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Comment from: George [Visitor]
Er... "boy band legend?" "Boy band" and "legend" in the same phrase? Really? Seems to me the BHC had already fallen by last year.
2007-01-21 @ 02:21
Comment from: Lynn [Visitor] Email
Boy band legend?!! Turned serious artist? It's obvious you are the moron. There were plenty of A list celebrities there, and Taylor Hicks may just be starting out, but he had the biggest following out there you idiot. Justin Timberlake is a boy band reject turned trying to hard artist. Get a clue.
2007-01-21 @ 03:33
Comment from: Jo [Visitor] Email
And Chris Baldwin is just an old, balding idiot.
2007-01-21 @ 03:48
Comment from: Kai [Visitor] Email
Geez..Moron??!!! Taylor Hicks??! I doubt that. What did that man do to you, other than make a hell of lot more money than you! Oh, and he's a lot more talented and wayyyyy better looking. So, tell me, what did he do to you?
2007-01-21 @ 04:04
Comment from: Janice [Visitor] Email
Justin is an from the MICKEY MOUSE CLUB, dumped a great gal (of course, after
living with her), pulling Janet Jacksons
top down (acting like it was an
accident - Justin is a JERK!!!
Taylor is a gentleman who has never
said anything bad about anyone-was
nominated by the as #1 in the country this
year (along with 9 others) as Best
Mannered People of 2006
2007-01-21 @ 05:49
Comment from: Ian [Visitor]
Crap! What Taylor did that dissess you? Poor Taylor Hicks, the one that stays true to himself and his music and this is how he is addressed as.

I bet you didn't only don't get Taylor, you doesn't like Ray C., B. Joel and others as well.

It's fine that you have diferent kind of music preference, but, please do not bash others artist that you don't like.

Thank you.

2007-01-21 @ 05:57
Comment from: Margie Bauer [Visitor] Email
Why in the world would you dish Taylor
Hicks ? Do you even know anything about
him? I just don't get it. Here is a nice
guy, fantastic musician, singer who is
going to be around for a long time. I
just find articles like this very mean
spirited, unfair and unnecessary.
2007-01-21 @ 06:29
Comment from: Jessie [Visitor] Email
Hey, you seem to forget that alot of people voted for Taylor Hicks and love him. I am 24 and NEVER would watch the GOLF channel till they had Taylor on...ARe you biteing the hand that feeds your industry?? When I spoke to two of my friends who were there they said he was very gracious signing autographs laughing, talking pictures and is a not only TALLENTED musician but a GREAT DOWN to EARTH MORAL guy !!!! He did NOTHING to you, and in his wonderful album called Taylor Hicks , he did not have to use the F word to make people listen or pull Gladys Knights top down when performing with her. Shame on you.
2007-01-21 @ 06:49
Comment from: Anne [Visitor] Email
Seeing the people you seem to admire,Rush Limbaugh and Justin Timberlake I'm not surprised and actually relieved you don't get Taylor Hicks, someone with talent, dignity and class is definately out of your class.
2007-01-21 @ 07:24
Comment from: cathy [Visitor] Email
It's your article and your opinion. The Bob Hope Classic did not draw the pro golfers that it used to, this is a fact. Justin Timberlake is a bad boy band legend and an interestig personality from hell....Taylor Hicks is a genuine , humble, determined, loyal, talented artist and musician . The adjectives used to discribe these two gentlemen , say it all..........The world needs people to admire and emulate like Taylor Hicks; not like Justin Timberlake.

And I like Rush too....
2007-01-21 @ 07:35
Comment from: StickToGolfPlease [Visitor]
You would expect this level of commentary when a Golf blogger who admires a cigar-smoking drug abuser. Taylor Hicks' first CD just went platinum. Don't you wish you could have accomplished as much.
2007-01-21 @ 07:41
Comment from: StickToGolfPlease [Visitor]
Try again...this comment form has a bug and cut off some of my sentence...

You would expect this level of commentary
when a Golf blogger who admires a
cigar-smoking drug abuser attempts to write
about recording artists. Taylor Hicks'
first CD just went platinum. Don't you
wish you could have accomplished as much.
2007-01-21 @ 07:47
Comment from: gemullins [Visitor] Email
I guess no one ever visits your blog, because the only comments you are getting are negative ones regarding your idiotic remarks about Taylor Hicks. It is amazing that so many people who don't even know him, have never seen/heard him, simply can't stand him. Your credibility, whatever it was before, has now sunk about as far as it can. Your pseudo-elitist attitude is really pathetic. Get a life, dude.
2007-01-21 @ 08:00
Comment from: Mo [Visitor] Email
Chris Baldwin...I would have to call you
2007-01-21 @ 08:42
Comment from: Mo [Visitor] Email
Chris Baldwin.....I would have to call you Chris Bald"lost" because if you don't get Taylor Hicks, then you have definitely LOST! I suggest you buy a ticket, see a concert and get back to me. Justin Timberlake, are you kidding?
2007-01-21 @ 08:44
Comment from: Gabe [Visitor]
LOL....Oh, man. I can understand not liking Taylor Hicks....but when you attempt to make Justin Timberlake look like a real talent in comparison, then you just have to be a complete friggin idiot.

I'll have to assume this Chris douchebag is doing this for some attention. Nobody is that stupid.
2007-01-21 @ 08:55
Comment from: Taran [Visitor] Email
Hicks is a man who would continue to speak to you after the comments you just made about him. A real man.
2007-01-21 @ 09:01
Comment from: Mike [Visitor] Email
Well, at least Rosie wasn't there. Think Positive Baldwin
2007-01-21 @ 09:07
Comment from: Shawn [Visitor]
That is the stupidest article I have ever read!! You made yourself look like an idiot!! I have never met Taylor Hicks, but He has shown that he is very talented and a down to earth, well mannered person. I hate golf, but have found myself checking it out looking for sightings of Taylor. I suggest you look in the mirror and see if you were writing about yourself!
2007-01-21 @ 09:18
Comment from: RonMon [Visitor] Email
How's Taylor swing a club? Does he have any action through the hitting zone? Delayed release? Pronation or suponation? Uncoiling of the hips?
2007-01-21 @ 09:22
Comment from: Sandy [Visitor] Email
I could NOT believe what I was reading!
Taylor brought more NEW viewers to the Bob Hope Classic than Justin could ever DREAM of doing! How dare you make derogatory comments about an HONEST, kind-hearted, talented, and dedicated musician who worked small clubs & bars for ten friggin years before getting a break! Have you LISTENED to his CD? Give it a try and you'll hear what REAL music sounds like! Justin's latest was on a poll as one of the WORST songs of 06, but hey..YOU liked it! Go figure!!
2007-01-21 @ 09:29
Comment from: Bonnie [Visitor] Email
" Justin Timberlake, the boy band legend turned serious artist "

Thank you, I needed a good laugh today!
2007-01-21 @ 09:38
Comment from: Heh [Visitor] Email
A rush limbaugh AND justin timberlake fan? Haha

One trying to sound holy while abusing drugs, the other trying to sound notty while allegedly doing drugs. Role models indeed! I wanna be cool like them! Not...

Oh and "interesting" personality? Sure, if you've never run into the "phenomenon" rappers and rockers before. Otherwise, it's just your run of the mill superficial loser trying to be cool.

You should thank Taylor Hicks for getting you some attention. :)
2007-01-21 @ 09:50
Comment from: Andrea [Visitor] Email
Mr. Bald(lose) this article by far, has to be the most ridiculous and most unintelligent one written by the media thus far. Nobody reads your stuff and this is a way to boost readership. You need to get another job with more money because your jealousy has shown thru insulting Taylor Hicks. Your opinion is just that, your opinion. The sad thing is that YOU get paid to be nasty (probably lower many
others in your field thus the need to HIT IT BIG) May you can further your position now!
2007-01-21 @ 09:51
Comment from: B. Latino [Visitor] Email
Chris Baldwin's article is one of the most mean-spirited I have read in a long time.

Because of Taylor Hicks, women all over the USA were watching golf this week for the first time--some even called their cable companies to purchase the Golf Channel.

"Vibe" magazine (the African-American music publication) recently called Hicks, "The embodiment of the last 50 years of American music." Pretty hefty praise for a funky white boy from Alabama.

Taylor Hicks was recently named "Best Mannered Celebrity" in the USA.

People magazine chose Taylor Hicks "Bachelor of the Year."

Featured on Larry King Live last Thursday night, the show with Taylor Hicks and Fantasia Barrino will be shown again tonight (Jan 21) "by popular demand."

Taylor Hicks' self-titled CD went platinum within a month of being released --and that with virtually no paid advertising and no single from the CD yet released to the public or radio stations.

Taylor Hicks' concert tours are selling out across the nation within an hour after tickets are going on sale - at virtually every venue, not just in the South.

Yes. Poor, poor Taylor Hicks.

As for Chris Baldwin?

Bless his heart.
2007-01-21 @ 09:55
Comment from: SunnyLS [Visitor] Email
The rath of the Soul Patrol has befallen you. The SP may commend Mr. Hicks for his beautiful manners, but speak against him or one of their own and be prepared for disembowelment.

Seriously, though, the Justin Timberlake comparison is is nauseating.

2007-01-21 @ 10:12
Comment from: Allsion [Visitor] Email
What a nasty thing to say. I didn't even vote for Hicks, but I know he's not a moron.
2007-01-21 @ 10:14
Comment from: Jean [Visitor] Email
Is your wife spending too much time fawning over Taylor and you are feeling inadequate as a man? Let everyone form their own opinion about Taylor's music. People can go to taylorhicks.com and listen to his music, and see for themselves what real music is all about.
2007-01-21 @ 10:16
Comment from: golfpro [Visitor] Email
geeeesh....what crawled up your behind to hh bash the "The Best Mannered Celebrity of
2006"...Taylor Hicks is a true musician
and Timberflake is a repulsive joke...why
don't you go listen to "Sexyback" and then
listen to Taylor's "Just to feel That Way
".....Listen and Learn!!!!!
2007-01-21 @ 10:22
Comment from: Allison [Visitor] Email
You discredited yourself by saying you long for Rush Limbaugh. Then you dug your hole deeper by revealing your crush on JT. The entire entry is laughable. If your beef is with American Idol in general fine but don't take it out on Taylor, who had to bite his tongue 1000 times during his tenure on the "worst show on TV". That man is pure class, unlike publicity hound JT. Pardon me, but I don't see how bringing SexyBack to the golf course is going to help the Bob Hope Classic.
2007-01-21 @ 10:33
Comment from: geo [Visitor] Email
By now you I'm sure you realize you've made a total fool out of yourself. My theory is that you are gay and you are attracted to Justin and not Taylor.
2007-01-21 @ 10:54
Comment from: Ams [Visitor] Email
When I read an article such as yours (or hear Simon saying to a contestant to stick their gum on Taylor's face) my immediate reaction is shock. Then I wonder where the anger is coming from. I hope you find some peace in your life. LIfe is too short.

Did you get your sexy back? Good for you.

Soul Patrol!!!!
2007-01-21 @ 10:58
Comment from: Claire [Visitor] Email
You are a joke! If you need people to read your articles, you did not have to go this route, man! There is a difference between a journalist and a tabloid reporter. Well, you are neither. In my opinion, you are just an amateur 8th grade writer. Are you sure none of your kids wrote this article for you? Maybe they just LOVE Justin Timberlake. Come on fess up, I'm helping you get off the hook!
2007-01-21 @ 10:58
Comment from: Gabe [Visitor] Email
Justin Timberlake's only popular with young girls and gay men.

Is there something you'd like to tell us, Chris?
2007-01-21 @ 11:05
Comment from: Chris [Visitor] Email
Well, I guess you accomplished your goal - getting someone, ANYONE, to read your piece. Too bad you didn't make it worth my time.
All I know is, I watched the Golf Channel for 4 days - including all of the ads. Never turned it on before, never even knew we had it.
Why such interest? Taylor Hicks. He's a class act and a REAL musician. I'll bet the BHCC organizers, the sponsors and the Golf Channel are happy he played.
2007-01-21 @ 11:21
Comment from: Shel [Visitor] Email
Mr. Baldwin, you have learned first-hand the wrath that is inflicted on any journalist who dares scorn the "Soul Patrol," a group of mostly middle-aged women reduced to fangirly schoolgirls by a one Taylor Hicks, aka "Tay-Tay" to the SP. Fact is, you are right. Taylor's 15 min. of fame are over, and sales of his album are fading fast. He has nowhere near the star power of Rush Limbaugh or Justin Timberlake.
2007-01-21 @ 11:35
Comment from: sebby [Visitor]
A moron! You called Taylor Hicks a moron! You're kidding right? It's bad enough I wasted my time reading the crap you wrote (and tried to pass of as "journalism") but I must be out of my mind taking the time to respond. You, sir, are the moron! Too bad Justin Timber"fake" couldn't have caddied for Taylor. It might have allowed him the opportunity to see what real class - and real "sexy" are all about.
2007-01-21 @ 11:48
Comment from: A Golf Fan [Visitor] Email
Taylor Hicks is a gentleman, which is more than I can say about you.
2007-01-21 @ 11:58
Comment from: Gabe [Visitor] Email
I'm a 32 year old male who would rather listen to Taylor Hicks belch out his own originals than anything else in the industry today.

And I certainly am not stupid enough to call an actual musician a "no talent" while pining for a true talentless hack like Justin Timberlake.

Hand Hicks a guitar and you got yourself a song. Do the same with Justin...and....well, hopefully there's a radio around somewhere.

But hey....boy bands are teh kool!! To Justin, from Chris!! With love!!
2007-01-21 @ 12:02
Comment from: carolle [Visitor] Email
Go back to your mother's womb and start over, you probably wouldn't make it through the birth canal.
2007-01-21 @ 12:07
Comment from: Garnet [Visitor] Email
Taylor hicks is a talented singer, musician and songwriter, and a Southen gentleman. You have no right to degrade somebody you don't even know. Timberflake is a drug user, abuser and scum. Go bury your head in sand.
2007-01-21 @ 12:12
Comment from: anothertayfan [Visitor] Email
I bet the ratings will be higher than ever t this year because Taylor was playing.I wouldn't walk out in my front yard to see Timberlake.From what Justin said about Taylor that should tell you what kind of person he is.As for Taylor not having talent,he's gaining new fans everyday.You are driving would be new fans away from golf with comments like this.Taylor will have sussess in whatever he does.
2007-01-21 @ 12:15
Comment from: Doug [Visitor]
HAHAHA! This has to be a joke!
2007-01-21 @ 12:22
Comment from: Gary [Visitor] Email
I am a guy and enjoy Hicks , especially the pre AI songs and I like 6 songs off his album. Hey I hate AI too but this guy deserves better than what you dished out. I fell for ya son...these women , including my wife is going to be on you like WHITE on RICE !!! Totally uncalled for dude !!
2007-01-21 @ 12:34
Comment from: HOWARD [Visitor] Email
I think that this writer has hit a new low, with his comments about JT being such a stat and Taylor Hicks being such a let down. Jt is a bigger star and there's nothing that we can do about it, however this is a golf match and I don't think that many people were very upset because JT couldn't make it and taylor could. A note for the writer next time your doing a story about nothing, think, because this comment makes you seem like the the scare crow in the wizard of Oz, you need to find a brain, follow the yellow brick road.
2007-01-21 @ 12:41
Comment from: Visitor1 [Visitor] Email
I do hope you are kidding

"Oh for the days of Rush Limbaugh"

I really have no words for that...

As far as no talent Hicks, you should take the time to actually listen to an artist before you say something like that. Taylor Hicks is a very talented artist. He is a musician and has written his own music before idol. Two of which are on his new cd, which is platinum now btw.

What you said is just wrong and you should apologize.

2007-01-21 @ 12:47
Comment from: Dominique [Visitor]
You brought this reaction on yourself by calling someone, anyone, a moron. You just can't go around calling people names like that. It makes you look bad and makes people dislike you.

Saying you like Rush Limbaugh automatically puts you in a certain category. Since so many people dislike him (including me) it isn't going to win you any points. And Justin Timberlake is truly not known for his musical talent, sorry.

You knew very well your blog would stir up some muck and bring some abuse ringing down around your ears. Apparently that's what you wanted.

Personally I admire Taylor Hicks and enjoy his music, along with many truly talented artists I also enjoy. JT isn't one of them, but to each their own. I hope you got what you wanted out of your blog. But it's a bit sad when you can only get attention by calling people morons
2007-01-21 @ 12:57
Comment from: Totally agree with the writer! [Visitor] Email
Don't let the Soul Patrolers fool ya; they are worse than the Claymates. Their boards are so upset you can almost see the heads spinning around until they fly off. Taylor Hicks has no talent. Let it be said. Then just stand back and watch the spit fly.
2007-01-21 @ 13:07
Comment from: Dee [Visitor] Email
If you are going to blog responsibly, then please try to be objective and not let your our personal crushes interfere with your ability to be a good journalist. It's unfortunate that Justin couldn't be at the Bob Hope tourney so that you could salivate over him. That isn't Taylors fault. So why diss Taylor for stepping in to fill the slot? In a recent golf world blog you confessed your affection for justin here is the quote ...

"I love Justin Timberlake! There, happy? I just love the NYSNC, boy band, Mickey Mouse Club man with the high-pitched singing voice and twirling dance moves."

Just because you are let down doesn't give you the right to bash Taylor.
2007-01-21 @ 13:09
Comment from: TaylorSucks [Visitor]
After the hardcore obsessed fans finish buying what they can afford of his music, it will drop out of sight. THANK GOODNESS!
2007-01-21 @ 13:11
Comment from: Golf fan [Visitor]
Taylor Hicks may not be the golfer Rush is and you're certainly entitled to your own music preferences, but calling the man a moron simply shows that you have about as much class as Justin Timberlake.

I'd only read your blog once before, but you can bet I certainly won't bother to read it in the future.
2007-01-21 @ 13:13
Comment from: Good blog! [Visitor]
I hope you're getting some kind of credit for every hit on your site. The loonies on the Hicks message boards are flocking here to slap your hand. Enjoy!
2007-01-21 @ 13:13
Comment from: EllenFan [Visitor]
Did you see him on Ellen? She held her nose and had him on because she had to. She hates his no-talent music and has said so. He huffed and puffed so much, you can tell he's still a smoker.
2007-01-21 @ 13:17
Comment from: paul [Visitor] Email
If you have to call someone a moron to
get hits on your site what does that say
about your journalistic ability!
2007-01-21 @ 13:35
Comment from: HGmacki [Visitor] Email
So, first of all, you obviously don't know anything about music or music artists. Comparing Justin Timberlake to Taylor Hicks is like comparing saw dust to sugar; There's no point really.

It's all great and dandy that you have your own opinions on the matter, but really, these are extremely harsh. Taylor Hicks is an amazing artist and I'm frankly quite sick of hearing people go on and on about "how terrible he is" when actually, he's one of the better american idols so far and a HELL of a lot better than Justin Timberlake.

So leave your Taylor bashing private please, unless you want a mob of angry soul-patrol (does Justin Timberlake have a soul-patrol?)members after you.

Oh, and fyi, I'm actually 15. Yes, a "snot-nosed, stuck up" teenager likes Taylor Hicks. Oh, and quite frankly, I really don't like Justin Timberlake either; He sounds like a bird on helium who got hit by a train
2007-01-21 @ 13:49
Comment from: Chris Baldwin [Member] Email
I stumbled upon a Taylor Hicks appearance on the Tonight Show. Believe me, moron is putting it very politely. He made even Jay Leno look brilliant by comparison.

Just call me the gentleman of all gentleman in bloggers.

2007-01-21 @ 14:10
Comment from: Brandon Tucker [Member] Email
As TravelGolf's official authority on pop music, I would have to say Baldwin's right on point. Hicks shows how much mainstream music has slid in the last few years. The fact this guy could have "charisma" is almost laughable, yet all you brainwashed robots who watch American Idol eat it up. Every time I hear that show is the most watched in America, I look to see if there is any empty spots on my passport.

Timberlake does have street cred, comparatively. He was in a boyband, and was also one of the first to jump ship. His solo career ain't too shabby compared to the rest of the poop on the radio. By all accounts he can golf, too.

2007-01-21 @ 14:10
Comment from: SarcasmYay! [Visitor] Email
I hate to say this, but for a music critic, you're a lousy golf blogger.

I don't suppose you've heard of that little thing called Google wherein you can find out information about all sorts of things in a manner of seconds! For reals!

For example, my Google search reveals that Justin Timberlake is on a nationwide tour right now, and one could easily conclude that he wasn't "replaced" by anyone but was otherwise engaged and unable to participate in the Bob Hope Classic. That 30 seconds of Googling is what commonly referred to as "research", a handy practice for someone who "writes" blog articles, although now that I think about it, if you admire Rush Limbaugh, you'd probably think research is for sissies. Heaven knows, he certainly never practices it.

Now, I really think you should THANK Taylor Hicks. Really. For this brief shining moment in time your blog is getting lots of traffic from his fans. Today you win the prize - "Worst Blogger in the Known Universe" from the Soul Patrol. Wear this honor with pride, Dude, because tomorrow you get to go back to being fairly irrelevant and ignored.

But while I'm here, let me offer some helpful advice (because I care!):

When using snark for the purpose of macho posturing, it's probably not a good idea to demonstrate a man crush on a former boyband singer (not that there's anything wrong with that) even one who purports to bring the sexy back.

Don't get me wrong. I personally find your little crush on Justin Timberlake to be absolutely PRECIOUS, but in my limited experience, most men above the age of junior high school are a bit more circumspect in their fanboyishness. Just sayin'. I'd hate for people to get the wrong idea about you.

You can thank me later.

2007-01-21 @ 14:29
Comment from: Chris Baldwin [Member] Email
Obviously, Timberlake wasn’t bumped from the tournament. He’s a real star. The point is that when Timberlake tells you he’s not coming and you get the brainchild, ‘Hey, how that American Idol faker’ for a replacement “musician” golfer, you’ve sunk to new celebrity tournament lows.

Again, there wasn’t a Frank Sinatra impersonator in Palm Springs they could find? A 15-year-old kid with a harmonica?

2007-01-21 @ 14:41
Comment from: pikester38 [Visitor]
What can I possibly add? I take my hat off, and give a deep bow, to everyone who has set this poor sad blogger straight.

Or perhaps not. A fan of both Justin Timberlake AND Rush Limbaugh most certainly will never, EVER get the talented, gentlemanly, good-natured, intelligent Mr. Taylor Hicks.
2007-01-21 @ 14:45
Comment from: Lester Hinson [Visitor]
Baldwin, 1 - Fish In Barrel, 0.
2007-01-21 @ 14:45
Comment from: Okiegirl [Visitor] Email
Geez, I guess you have been hit in the head with too many golf balls. What you had to say was just plain wrong. Are you, by any chance,related to Simon Cowell, cause you sound just like him. Rude.
2007-01-21 @ 14:54
Comment from: MoonWise [Visitor] Email
The very well respected music industry
website, www.allmusic.com, has selected
Taylor Hicks' new album, as one of the
best albums of the last 3 months. They
are certainly unbiased and have a
superior musical knowledge. Read their
well thought out and reasoned review--
they really liked his new album.
Golf uses the celebrities for publicity
and to attract additional viewers. Why
such a vituperative reaction to a man
who is just doing what he was asked
to do? Go to youtube and listen to
Justin's a capella version of the
National Anthem, and THEN you will see
how weak his voice really is, without
the use of the studio pro-tools.

2007-01-21 @ 15:00
Comment from: visitor1 [Visitor] Email
You are entitled to your opinion.. and others who actually KNOW what good music is are entitled to theirs...

Relix Magazine
Vibe magazine

All credible music sites have given Taylor and/or his cd great reviews. If Justin Timberflake makes you happy then good for you... What you said was down right mean and uncalled for.

Talk about being brainwashed.. thinking what's on top40 radio today is good music ... that's brainwashed.

Check out this trailer


I think you should take a look at Graycharles.com and check out some other artists and listen to Gray Charles radio. You might be surprised at what you are missing out on.

Do some research before you blog!

2007-01-21 @ 15:05
Comment from: Lee [Visitor] Email
Chris, Chris, Chris,

your commenting on comments ..... poor judgement. I had no thoughts one way or another on who the celebs were.... just enjoy the game of golf...... until the girlfiend made me read your dribble..... stick to golf and lay off this Taylor dude.... and for Gods sake Justin Timberlake???? Rush Limbaugh????? couldn't you find more credible celebrity golfers to crush on???
2007-01-21 @ 15:27
Comment from: Denise [Visitor] Email
First of all American Idol is the number one rated show, so as far as moron goes look in the mirror. Second, Taylor has more talent in his left um.... putt then JT has in his entire Mickey Mouse Club body. You need to stick to the actual game of golf and leave the celebrity comments to the professionals. Or at least to people who know a little more about music and talent. I would do a little more research on popularity of the celebrities before making such ingnorant comments. Andy Garica was in the God Father! Are you kidding me!
2007-01-21 @ 15:36
Comment from: Liz [Visitor] Email
Me thinks you are a "wee" man
2007-01-21 @ 15:47
Comment from: LindaTN [Visitor] Email
http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=10:45rz284305na~T1 this is Taylor's review of his music...BTW just a few weeks ago he performed for the USO for the troups and wants to do more . Bob Hope would have loved that quality about him. I am a nurse and I love that Taylor supports 2 main charities , one which transports sick kids to medical appointments ( KID ONE ) and a art and performing center for autistic and handicapped adults and children called Studio by the Tracks. Other projects included cd and supplies for the troups, veterans and special olympics. We as Soul Patrolers are not only about the Love of real music but helping others because of Taylor's example. He dontated $100 to Kid One when he was a struggling musician. He told them that if he ever was in the position to help the kids he would and he has kept his promise. He is a kind compassionate man.
2007-01-21 @ 16:11
Comment from: Buick Open [Visitor] Email
As someone who follows golf, I find your comments out of line. Shouldn't you stick to golf reviews and not musical talent. You probably wouldn't know talent if it hit you in the face. Justin Timberlake, please. Rush Limbaugh, are you kidding? Dude, you have really bad taste.
2007-01-21 @ 16:19
Comment from: Stephanie [Visitor] Email
I've heard lots of rude things come out of Simon Cowell's mouth, but YOU have sunk to an all-time low. Taylor Hicks has something in spades that your "golden boy" Justin Timber-Fake doesn't, and that's actual talent. Taylor is truly real, he uses his musician's instincts and has a heart of gold - he didn't need any fancy pro-tooling to record his album, he used real musicians. All Timber-Fake did was sell himself out at a young age to Mickey Mouse. Boy-band legend? I should say not! More like a boy-band reject to me. Oh, and if you still think Taylor is a moron, then how did he win American Idol and help make Season 5 the best season to date? How did he end up producing a platinum-certified first album before a single was released to radio?

BTW: I am a 27-year-old Canadian and I adore Taylor. Get your facts straight in the future and grow up, because years from now we'll be the ones laughing at you when Taylor will be an international superstar and Justin Timberlake will be a washed-up has-been.
2007-01-21 @ 16:32
Comment from: Sam [Visitor] Email
Gotta be short man syndrome! What other
excuse could there be for this drivel..
Moron would be a step up for you, sir.

2007-01-21 @ 16:38
Comment from: Fore [Visitor] Email
Thanks for the laugh! Not the comments, but your blog!
2007-01-21 @ 17:06
Comment from: Christine [Visitor] Email
one would think you'd just appreciate all who supported this charitable event!
nothing else needs to be sad here-think you got the attention you wanted and i guess needed-glad the soul patrol is looking out for our man!
2007-01-21 @ 17:40
Comment from: abbysee [Visitor] Email
I am not here to bash the author, I mean after all to each his own. My only question is of all the celebrities both current and has beens why pick on Taylor Hicks? You had to have your head in the sand not to know his popularity. I think your motives were missed by some, but not by me. Silly guy.
2007-01-21 @ 17:43
Comment from: MJ Childress [Visitor] Email
Congratulations Mr. Baldwin! You've just
been accepted into the "SIMON COWELL FAN
CLUB"...This is WHY you've received this
coveted honor!
1. You called Taylor Hicks a moron.
2. You can't come to grips with the
43.5 MILLION votes Hicks received to win
American Idol.
3. You can't accept that his CD went GOLD
in two weeks and that his newly released
CD went PLATINUM in less than a month.
4. You can't accept that he was written
up in GOLF DIGEST (Yikes!) as one of
5. You can't accept PEOPLE MAGAZINE chose
Taylor Hicks at THE HOTTEST BACHELOR and
6. You can't accept he was a two page
spread in PEOPLE MAGAZINE'S 2007 Year-
7. You can't accept that he was written
up in VIBE MAGAZINE, noted for being a
very fine Blue Eyed Soul Singer.
8. You can't accept that LARRY KING LIVE
had him as guest on his show and due to
the outpour of emails, calls and the
most interest in a show to date, the show
will be run again this Sunday.
9. You can't accept that he appeared on
LENO three times in 6 months and you also
can't accept that LENO has the best night
time show on TV.
10. You can't accept that he was THE
guest singer for President Bush and the
First Lady - Christmas Show.
11. You can't accept that Taylor Hicks was
voted "best manners as a gentleman" by
The Deb's Junion League,(who cares about
having good manners anyway, you don't).
12. You can't accept that his legion of
fans made the American Idol Tour a 98.8
percent sell out (but you don't like it
anyway, you prefer the Mickey Mouse Club
for which Justin Timberlake got his
13. You can't accept that he was shown
in the commercials for the Bob Hope
Classic, how dare them? The nerve of the
commentators for using Taylor Hicks's
quotes as a basis for up and coming young
golfers, to inspire them to never give
up...strange huh?
14. You can't accept that Taylor Hicks
has so rattled Justin Timberlake, that
he bad mouthed Hicks, (who cares huh,
Justin is just trying to salvage the
limelight and to keep Hcks from taking
it, what's a guy to do?)

So having said that Mr. Baldwin:

You've been accepted due to your biased
article on why Taylor Hicks should not
have been "invited" to the Bob Hope Golf
Tourney. You even made up a tale about
Hicks being a replacement for Justin,
(we won't expose your lie if you don't).
Very soon, you will receive your "SIMON
COWELL FAN CLUB" membership card which simply
entitles you to ONE free INSULT a month
as long as you continue to show that you
are insanely jealous of Taylor Hicks,
intimidated by his moral beliefs, his
masculinity, intelligence and his strong
voal perfomances.
You will continue to make fun of Hick's
sex appeal and give'um hell aura, which
you loathe. You will also continue to
hate the fact that Taylor Hicks Solo
Tour begins it's five month tour to sold
out venues.

It proves beyond a shadow of
a doubt, that you DESERVE this coveted
membership. Thank you Mr. Baldwin for
your unmitigated gall and your complete
and total ignorance toward the subject
of your article, Mr. Taylor Hicks.
2007-01-21 @ 17:45
Comment from: Patti [Visitor]
You made me spit coffee all over my puter screen when I read "Justin Timberlake, serious artist" Are you serious? He's a boy band graduate from the Mickey Mouse Club!
2007-01-21 @ 17:47
Comment from: Dana [Visitor] Email

Methinks a certain "Chris Baldwin" is jealous of the gray haired soul man?
2007-01-21 @ 18:11
Comment from: Carol Lancaster [Visitor] Email
I see sour grapes hanging all around Chris Balwin's head. I don't know him, and I don't care to, but he certainly doesn't know Taylor Hicks. He is a jewel of the music industry and has a lot of class. He's changed quite a bit since American Idol and is on his way to stardom. Get real, Chris!!!!
2007-01-21 @ 18:16
Comment from: John McNeil [Visitor] Email
I cannot believe the immaturity you demonstrated here in attacking those celebrities you do not think are worthy. I feel like I've just stumbled back in time to when attacking others was more accepted. What is your problem? Obviously you are lacking in some dept or you wouldnt have gone so far in your blog. I'm sorry for you.
2007-01-21 @ 19:19
Comment from: Bev [Visitor] Email
This mean-spirited article was unworthy of anyone who calls themselves a journalist. Please join Rosie/Donald in the corner and do wear the dunce cap. The moron comment was uncalled for and nasty. I don't know much about Taylor Hicks but I do know he handled JT's remark about him with class. You should be so lucky...now go to time out.
2007-01-21 @ 19:36
Comment from: ShirleyDee [Visitor] Email
Chris, Obviously You know nothing about "Taylor Hicks" and the "Soul Patrol"
I could say all kinds of nasty,mean and disgusting things to You.
But that would be dragging myself down to Your level..
Besides I am a Taylor Hicks fan and a Member of the Soul Patrol..
I am "PROUD" to be both!!
Taylor Hicks, is a Southern Gentleman.
For You to compare Justin Timerlake to ahem " Taylor Hicks" that is ludacrious.
Taylor is a multi talented musician & humanitarian.
As a devout fan base we stand behind and support the charities that "Taylor" himself supports.
People like You in the media,could use their time and space to promote and support such chairities also.
We LOVE "Taylor and his music.
Soul Patrol !!

2007-01-21 @ 19:39
Comment from: Karen Emory [Visitor] Email
Taylor has proved time and again that he has more talent that the Mickey Mouse boy will ever have. Justin Timberlake girly voice is like fingernail on a chalkboard, it is that irritating and squeaky. Taylor Hicks voice is so powerful and manly that he has won fans from all ove the world. Taylor can never replace Justin Timberlake in anything because Justin Timberlake is nowhere near the class as Taylor Hicks is, in everyway. Taylor can sing better than Justin, he can move better than Justin. here is just no comparison in the two.
2007-01-21 @ 19:46
Comment from: Elaine [Visitor]
There's only one moron here and that, I'm afraid, is you, the author of this ridiculous blog. The only thing that surprises me is that TravelGolf.com risked its reputation by letting you publish this blog on their Web site. Shame on them. Shame on you for dissing a decent guy with a big talent. Yes, Justin is also talented, but I haven't yet heard that Taylor has exposed anyone's breast on national prime-time TV. What a guy.
2007-01-21 @ 20:06
Comment from: Anne [Visitor] Email
Now Chris, tell the truth don't you feel a little foolish for being so silly. Your tiny little brain must be about to burst.
2007-01-21 @ 20:27
Comment from: Claudia [Visitor] Email
Moron? I can understand that you don't care for Taylor's music, not everyone does. But to call him a moron? What is wrong with you? You don't personally attack a person like that. You can say you don't like his type of music, his looks, his voice, whatever; but to call someone a moron? Personally, I love Taylor's music, his looks and his appreciation of his fans and the way he conducts himself. No, he's not perfect, but then, who is. I can't see where he has done anything that would classify him as a moron. He set out to win American Idol and did just that. He appears to be a very smart businessman based on the contracts, etc., he has negotiated with American Idol, such as having a say in what is on his CD when in the past, as far as I can tell, no other Idol has been allowed to do that. He seems to be building an empire for himself. Is that what makes someone a moron? I suggest that in the future, you stick to golf info and try not to put your own feelings in an article. I thought a journalist was supposed to have some integrity and sort of stick to the facts. Maybe I'm wrong. By the way, I have never been a member of a fan club, but I am a proud member of the Soul Patrol. And no, I'm not a child or a middle-aged menopausel crazy woman; just a middle-aged woman who is thoroughly enjoying Taylor while also enjoying music by Creed, KT Tunstall, and lots of other "mainstream" people. But definitely not Justin Timberlake.
2007-01-21 @ 20:41
Comment from: paul [Visitor] Email
Well Chris, if calling Taylor Hicks a
moron gets you some comments on your site
then I guess you have had a great day. I
was just looking over on the right at your
lastest post and then checked out the
comment section on each and it looks like
you have not been getting the attention
you feel you should be getting. So at the
expense of a very nice and talented man
you have some now. It's to bad you can't
get some comments on something you know
something about like golf instead of
something you know nothing about.
2007-01-21 @ 20:50
Comment from: LP [Visitor] Email
I’m not sure if you’re serious or sarcastic. However, I’m willing to give you the benefit of the doubt.

On the one hand you say in a previous blog: “There’s far too much negativity in the world today. Everyone tries to pick out the bad, to accentuate the worst. Especially these grumpy golf writers who should be forever grateful they’re not working the graveyard shift at Denny’s.”

And then in this entry you say: “I remember when the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic used to be filled with top notch celebrities.”

Gee—I didn’t know that having Andy Garcia, Don Cheadle, Samuel Jackson, Ray Romano and Taylor Hicks would constitute that the caliber of celebrities wasn’t top notch.

Andy Garcia, Don Cheadle, Samuel Jackson can all be proud to say they are all Academy Award nominees. Matthew McConnaughey can not.

Ray Romano – People’s Choice Award Winner
Taylor Hicks – American Idol winner

Then you say: “In 2006, the Bob Hope had Justin Timberlake, the boy band legend turned serious artist and hell of an interesting personality. In 2007, it has Taylor Hicks.”

Tell me you are kidding, because I feel like I’m being PUNK’D! The hyperlink on the word “artist” sends you to a site for an Elvis impersonator.

Perhaps the big name celebrities that you are craving for:
1)are not golfers (they don’t know what they’re missing!)
2)think golf isn’t hip (uh hello, even Snoop Dogg has picked up a club)
3)working and couldn’t fit it into their schedule
4)are not interested in participating in a golf tourney that benefits such wonderful charities and would rather get publicity by frequenting clubs and hot spots like Vegas and South Beach

I’m not a golf expert though I’m not a casual fan either. (I’m from Hawaii and I follow the progress of Michelle Wie and Tadd Fujikawa, especially.) I’m not here to dispute your golf knowledge, but these celebrities are bringing their fan bases to the sport through their participation and hopefully converting their non-golf loving fans to the wonderful game.

So, I agree with you. There is far too much negativity in the world today. So why the harsh criticism of Andy Garcia and Taylor Hicks? It’s okay if you aren’t a fan the American Idol but to say he has “no-talent” is hyperbole run amok.

If you are indeed nostalgic for celebrities from the past perhaps you can volunteer some time in recruiting those celebrities you want. Just a friendly suggestion.
2007-01-21 @ 21:04
Comment from: hickschicks2010 [Visitor] Email
Dude, your such an idiot. Personally, if it helps you to sleep at night and feel good about yourself to bash Taylor Hicks, then fine by me. However, everyone else in the Soul Patrol is not as rational as I am, you can expect some more bashing after this. (Yes, I am in the SP) I'm in the part of the SP that doesn't give a damn about what little blogs have to say. It saddens me that people can't find better things to do than get mad over what one itty bitty blogger said...
2007-01-21 @ 21:07
Comment from: Mary [Visitor] Email
I have watched more shows that I've never bothered to watch before just because Taylor Hicks is a guest on that show. As for Justin who?...I have no respect for him whatsoever after his last unwarranted bashing of Taylor. He needs to get a life and he needs to deal with his insecurities.
2007-01-21 @ 21:16
Comment from: Katie [Visitor] Email
Chris you made the mistake of talking bad about Taylor Hicks the Soul Patrols gonna take you down man. Good luck to you (this is from a McPhee, Daughtry and a less fanatic Hicks fan)
2007-01-21 @ 21:29
Comment from: FeelingSorryforYou [Visitor] Email
Although I am a huge Taylor Hicks fan and I dislike Justin Timberlake, my comments are directed at why you are so bitter. Let's leave the names out of this and try to get to the core of your problem(s). Yes, you DO have problem(s)! Why do you feel such a need to lash out at someone? I don't even think it matters to you who it is, you just need to do it. Maybe you feed on the attention this blog has gotten? Does it make you feel better or more important? My thoughts. Should I pray for you or just "pity the fool"?
2007-01-21 @ 21:34
Comment from: sandy [Visitor] Email
Chris, I met your best friend recently and he told me what is behind your depression. Dude, I am so sorry, but really, you can't blame Mr. Hicks for your small penis. I mean I realize that can make a fellow go off on the deep end, but dang don't blame (big) beautiful Taylor Hicks because of your pitiful 3 inches. Your best friend is quite worried about your sanity, maybe you should talk to your doctor about a transplant, that would make you tolerate the (big) beautiful guys better. Good luck tiny tim (sorry) couldn't resist.
2007-01-21 @ 22:27
Comment from: SoozeCat [Visitor] Email
Well this site is tangible proof that they will give any moron a blog! Your apparent lack of a musical palate is there for the world to see, given your misguided placement of Justin TrouserSnake above a talented musician like Taylor Hicks. Apparently all of your taste is in your mouth (and perhaps even that is questionable!).
2007-01-21 @ 22:41
Comment from: Sherri [Visitor] Email

First and foremost, I don't like your name...do you have a bald head too? Oh, I just looked...you do! HA HA HA! Now...let me tell you that if J.T. was on the Bob Hope Classic...I would not, could not watch. His shrimpy little arms could not even hold a driver...much less...hit the ball. It would look like a child out there playing. Just like he looked at the Victoria Secret Special...it looked like a child on stage with all of those beautiful models. He sings like he hasn't hit puberty yet...go figure...he belongs on the Mickey Mouse Club, along with YOU...you can be GOOFY. Is there a Disney character called, "DUMB DUMB"? Oh well, too bad...you could try to work there after you get fired from this job...ha ha ha...cause if you keep this up, you will not have a job. As far as we are concerned...you are fired! Hey, Donald, how'd I do? YOU GO TAYLOR!
2007-01-21 @ 22:54
Comment from: Kristy [Visitor] Email
You are just a jealous, pathetic person who if you really had any talent would be either playing golf yourself or would be able to provide more coverage of the actual golf tournement then comment on the cast of celebrities. Why should anyone care what you think? I was actually more interested in the tournament this year BECAUSE Taylor Hicks was playing. And you made your "incrowd" very obvious with the reference to Menudo, so go hang out with your B list friends because that's where your writing belongs!
2007-01-21 @ 23:21
Comment from: RonMon [Visitor] Email
Is this a freaking record, you mutt? 1241 views at last count, 95 comments? With one stroke of the pen, you brought TravelGolf to the attention of so many fresh faces. Who cares if they hate you? I could blog my worst about Mother Teresa and Gandi combined, and still not approach these numbers. Also, who besides Tucker thinks he is our pop music rep? I need to see some evidence (other than one flight with XM Radio) before I default to him. Tucker, you should know by now that you never appoint yourself the ANYTHING of ANYTHING. You can't speak for the rest of us!!
2007-01-21 @ 23:22
Comment from: dina1694 [Visitor] Email
I must join in this strictly to see if the writer of this blog might answer a few questions about music?

1. Do you listen to music?
2. If so, do you like any particular genre of music?
3. Would you prefer, rock, pop, R&B, jazz, country, hip-hop, rap, opera, classical, folk, heavy metal??
4. How would you classify Taylor's music?
5. How would you classify the music of some of the greats of all time: Ray Charles, Van Morrison, Joe Cocker, Elvis Presley, Tom Jones, Michael MacDonald?
6. Might you consider that Taylor might be following the styles of this group of greatest artists of our time?

If not, I believe you might want to go out and buy Taylor Hicks new CD, or you might want to go to some of his sold out concerts to refresh your memory of the music that was so great before the trash music of today, aka Justine Timberlake. Taylor has a personal and stage persona that is so very appealing. He is so polite he would never stoop to insult those who choose to denigrate him...for some odd perverse reason.

Final question: Why did you choose Taylor Hicks to vent your wrath and insults? Aren't there a lot more worthy of your bombastic blogs?
2007-01-21 @ 23:27
Comment from: sandi [Visitor] Email
You called the most real person in music
a moron?? Wow, I've always been told that
jealousy in a real bad feeling, you must
be feeling something awful about now huh?
Besides theres an old saying kind of goes
like this
"It Takes One To Know One"=MORNON
2007-01-21 @ 23:33
Comment from: kath [Visitor]
I was wondering if maybe you really did write this blog because you needed some "attention". So, I just randomly pulled up three of your recent columns to check out how many views they had received. Guess what? The lowest number of views from those recent blog entries was 145 and the highest was 265!! Do you think I was surprised when I checked out the number of views on this column? Nope. Can't say that I was. About fifteen minutes ago, there were 1,240! I guess insulting Taylor Hicks was worth it. You got the attention. Now, try to get a hold of some integrity.
2007-01-21 @ 23:41
Comment from: REAL musiclover [Visitor] Email
Wow!!! You and Justin are probably real "good buddies". You show your obvious immaturity by name calling. Taylor has more genuine talent than Justin will ever have...Taylor is not "groomed and filtered" through recording studio tweak masters. He is a born entertainer who knows the real meaning of connecting with his audience and showing the love and passion he has for his God given gift.
I am proud to own Taylor's cds and even more proud to say I DON'T own ANY of Justin's music. I wouldn't support someone who backstabs his fellow former "bandmate" with his homophobic blabberings. He is just a lost little boy...trying to fit in a man's world.
2007-01-21 @ 23:58
Comment from: Ms. Dale Coe Schultz [Visitor] Email
Here again is just another example of the cccc
cruelness that is rampant in America. No one deserves to be called names simply due to their hair color or talent. And talent he
has! This is one wonderful singer. He is also a gentleman, something that can not be said
of you, or Justin Timberlake, considering
the comments he has made lately about
Taylor Hicks.

People in America have been becoming more
and more cruel, nasty, vitriolic. A good journalist could find many ways to express
this opinion (which you have every right
to have and express).

When did you get to meet Taylor Hicks and
how did you become aware that he is an idiot
(in only your opinion)?

Everyone:let's try to be nice and civilized
about our fellow man (and woman).Cruel and nasty is the coward's way out.

Ms. Dale Coe Schultz (The Golden Rule Lady)
2007-01-21 @ 23:59
Comment from: Ms. Dale Coe Schultz [Visitor]
Here again is just another example of the cccc cruelness that is rampant in America. No one deserves to be called names simply due to their hair color or talent. And talent he has! This is one wonderful singer. He is also a gentleman, something that can not be said of you, or Justin Timberlake, considering the comments he has made lately about Taylor Hicks. People in America have been becoming more and more cruel, nasty, vitriolic. A good journalist could find many ways to express this opinion (which you have every right to have and express). When did you get to meet Taylor Hicks and how did you become aware that he is an idiot (in only your opinion)? Everyone:let's try to be nice and civilized about our fellow man (and woman).Cruel and nasty is the coward's way out. Ms. Dale Coe Schultz (The Golden Rule Lady)
2007-01-22 @ 00:01
Comment from: georgehr3 [Visitor] Email
To Visitor Good Blog. How would you know
the loonies on the Taylor board were
angry and flocking here unless you were
on the Taylor board yourself?
Why would someone that hated Taylor be on
his board?
I love stupid people like you, we don't
have to go to the trouble of pointing you
out.You out your ignorance yourself.
2007-01-22 @ 00:42
Comment from: hickschicks2010 [Visitor] Email

Please. This is ridiculous. You are embarrassing the SP. If Chris wants to bash Taylor, then let him. Really, is he gonna change our minds about how we view Taylor? Nope. Haters will always be haters - that's a fact. Just leave him alone, and by tomorrow all of you will have forgotten about this, and will be calling the local radio stations to request JTFTW. (The single drops tomorrow!)
2007-01-22 @ 01:00
Comment from: Lexie [Visitor] Email
I am uncertain why I am even bothering myself with the "nobody" that writes this blog...Shall I even waste my breath? Nah. Everything has been pretty much covered and it's not like anyone else is gonna see this cause, guess what? You are clueless and the public doesn't like ignorance. So, you can bask in your five minutes of fame that the Soul Patrol has given you...In the meantime maybe Taylor can give you a shout out from Larry King or is it Oprah that I heard he was scheduled to appear..? Well anyway, I am sure that he wouldn't mind helping you out with this lousy blog that is a virtual desert..B
2007-01-22 @ 01:03
Comment from: c4tay [Visitor] Email
I can't begin to write as well as most of these posters, but I do have to say that I am disappointed that you would even consider calling Taylor Hicks talentless and a moron. He does not deserve such disrespect or cruelty. He always takes the "high road", is always classy and generous to and respectful of his fans and his critics, and would never lower himself to negatively or unfairly comment about another person as you did him. Why did you feel a need to bash someone who demonstrates so much integrity, kindness and talent? We need more celebrities like him, not only at the BH classic, but everywhere in all media. Most celebrities could take lessons from his example.
2007-01-22 @ 01:13
Comment from: Tom [Visitor] Email
Dude-You write a blog! Get over yourself! Hicks had quite the following on the courses and was the epitome of class and accommodation to the fans. Bob could not ask for a better representative for his charity. That's right charity-try using it. Words actually mean things.
2007-01-22 @ 04:07
Comment from: lisa [Visitor]
Justin Timberlake? Oh yeah, he's the one bringing stupid back.
2007-01-22 @ 06:24
Comment from: Bill [Visitor]
I wonder how the sponsors feel about Taylor's participation in the Chrysler Tournament. My guess is that they feel pretty good about it, and will probably ask him back again. His presence brought hundreds of first-time viewers to the golf channel. These people sat through numerous commercials just to catch a glimpse of Mr. Hicks. Pretty good publicity for the tournament and its sponsor(s). Why don't you ask some of the pros and other celebrities what they think of Taylor after meeting, and playing with him. Seriously, Chris, they might even give you a couple of quotes (that you can take out of context, or at the very least, put your own spin on.) You should definitely capitalize on your 15 minutes of fame. (You know, the 15 minutes of fame you're having at the expense of a great guy.) Time's running out!
2007-01-22 @ 07:00
Comment from: lk [Visitor]
I agree with you Chris. I think Hicks is untalented and won only because of his gray hair and antics. The truth is in the pudding, look at his record sales vs other idols, ie: Chris... says it all doesn't it?
2007-01-22 @ 07:50
Comment from: golfpro [Visitor] Email
to LK.....Chris is a Nickleback wannabe..
..Chris even lies about the songs he
wrote on his CD.....Rock singers come and
go..Legends are here to stay....Taylor
Hicks will be a legend....Oh yeah, you
referred to Daughtry as an idol, sorry
but Daughtry was a contestant who came
in 4th....there is a reason Taylor Hicks
won....Taylor doesn't put on a front and
is a true musician that will be around
for a long long time....so LK, enjoy
Chris while you can....
2007-01-22 @ 08:41
Comment from: B. Latino [Visitor] Email
Just wondering... how many USO shows Justin Timberlake has done. How many times has Timberlake dedicated a song to "our troops overseas?"

Taylor did a USO show for the Navy in California just before Christmas and has stated his desire to do shows overseas for our troops. He's dedicated "Do I Make You Proud" hundreds of times to our troops.

"Sexy Back" or Taylor Hicks? No contest. My guess is, Bob Hope would be PROUD to have Taylor Hicks play in HIS tournament!

I also wonder what Clint Eastwood would think of Chris Baldwin's slam at the level of this year's BHC celebrity golfers.
2007-01-22 @ 09:21
Comment from: Jolene [Visitor] Email
Personally, I have no respect for anyone claiming to be a 'singer' who lipsynchs every chance they get and use more audio enhancements in thier shows than Tammy Fae uses mascara. Justin Timberlake is a dancer, not a singer.. as for art?? Sorry, the music he 'dances' to, not my style.
I appreciate REAL music sung by a REAL singer. Oh, and FYI, Justin Timberlake treats his fans like so much dirt on his shoes. He is more of a diva than his lack of talent should allow him to be. As for Hicks, well he's got more musical talent and ability in his pinky finger than Justin has in his entier being. Additionally, having met him, I can attest to the fact that he is one of the most genuine human beings on this planet.
2007-01-22 @ 09:26
Comment from: Missy [Visitor] Email
One of the great things about Taylor Hicks is that he would totally laugh at this! He doesn't care what people who clearly don't have a grasp of music think about him, or his music.

Also, a bit of advice for you from Taylor's fans. Don't ever call Taylor Hicks a moron again. That's just asking for trouble.
2007-01-22 @ 09:42
Comment from: Mary R [Visitor] Email
You know, as well as I, that they knew exactly what they were doing. Having Taylor on, probably brought more viewers. It really doesn't matter what you think.

There are, always going to be those who Do Not like 'Elvis or the Beatles'Do you really think They Cared.. Back in his day 'Ed Sullivan', knew what he was doing.
2007-01-22 @ 10:25
Comment from: play60 [Visitor] Email
I wish I had a few extra dollars to buy you a ticket to a Taylor Hicks concert. Then you may see what all the fuss is about. The man is a true entertainer; but like so many others, you chose to criticize something you haven't seen and don't understand.
How sad for you
2007-01-22 @ 10:34
Comment from: Ford [Visitor] Email
This is great stuff! Congratulations Chris you have found and offended a fan base crazier than Michelle Wie's.

Now I know why Wal-Mart stays in business.
2007-01-22 @ 10:43
Comment from: patricia [Visitor] Email
Thank you Chris. I am so totally writing a Taylor vs. Justin post for my blog. 188 comments so far...many of them vitriolic...sweet.

WTF, Snoop would be a better celeb choice than either of those two anyway. Who cares what his handicap is.
2007-01-22 @ 11:00
Comment from: WTF [Visitor] Email
Wow Chris, you must be hurtin' for business. And as most people on the planet have realized, all you have to do is comment on AI to get noticed.
2007-01-22 @ 11:12
Comment from: Jon [Visitor] Email
Hey Chris,

The village called, they want their Idiot back, you better go back!!
2007-01-22 @ 11:27
Comment from: Jools [Visitor] Email
Stupid Chris!

By your obvious idiocy, lack of compassion for anyone other than your beloved JT (go for it, he's available now) you've attracted what is, no doubt, the highest number of comments to any of your blog entries ever (just guessing here, I have no desire to read any other examples of your drivel). Tomorrow you'll be nothing more than a bad taste at the back of my mouth, easily brushed away. If only you'd said something positive and thoughtful about Taylor's rise to stardom, about his struggle to gain credibility in an industry that hails the JT's as heros; if only you'd shown some compassion - you'd have just as many comments, all in support of your view and your blog would be bookmarked and actually read daily with enthusiasm. I don't see very many JT or RL fans supporting your entry. Your attempt at wit at the expense of someone else says a lot more about how pathetic you are than it does about anyone else. You missed a great opportunity to further your blogging career. Very stupid.
2007-01-22 @ 12:06
Comment from: Shadygirl [Visitor] Email
Since playing golf is a sport better played than watched, Taylor Hicks would be the only reason I would even watch. Since most of us are over the age of 11, Justin Timberlake isn't appealing at all (shudders). Please stick to golf, Chris. Obviously, real music isn't your thing.
2007-01-22 @ 12:11
Comment from: MKS [Visitor] Email
I think you ought to have the spine to cut
the crap and just say why you don't like Taylor Hicks if that's what you want to talk about. Why hide behind the pretense of
writing an article that's SUPPOSED to be about golf, but that's obviously a ruse for venting your spleen about Taylor.
Not only are your comments way off base, but they are cowardly to boot. If you want to blog about Taylor, then blog about Taylor, but don't just take cheap shots and expect to have any of that "street cred" you want to lay at Timberlake's feet. That's weak!
2007-01-22 @ 12:29
Comment from: jb [Visitor] Email

Chris. Dude. Need attention much? 'Cause this was pretty pathetic...
2007-01-22 @ 12:33
Comment from: Visitor [Visitor]
If it had sunk as low as your stating, you would have been playing...Jealousy ends careers....
2007-01-22 @ 13:06
Comment from: Josie [Visitor] Email
You actually like JT and Rush!!! Hahahahahahahahah! You MUST be the REAL loser!
2007-01-22 @ 13:29
Comment from: Sheila [Visitor] Email
Please visit Gray Charles' site. I really think you'll like it. It's a helluva music education. I don't know you, but other than calling Taylor a moron (not cool), I think you'd probably get a kick out of Gray's way of thinking and find out a lot more about Taylor than his American Idolness. By the way I like Rush myself. Actually I think Rush would admire the business side of Taylor. Offering my hand in friendship...it's up to you now.
2007-01-22 @ 14:16
Comment from: BooYah [Visitor] Email
LOL! Shorts itchy this morning? Wife b-slap you around or what?
Poor Hicks. He gets invited to play (because his handicap qualifies him, and he'll bring in huge TV audiences). He accepts. And for some inexplicable reason you slice and dice him up like an onion. What the hell? Today's column isn't about golf, or the tournament. You clearly have some kind of passionate personal hate on for this guy. And you don't seem too fond of Andy Garcia, either. It's really bizarre, pal, and a little scary. But then, so is your Limbaugh-love. lol.
2007-01-22 @ 14:32
Comment from: Lola [Visitor] Email
Hey...you got his name right!
Thanks for the FREE publicity!
Single - JUST TO FEEL THAT WAY - releasing today, 1-22...check it out!!!!
2007-01-22 @ 14:36
Comment from: Soul Patrol? [Visitor] Email
Hey Taylor, Michael McDonald called and he wants his act back.

So let me get this straight a middle-aged white boy, who looks like the retarded offspring of Jay Leno and George Clooney is the leader of a group of trailer park maniacs called the "Soul Patrol?"

Why are you people getting your redneck stink all over a respectable golf sight. Nobody with an I.Q. over 40 wants to here about Taylor Hick. Please go back to your American Idol fan sites and your WalMart Supercenters and leave the golf talk to those of us who have passed the 3rd grade.
2007-01-22 @ 16:10
Comment from: Well said, Soul Patrol? poster [Visitor]
What they don't understand is that no matter how many polls they spam, and no matter how many phone calls they make to radio stations, the fact is that the Hickster's CD is sliding down into oblivion faster than Louisiana is sliding into the Gulf of Mexico. They are delusional and won't change because they can't see themselves objectively. It's funny for the rest of us.
2007-01-22 @ 17:33
Comment from: CarMay7 [Visitor] Email
That was the most rude article I've ever read. Anyone who loves Taylor's music doesn't care how many cd's he has sold. They only care about hearing his music. They will always be able to do that regardless of the number of units sold. If you don't like him or his music, that is fine. But, why would you want to bash someone that is obviouly loved by so many. The only reason I can think of is jealousy and a feeling of being inferior. You know that is what drives all bullies.
2007-01-22 @ 18:26
Comment from: carol [Visitor] Email
Taylor Hicks is a gentleman, and a talented singer/musician/songwriter. Never watched golf channel 'til Taylor graced the station. Lay off, buddy!
2007-01-22 @ 19:31
Comment from: SoulPatrol120 [Visitor] Email
You Chris Baldwin are the no talent Moron!

And I never ever watched the Mickey Mouse
Club- which might be the worst show in

I have never bought a Justin Timberlake cd.

I find it interesting that you think “ a hell of a personality” includes
a guy who would take Britney Spears serisously
and is easily lured by black magic to date fugly actresses who
are 32 years older than him.

Taylor brought Sexy Back.

How low will your little golfing blog go?
2007-01-22 @ 19:52
Comment from: hickschicks2010 [Visitor] Email
I would just like to point out in the vast amount of comments you have here, only about 4 support you, Chris. Does this tell you something? Just on the off chance you haven't figured it out:

Don't mess with the SP. You're going to end up losing.
2007-01-23 @ 09:21
Comment from: Hilarious [Visitor]
This is so funny. Anytime anything slightly negative is written about Taylor Hicks, his crazy fans swarm out in DROVES frothing at the mouth like rabid dogs. Taylor Hicks himself has said his fans are suffocating. This is too funny!
2007-01-23 @ 10:00
Comment from: Julie [Visitor] Email
Oh here is that wee warrior again... what an idiot.
2007-01-23 @ 10:11
Comment from: Batgirl [Visitor]
Wow!!! Did you lose your woman to Taylor??? No wonder you're bitter!
2007-01-23 @ 10:15
Comment from: Laughing at tyou guys [Visitor]
You seem to think that the number of posts that agree with you means that you are right, just like when you spammed the phone lines for your loser of a singer and he won. Those of us who agree with this blogger are just watching the show and grinning. You're all a bunch of morons.
2007-01-23 @ 10:18
Comment from: News from insider [Visitor]
I just read that in another few weeks, the stores will start ripping off the barcodes from Taylor's CD and throwing the CDs away. They return the barcodes for credit towards future purchases. There are about 300,000 CDs this might happen to. Wow.
2007-01-23 @ 10:26
Comment from: Janie [Visitor] Email
Your comments were a satire, right? Thanks for a good laugh.
2007-01-23 @ 13:11
Comment from: Jake [Visitor] Email
Knowing that there are people like you in the word scares the hell out of me...but at the same time I have to laugh, cuz the degree of intelligence reflected in your comments is "0"

BTW, the split up between Cameron & no voice without the help Justin T. is because Cameron has a HUGE crush on Taylor..the irony...

You are probably a Chris fan, right?

Dude, & try to hide your feelings for Justin. It's just weird.
2007-01-23 @ 13:54
Comment from: Jake [Visitor] Email
Hey..here's a piece of triva...did you know that the original name for NSYNC was going to be LIPSYNC...but the band members decided that it was less difficult to pronounce NSYNC...

Just for you triva buffs...

I happen to like both Rush Limbaugh...and Mr.Taylor Hicks...a captivating singer and performer.
2007-01-23 @ 14:19
Comment from: McKenzie [Visitor] Email
People who degrade themselves by making personal attacks at another only show THEIR insecurities....and you seem to have plenty!

Do many people read your blog~~much less respond to anything you have to say? I think not...give kudos to Taylor for bringing attention to your blog which is probably on an average day very boring & useless!

2007-01-23 @ 16:40
Comment from: Jan [Visitor] Email
I respect your opinion though I don't share it. I suggest you listen to In Your Time (Taylor's first independent CD) to hear what he is all about. The new CD is what he had to do for American Idol.

Rush Limbaugh and Justin Timberlake. Thank you so much for providing my much needed laugh of the week. Week. Not minute or dat.
2007-01-24 @ 00:02
Comment from: Jan [Visitor] Email
I respect your opinion though I don't share it. I suggest you listen to In Your Time (Taylor's first independent CD) to hear what he is all about.

Rush Limbaugh and Justin Timberlake. Thank you so much for providing my much needed laugh of the week. Week. Not minute or day.
2007-01-24 @ 00:03
Comment from: dina1694 [Visitor]
Why doesn't the writer of this blog respond to some intelligent posts when they oppose his point of view!!!??? He obviously has some groupies who come in to defend his opinion, who are equally insulting as he is. Such a shame there are people like these who choose to insult people they do not know at all, just because they are Taylor fans!!!!! It is much easier to write a crude insulting post about Taylor and his fans than an informed, intelligent review of Taylor Hicks, American Idol Winner!!! There are many reasons Taylor Hicks won AI. Obviously, those who disagree on this blog are too tone deaf, cannot see a good stage performer when they see one, or too attuned to other genres of music to write an intelligent post.
2007-01-24 @ 23:08
Comment from: hicksfan7 [Visitor] Email
quoteing: Comment from: Hilarious [Visitor]
This is so funny. Anytime anything slightly negative is written about Taylor Hicks, his crazy fans swarm out in DROVES frothing at the mouth like rabid dogs. Taylor Hicks himself has said his fans are suffocating. This is too funny!
2007-01-23 @ 10:00

"slightly negative" - how is it slightly to call someone a MORON, you moron?
and Yes - we DO come out in "droves" and I am sure Chris Balding wishes he could draw such loyal support from ANYONE - he probably writes his own supporting comments here. LOL
2007-01-25 @ 10:22
Comment from: dollbabe [Visitor]
I used to be a lukewarm Taylor Hicks fan, but now I've come to agree with those who say he's just a wedding singer with a bad haircut. He used to dye his hair black, by the way. All this gray-is-who-I-am is just an act. No wonder AI isn't going to let him sing on the show this year until they absolutely have to, and then they're going to pull a prank, I've been told.
2007-01-25 @ 10:26
Comment from: hicksfan7 [Visitor] Email
Hey dollbabe - I think someone played "a prank" on you when you were born and forgot to include a brain. (or a soul)
2007-01-25 @ 11:25
Comment from: Lin [Visitor] Email
You are so insulting in your language. Such negativity. Their is room for all opinions and tastes in this world. Why call people morons.. maybe you are the moron..? So offensive.
2007-01-26 @ 23:33

Comments are closed for this post.

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