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Comment from: William K. Wolfrum [Member] Email
Why does capitalism offend you so, Chris?

2007-05-10 @ 07:20
Comment from: Rick Montenegro [Visitor] Email
So you're on him about going to the highest bidder. You're on him about playing in a charity golf event that he likely committed to before the offer. Then you're worried about him taking an extra day before starting to practic.
Then you're peeved that he's taking time off work and lying to his boss about family time when he's really playing golf.

Sounds like you wish YOU were Roger Clemens. I know a jealous little brat when I hear one.

Or maybe you're just mad he has a 4.6 handicap and you don't even have one.

Everything you say is a critical assesment of someone else's life so I'm quite certain you are unhappy with yours. Work on THAT.
2007-05-10 @ 19:37
Comment from: Stros Fan [Visitor]
quit your whining! If you are more interested in communism, then get out of the States. Poor you, you don't make the money the Rocket makes. I think you need to understand a few things here:

1) anyone has the right to take the pay they can get

2) it would be rediculous for Roger to take a lesser bid!

If another magazine offered to pay you a million more for working 4 months, would you take it? Of course you would so zip it already!
2007-05-11 @ 16:30

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