fat, that's was rude and uncalled for. I believe the PC way explain Michelle's recent expansion is to say that she is "horizontally challenged".

2007-01-22 @ 09:46
Comment from: Norman [Visitor] Email
Keep them coming.
You are showing yourself for the fool you are.

If you think Michelle Wie is fat, then you are seriously out of touch with reality. Are you aneorexic or something?

PS: I have made more money from golf than even someone of Alex's profession is likely to make in a lifetime, so failed is not an accurate description.

I also hold a European Tour card. That isn't failing, even if it isn't in one of the better exemption categories. I still get the choice of plenty of events, with a chance to compete in any of the events which don't hold the very elite fields.
2007-01-22 @ 11:46
Comment from: InTheBunker [Visitor] Email
Amen, Shanks. She's a disaster for the LPGA. Her play on men's tours illustrates the disparity in level of play clearly. When the LPGA Rankings were first introduced and rigged for her, she came in at #2 in the World. She's still close to top ten.
2007-01-22 @ 12:32
Comment from: Ford [Visitor] Email
Keep telling yourself that you are not a failure, Norman...
2007-01-22 @ 14:20
Comment from: Ford [Visitor] Email
Listen Norman I think you are a first class A#$HOLE. I do not believe for one second you are who you say you are, and you are an obvious homosexual for watching American Idol . By every measure known to man I am more of a success as a human being than you will ever be, but let's put our differences aside and try to get this converstaion back on track.

Norman how do you respond when you are confronted with Michelle's late season swoon on the LPGA and her numerous disastrous results against the men? When the vast majority of PGA tour players, the media and even her "growing" fanbase can see that her game has regressed, why can't you? What do you see, oh wise one that nobody else can? Please enlighten us with your answers, that is if you time in between hand-picking Euro Tour events. I am also curious to why Michelle is so intriguing to you and her other fans. Is it her humility as displayed in her post round excuse fests...sorry I mean press conferences. Maybe it is her breathtaking use of the English language, um, like, no that can't be it. Is it her completely unrealistic and undeserved Don Quixote like pursuit of the impossible dream? I know it can't be her looks, because, well you are gay. So please tell me what it is about her that would lead you to personally attack a stranger on line for his differing opinion about her.

For the record, I do not think Michelle is fat. I was just noting as many others have that it looked like she had put on a few pounds. Maybe she is just getting an early start on her freshman year in college(the freshman 15).
2007-01-22 @ 14:44
Comment from: Mary [Visitor] Email
Ford, you know what they say about gays? Those who go around accusing others actually are the ones who have something to hide. By the way it's okay, if you are gay that is fine, just admit it, live with it and get on with your life. If you don't like girls you should just admit it. Acceptance is important. Denial is just ripping you apart and is that is obvious from your comments.

Wow, who would have thought there would be a gay discussion on a golf blog, but there is nothing wrong with Ford's sexuality and if he wants to be gay, then let him be.
As long as he isn't hurting anyone what does it matter.
The most important thing is that he just accepts himself for who he is and then he can lose some of the anger that he obviously has.
2007-01-23 @ 12:20
Comment from: Ford [Visitor] Email
Mary--Don't speak unless spoken to. If you want to answer the Michelle Wie questions I posed to Norman, feel free, if not keep your mouth shut, get back on your knees and make yourself useful.
2007-01-23 @ 12:40
Comment from: Mary [Visitor] Email
Ha ha Ford, you exude all the classic cases of denial. We have studied this in college. You're little remark which you intended to be macho is just a cover up for your true feelings. Be honest Ford what chances are there of you actually wanting a Mary to do that. I have a friend Mark, perhaps he could answer your true desires.

By the way, who cares about Michelle Wie. Let her go play on the womens tour, but your remarks really were funny and deserved a reply.

Would you be interested in being a case study for some students. It's nearly all men, but that should be right up your alley, shouldn't it.
2007-01-23 @ 19:59
Comment from: Norman [Visitor] Email
How interesting.

So Ford turned out not just to be just aneorix but then gay as well.

On the aneorix thing, just get help about that. On the gay thing, I don't know anything about that, but coming out of the closet is suppost to be helpful for your people.
So hopefully you will be happier, with your identity. A few counselling sessions and you should be just fine.
2007-01-24 @ 09:31
Comment from: Ford [Visitor] Email
"We have studied this in college"

Mary you and I both know that you have never been to college. You're comments clearly prove this--One thing that you're comments do you, however, is your immense hatred for homosexuals. I am actually a happily married man with two young children, but if it makes you feel empowered to lash out at a man, go right ahead. You see, unlike you I actually have a little understanding of psychiatry, having studied family therapy, as well as individual and group psychotherapy and you are actually exhibiting some classic disorder signs yourself. You're obvious anger towards men indicates that you have been abused or mistreated by a man somewhere in your lifetime. My initial guess was that daddy probably came into your room late at night and did unspeakable things to you, but in your last post your anger seemed more at the surface. I now beleive that you were probably sexually assualted recently, possibly even raped. If this is the case, you should really get the help you need--Calling strangers gay on golf blogs isn't the answer and it will ultimately not lead to you getting the power back in your life. Just keep telling yourself you are not a victim--It could happen to anybody--Then again with the mouth on you maybe you had it coming.

Norman--Always nice to hear from you. Good luck on "tour".

2007-01-24 @ 12:05
Comment from: Mary [Visitor] Email
Ford, it's worse than I had initially anticipated.
You actually got married and had kids in a futile effort to cover up your identity.

Believe it or not, you are not alone in that. Many people have done the same thing, so don't feel ashamed of yourself for that.
The important thing is that you accept yourself for who you are.

By the way, from your latest rant, it is obvious that you aren't ready to get complete help just yet. You lashing out and accusing people of all sorts of things is very understandable.
Please don't worry about people getting upset in a case like that. It is easy to recognise that your problems are many and it is not your fault that you feel the need to made such lude comments on blog sites.

You are just letting out some of your pain. Sure that hurts others, but for those who understand that you are actually sick and are just crying out for help it's not so bad. Let it all out Ford. Call Chris Baldwin a puff as well if that makes you feel better.

Doing that is better than holding your anger inside. Let it go Ford, but sooner or later you will have to admit your problems if you are to truly overcome them and become a decent person.
Good luck in that.
2007-01-25 @ 15:23
Comment from: BV [Visitor] Email
Chris Bud - If Ford, Mary, and Norman ever learn to SPELL, your days as a blogger are OVER! They are sooooo funny! And no...I don't for one second believe you've jumped ship into the Swoosh Camp! ;)
2007-02-12 @ 12:20

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