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Bistro Zinc a horrible restaurant choice at Lake Las Vegas: More overrated than Brady Quinn

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Lake Las Vegas can be a great escape from the usual frenzied craziness of Sin City if you're in the right mood. It's even better for families with its ice skating rink and exotic kite shop (you read that right, exotic kites). You just need to go in wi… more »

NFL Draft the most boring exercise in human history: And they complain about golf?

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It never bothers me when someone complains that golf is boring to watch on TV. Or when someone - usually a NASCAR loser who just spent seven straight hours camped out on the couch - whines that golf just takes too long to play. To each his own. Unl… more »

Phil Mickelson treats swing coach Rick Smith like Alec Baldwin treats his daughter

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It's a safe bet that Phil Mickelson didn't call his longtime swing coach and good friend Rick Smith a "thoughtless little pig" when he reportedly essentially fired him. Smith has too much class to ever sling that kind of statement at Mickelson too - thou… more »

Badlands a great Las Vegas course for high-stakes golf bets

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If you're in Las Vegas, you're going to gamble. Even if you're one of those delusional folks who goes to Sin City swearing they will avoid the call of lady luck.And since you're going to gamble, chances are you'll see it carry over to the golf course… more »

Annika Sorenstam's injury no big Wie blow to the LPGA, Tiger parallel ludicrous

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Trying to equate Annika Sorenstam being out for at least a month with a back injury to the prospect of Tiger Woods going out with an injury on the PGA Tour is like comparing a computer glitch at the local 7-11's cash register to a complete system-wide fa… more »

Presidential contender Rudy Giuliani doesn't know grocery prices, but he sure knows hot Vegas hotels

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It turns out that Rudy Giuliani does not know the price of some basic groceries. When a reporter in Alabama asked Giuliani what the price of a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread was, New York's former mayor shot back $1.50 for the milk and a $1.25 for th… more »

Masters champ Zach Johnson more boring than a Saturday night in Iowa, but his layup strategy sings

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Whenever the mainstream media touts somebody as a "normal guy", you know he's actually more boring than Charlie Gibson at a corn-growing festival. What do you expect from the new champion of the most mundane Masters ever, Zach Johnson, though? He's fr… more »

USA Today golf blogger of bore Larry Olmsted should write about throwing his clubs into a lake

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It always amuses when a golf writer who's blog draws about as much traffic as a McDonald's on the side of an Afghanistan mountain goes into a rant about, the internet golf giant, being too controversial. (This usually happens when said blo… more »

Is O.J. Simpson hiding out on Las Vegas golf courses? Or has Nike just lost its mind with an even lamer than Wie campaign?

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Everyone knows O.J. Simpson's relentless pursuit of "the real killers" takes him to plenty of golf courses. The question is: Has Las Vegas become the wanted-to-be-author of "If I Did It"'s new getaway of choice? Several of my playing partners in a… more »

Donald Trump no bully to golf writers: Maybe he's right on Golf Digest

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People love to rip on Donald Trump. Usually it's people who's never meet or had a single dealing with the man, such as our own raving lunatic with Elmer Fudd hair Tim McDonald. Like many golf writers who appear to be sheep braying for G… more »

Michelle-Wie-truth-telling Morgan Pressel wins the major she deserves with Kraft

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Who knew that Morgan Pressel is better than Michelle Wie now, will always be better than Wie too? In many ways it's fitting that Pressel is the one who stole Wie's marketing plan and became the youngest major winner in the history of women's golf. Pre… more »

Pussycat Doll dealers give Caesars a jolt of Las Vegas Playboy energy

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It's hard to even walk through part of Caesars Palace Las Vegas these days. That's because Caesars decided to go pure Sin City and set up a section of Pussycat Doll dealers. These are hot babes in skimpy leather - or sometimes just fancy bras - dealin… more »
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