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Michelle Wie's "injury" withdraw at Ginn makes a mockery of the LPGA Tour

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When the news first trickled out about Michelle Wie withdrawing from the Ginn Tribute after going a stupefying 14 over through 16 holes, the natural reaction was to feel sorry for her. Even Wie realists who never bought the marketer's script couldn't hel… more »

Why are golf instructors like Beverly Fergusson afraid to teach driver?

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Despite my moral objections, I've taken a number of golf lessons. Which means I have the hack's version of Phil Mickelson's short game around the green and well ... still my version of a putrid Pee Wee Herman drive. This is because golf instructors ar… more »

Carolyn Bivens drug testing penalties punish PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem most of all

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When the proposed penalties for the LPGA Tour's new drug testing plan came out over the long holiday weekend, a number of players certainly did a double gulp. After all, 25 tournaments (practically an entire season) for a first positive, 50 tournaments f… more »

Hank Kuehne dating Venus Williams after Paula Abdul fling: Think he's fretting over golf?

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Hank Kuehne's missed the cut in the last two PGA Tour events he's played. He hasn't finished above 135th this season and his highest finish last year was a tie for 49th.Think Kuehne cares? Think again.This is unremarkable pro golfer is a remarkab… more »

Is Michelle Wie completely uncoachable or simply coached by marketers? John Deere decision begs answer

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David Leadbetter clearly didn't want Michelle Wie to play in the John Deere. "The thing I've tried to explain to (Wie) is that you have to work your way up the ladder," Leadbetter told the AFP on May 4 before Team Wie told him to pipe down. "It's all wel… more »

Can we give Zach Johnson some credit please? And not just for overcoming Iowa handicap

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Whenever Zach Johnson wins a tournament, the guy who loses it becomes a bigger story. This is understandable when it's Tiger Woods at the Masters. But Ryuji Imada at the second-thought, secondary-field AT&T Classic? Please. Who cares what Imada di… more »

Padres' PETCO Park not one of baseball's best new stadiums, but it's saved by San Diego golf

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Major league baseball and golf go together like Jessica Alba and bikinis. Go to spring training and it seems like half the fans are working some golf into their baseball vacation. And the other half are catching the odd baseball game between days of 3… more »

Michelle Wie gets another free pass, while Morgan Pressel earns her way to Bighorn

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In the more things change, the more they stay the same department or Chapter 55 in Why Winning Doesn't Matter to Wie, there's this .... The organizers of the Samsung World Championship are giving Michelle Wie a sponsors exemption to the hardest tourn… more »

Georgia golf coach resigns after showing Paris Hilton sex video to his women's team

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We have a writer who works at who foolishly tries to deny that Paris Hilton is the center of the golf universe. This writer is our version of Inside The Actor's Studio host James Lipton - a pretentious windbag who tries to show everyone how… more »

Pasquale On Prospect: Eat late in San Diego where Michael Jordan & Tiger Woods snuggle

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If you stumble upon Pasquale On Prospect - which is actually on the main drag of La Jolla, the main place you want to be on a San Diego golf trip - you'll assume it's a typical tourist trap. It looks like a tourist trap. It has the overeager host of a… more »

Phil Mickelson must win the Players Championship today or he's done in 2007

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The Players Championship is as much the "fifth major" as cupcakes are the fifth food group. In fact, the only people even still wondering about the Players at all are our own Tim McDonald - who rarely moves past 1967 - and Sports Illustrated, which inexp… more »

Manipulative mercenary Roger Clemens celebrates his absurd Yankees contract with golf of course

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Roger Clemens is the most manipulative money-grubbing mercenary in the history of sports. If the Tampa Devil Rays had offered him $1 more than the Yankees' $18.5 million for four months, the Rocket Wallet would have managed to squeeze another $10 million… more »

Dirk Nowitzki stands up in defeat, while Michelle Wie has Leadbetter make her excuses

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If Michelle Wie ever stood up and took responsibility for her own actions in defeat like Dallas Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki did, she'd be a whole lot easier to root for. The NBA MVP To Be suffered one of the most crushing defeats in sports history, h… more »

It's hot Swedish nanny season in Palm Springs: Elins galore

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Want to land your own Elin? Or at least another slightly less smoking hot blonde nanny? Head to Palm Springs. That's right, Palm Springs - most commonly known as the West Coast's answer to Florida, a land where right-turn blinkers flash nonstop and… more »
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