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Don't mess with Tucson's killer lightning: Live to golf another day

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Golfers tend to be macho. Even if they have triple the IQ of your smartest Ultimate Fighting Championship fan. They also tend to be slightly more determined to get their golf in than a pit bull is to finish off a 2-year-old's arm. This can lead many a… more »

Want Wimpy? Look to Carolina coach Roy Williams' press conference cry, not Tiger Woods

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Those who want to deride Tiger Woods for playing smart golf are looking to the wrong sport. Forget for a moment how ludicrous it is for people to be questioning Tiger like he's some punk newcomer to golf who needs to prove something. Especially when most… more »

Tucson's JW Marriott Starr Pass makes tequila classy and near "historical" with toast

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I've never been a big hard liquor guy. I leave that to's Brandon Tucker who's still so excited whenever he gets served (fake IDs are a wonderful thing) that he'll drink motor oil. Or to Tim McDonald who's taken to making recreational drug u… more »

Beating Golf Digest to Frenchman's Creek not just a rich reader's service

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There are few moral dilemmas in golf writing. Tell the truth about the golf courses you play - especially their condition - and the destinations you visit, always keep your readers, the regular golfers who will be putting their hard-earned money down for… more »

PGA Tour player investigated for high-speed street racing in Orlando: Say it's so for Pacman!

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Let's face it. when it comes to getting in trouble with law, the PGA Tour guys have long been rank amateurs. Their biggest crime is often their fashion sense (yes, you Sergio Garcia and those yellow pants). You don't even see many DUIs from this staid cr… more »

Arizona kills Florida with better spring training joys: Golf & otherwise

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One of the things that makes Dave Berner such a good host of's weekly podcast is his ability to ask questions that others never think of. He asked me a question on a recent show which opened my eyes to a truth that had been staring me in t… more »

Duke's dirty foul basketball deserves a John Daly worthy collapse in NCAA Tournament

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It's no secret that Duke basketball is the phoniest sports program in America led by the phoniest coach in the world. When Gerald Henderson went Blue Devil - common translation: acted like a baby - over North Carolina putting another pounding on Coach K'… more »

Tucson not as hard to get to from East Coast as you assume: Even on strand-you JetBlue

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One of the things that always gave Phoenix-Scottsdale a major advantage over Tucson in the race for winter getaway golfers is the ease of getting direct flights into Phoenix Sky Harbor from almost anywhere. The Valley still holds a clear edge in this reg… more »

Honda Classic venue & PGA National's Champion Course the best course on the PGA Tour?

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Before the first group teed off at the Honda Classic, I wrote that the PGA Tour needs more courses like the renovated PGA National Champion Course. It turns out that the actual Tour players agree and then some."It's the best course, the best test, we… more »

John Daly's camera click injury at Honda confirms his status as world's most pathetic "athlete"

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John Daly was minding his own business at the Honda Classic when disaster struck .... Someone clicked a camera. And we all know how crippling that can be right? No, actually we don't. Only Big John with the little heart does. For when Daly heard a… more »
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