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Comment from: John D [Visitor]
If Leadbetter does not want Wie-Wee to be at the Deere, then he better not get caught near her during the event.
2007-05-23 @ 05:27
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email

My guess is that Nike and Sony may have lit a fire under Bubbles and her entourage.

After all, if they are paying the tens of millions reported, they want something for theor money, some exposure, even if it is a missed cut

As for Bubbles being coached by marketers, there is no doubt. And they're being fairly successful.

Look at it this way: In the last month, Bubbles has been granted no less than five sponsors' exemptios, quite a lot of generosity considering that her only competitive golf in more than seven months were two dismal rounds in January at the Sony where she missed the cut by 14 shots.
2007-05-23 @ 07:07
Comment from: Your biggest fan [Visitor] Email
It's more like Chris, you are unstoppable.
2007-05-23 @ 07:42
Comment from: One-Putt [Visitor] Email
There is only one person who makes Michelle's golf schedule Alex and that is Michelle. She alone decides where and when she will play.

Sony and Nike both signed deals where Michelle controls her own schedule. It took a phone call from Phil to Michelle in the eleventh hour to get the Nike contract signed. The Nike negotiators wanted control over her golf schedule so Michelle nixed the deal. Phil gave her what she wanted.

It may be hard for you to accept Alex, but Michelle chose to play in the JDC.
2007-05-23 @ 07:44
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email

Bubbles has missed her calling.

If, at age 15, she was already a skilled contract negotiator, she should forget about golf and get cracking with a career as a sports' agent.

With that kind of savvy, she could make Leigh Steinberg look like a rank amateur.

She'll never make as much money at golf as she would as agent for athletes if she was as precocious at head-knocking negotiations as you have stated.

Nike and Sony gave her tens of millions with absolutely no strings attached? One-Putt, put down the bong!
2007-05-23 @ 08:18
Comment from: Stanley [Visitor] Email
Chris:"Just Do It. Just don't faint."

She didn't faint Chris, more typical lies.
2007-05-23 @ 08:26
Comment from: Stanley [Visitor] Email
Chris: "Did Wie just decide to discard Leadbetter's views? (I don't love him either, but Team Wie hired him - again you have to presume that you hire someone to actually use their expertise.) "

He was hired for his expertise in swinging golf clubs, not as a schedule organiser.
2007-05-23 @ 08:27
Comment from: Stanley [Visitor] Email
"My guess is that ..."

Alex your guess doesn't matter. You were the one who said you didn't expect Michelle to play again in 2007. Then you slightly adjusted that to saying she might play two or three events. Your guesses have taken more flip-flops than the number of women Sergio Garcia has slept with.
2007-05-23 @ 08:32
Comment from: Jim C [Visitor] Email
If committing yourself to the LPGA Tour means playing only LPGA events then what can we say about Paula Creamer who has only 60 percent of her pro wins on the LPGA and 40 percent in other events? Why should Michelle Wie, who is not even a member of the LPGA be expected to play only LPGA events when LPGA member Paula Creamer plays other events, and has indicated that she plans to play against the men.
2007-05-23 @ 09:03
Comment from: david [Visitor] Email
I think she will be great gate attraction for the tournament; and they will raise lots of money to local charaity.
2007-05-23 @ 10:11
Comment from: zeus [Visitor]
Michelle Wie might want to ask Ty Tryon for some tips on how to keep busy in life after golf!! ....at least Callaway only gave ty a few bones! .. nike: note to self , next time you blow that kind of cake, take the kid out back and ask here to sink a few three footers!
2007-05-23 @ 12:09
Comment from: ToddCommish [Visitor] Email
Has anyone checked BJ's credit rating or gambling debts? Clearly, this is less about developing her golf skills, and more about cashing paychecks from sponsors and endorsements.

I don't think anyone here doubts her ability to win eventually on the LPGA tour, and possibly even dominate, but these little forays into men's tournaments are clearly NOT improving her golf skills. If anything, it appears that these attempts are HURTING her confidence and her poise. Can you say "Andrea Jaeger"?
2007-05-23 @ 12:45
Comment from: One-Putt [Visitor] Email
Let me clear up some of these misconceptions by my fellow posters:

David Leadbetter stated he was "misquoted", although the reporter stands by the accuracy of the report.

Ty Tyrone is alive and well playing professional golf out in my neighborhood on the Asian Tour. He is having about the same success as he did on the other tours.

Contrary to popular belief Michelle has the final say on her golf career. BJ and Bo will guide her and advise her, but Michelle calls the shots. BJ put her in the lead as a learning experience for the future.

It wasn't BJ that piled on the events last season and like any young person Michelle felt like she could do it all. It was another learning experience.

BJ insists Michelle reads her own putts for a reason; he is raising her to be an independent thinker, who trusts her own decisions.

2007-05-23 @ 14:28
Comment from: Jim C [Visitor] Email
One Putt

I believe what happened with Leadbetter is that he was accurately quoted, but his quote was widely misinterpreted. He only said she had no men's events planned at that time--he did not say she would not plan any in the future. Indeed, his horses for courses comment regarding 84 Lumber seemed to suggest that Michelle should avoid playing long men's courses, not all men's courses.
2007-05-23 @ 17:05
Comment from: Michael [Visitor] Email
Leadbetter has little credibility when it comes to Wie. Remember, he was one of her chief cheerleaders when her handlers were seeking endorsement contracts. Anyone still remember how he would tell the press that she was longer than most male tour pros, regularly busting 350 yard drives. haven't heard much from him when her PGA Tour driving distance averaged around 260 yards.
2007-05-23 @ 18:32
Comment from: Jay [Visitor] Email
Bubbles will play against the men even when She knows She will not make the cut. It's the money. Make it now cause She knows its not coming in the Future Her Phsyce is way more damaged than her fake wrist injury ever could be. Nike and Sony must have some kind of Protection or clauses in her Contract. Or they took out Insurance against any type of failure. They can't be that dumb. Heads will end up rolling by next years End. Maybe sooner if she gets worse, which She will if she continues on the same path. She cannot help trying to get a little extra on the ball. She looks way out of tempo and rhythem on her T- shots. The Hypnosis She is getting will only work untill her first bad T-shot.
2007-05-23 @ 19:40
Comment from: Johnny N. [Visitor] Email
Michael where are you getting the 260 yard figure from. She averages about 280 yards in driving.
2007-05-24 @ 09:32
Comment from: InTheBunker [Visitor] Email
She's averaged 266.6 cumulative since 2003 on the PGATour. The numbers are there...look them up. The 280, if she could do it, still seems somewhat short of the lofty claims made about MWs prodigious length.
2007-05-24 @ 15:07
Comment from: Johnny N. [Visitor] Email
You can't be going back to when she was 13 in 2003.
As a 16 year old she officially averaged 300 yards in the 2nd round of the Sony Open and 272 yards in the 1st round. Those figures are unimportant anyway, they only measure 2 holes per round.
In reality her real driving distances for all the holes were very similar between rounds 1 & 2, not the big gap the official figures suggested.

I have far more detailed info for every hole and can say she averages about 280 in real average terms.
At that she is one of the shorter hitters on the pga tour and one of the longest on the lpga tour.
2007-05-24 @ 19:35
Comment from: Raymond [Visitor] Email
To those of you who blame Leadbetter for Wies swing collapse. It's obvious she doesn't listen to him. Chris you are 100% right........... she's uncoachable.

2007-05-25 @ 00:11
Comment from: JJ [Visitor] Email
The jury is still out on the question of Leadbetter. Is he helping Wie's game? I see no evidence that he is.

Might be time for Michelle to go back to her original coach -"no name" or not.
2007-05-30 @ 13:47

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