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Comment from: ncfan [Visitor] Email
Wow -- How can any man be so obsessed with Coach K? It's a great game. Don't let it ruin your life!
2007-03-09 @ 23:45
Comment from: me [Visitor] Email
you are a goofey idiot!!!!!
2007-03-10 @ 11:15
Comment from: Patrick Gallagher [Visitor] Email
You are disturbed Chris, you should seek out a good therapist,
2007-03-10 @ 16:33
Comment from: Erik [Visitor] Email
I can see why you write a Golf Blog, you
clearly know nothing about college
basketball or Mike Krzyzewski. Maybe John
Daly hit you in the head with a Driver
back in the 90's, so I will chalk it up
to that.
2007-03-11 @ 18:20
Comment from: sirgo [Visitor] Email
An absolute spot on analysis of all of us who know the whole truth have been saying for years...(don't get me started)
2007-03-11 @ 22:13
Comment from: TarHeel413 [Visitor] Email
Oh - this is a fantastic article!!

Finally, I know that I am not alone in beklieving K was pure evil. It's possible he was spawned via congress between coach knight and a hell-demon as payment to shaitan for knights perfect season...

Another great one is at :
2007-03-11 @ 22:24
Comment from: Jackson [Visitor] Email
Are you for real? At most, he probably fouled him way too hard on purpose, but do you really think he meant to hurt him? I can't believe how deluded some people get. I know gerald personally and he is not like that at all. Coach K may be a bit coniving, but its not a dirty program. He just plays the politics really well. You don't think Dean Smith was a good politician?
2007-03-12 @ 14:04
Comment from: Brian Otto [Visitor] Email
It's no secret that lots of people hate Duke. It's no secret that any time any program, amateur or professional, establishes a dynasty, they develop a devoted claque of knee-jerk haters who will take any reason, any incident, and turn it into an excuse to rationalize their hatred. Is this the case with this particular Duke hater? I don't know, but it sure sounds like it.
2007-03-13 @ 14:06

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