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Comment from: Art [Visitor] Email
I predict by the end of the season Michelle won't get a top 10 all year and she will not even finish the season. She will only plat a couple of PGA events because she can't cut it and the Sponsers are afraid to invite her for fear of what is going on already with her and her ADVENTURES.,
It's sad to say She's finished.
2007-06-05 @ 17:06
Comment from: Stanley [Visitor] Email
This LPGA Championship is Wie and more Wie.

And don't you love it.
2007-06-05 @ 19:40
Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
"this is the first time there's been any type of false accusation about me."

Does this mean that all the other accusations have been true ones? Never has a golf star fallen so far, so fast. Welcome to the LPGA's version of Ty Tryon.
2007-06-05 @ 21:00
Comment from: Raymond [Visitor] Email
Wow to say Bivens was insulting to her. Isn't that kind of like biting the hand that feeds you? She should be kissing Bivens feet for saving her last week. This young lady is as classless as it gets. I can't even understand why she has fans because she looks so miserable out on the course. She probably played that pro-am like the Ams were bothering her. Then again why should she do her best to show the LPGA in a good light? She acts like they should be grateful to have her presence in 8 tournaments a year. Why try to impress potential sponsors in a pro-am? LOL!
2007-06-05 @ 21:26
Comment from: Jim C [Visitor] Email
Bivens refused to do anything to save Michelle Wie last week. Withdrawing with an injury was an option that Michelle which the LPGA could not legally deny, nor could they legally enforce a ban if she did so. But I would imagine that Bivens could have recognized that Michelle was playing hurt and waived the rule in her case so she could finish without any fear of a one year ban. Obviously she refused to do so. And don't think that Annika's attack on Michelle for her withdrawl was done against the wishes of Bivens.

I am sure Wie's partners in the pro-am payed plenty for the privelge--none of which went to Michelle. With Michelle's horrible outing last week, the value of a round of golf with her must have seemed a lot less than people had anticipated. Add to that the controversy around her withdrawl which must have made Michelle anything but a happy camper, and it is not surprising that the group was not all sweetness and light.
If Bivens wanted Michelle Wie to be a gracious hostess in this week's pro am, then she should have really stood up for her last week, giving her an exemption to the 88 rule that did not necessitate her witdrawl, focussing any resulting criticism on herself and not the player. Maybe then Michelle Wie could have been in a better mood and better able to give her playing partners a more pleasurable experience.

2007-06-06 @ 00:03
Comment from: Raymond [Visitor] Email
Wow Jim everyones fault except Michelle. It's nice to see you're another one of those fans who wants to bend the rules for her! Maybe she'll get the chance to redeem herself this week and waive the rule. LOL!
2007-06-06 @ 03:41
Comment from: Jon [Visitor]
I believe Michelle said that the accusation was insulting, not her conversation with Bivens. She hasn't commented on the private conversation between her team and Biven, which as it should would remain private.
2007-06-06 @ 07:34
Comment from: Stanley [Visitor] Email
Raymond: "Wow to say Bivens was insulting to her. Isn't that kind of like biting the hand that feeds you? "

She said the accusations were insulting not the conversation.
2007-06-06 @ 08:47
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email

Bubbles won't make the Hall of Fame the way she's going.

The amateur playing partners of bubbles in the pro-am events of both the Ginn Tribute and at Bulle Rock were affronted by Bubbles' boorish conduct. To what do you attribute their feelings that they were snubbed by Bubbles? Canspiracy? Racism? What?

Yesterday, head LPGA rules official had to order BJ, Bo, and Bubbles' physical therapist off the practice range. They left after a heated exchange. These characters know the rules, but apparently they don't think the rules apply to them. Or do you believe that the LPGA official is singling them out for harassment because of their Asian heritage or some such other nonsense?

Bubbles obviously has forgotten the time-honored Korean tradition of respect for her elders and superiors.
2007-06-06 @ 08:51
Comment from: Moore [Visitor]
Funny that the LPGA was happy to promote Wie when she was coming in 2nd and 3rd and bringing in all that NIKE money. Now that she has a few bad outings suddenly she is the enemy, they are scolding her etc. Wie is the monster that they created. They gave her all the exemptions etc. How can they now pretend that she is such a problem. When you bet your league on a 14 year old this is what you get. They should have been promoting Creamer and Gulbis (sp?) and Ochoa. Now any momentum the LPGA has is lost.
2007-06-06 @ 17:27
Comment from: ghola [Visitor] Email
i don't think any one particular athelete can be greater than any given sport.
was babe ruth greater than baseball ?
was his airness for basketball ?
how about ali for boxing... in all field of sports, there will always be great players...great players come and go. the torch gets passed from one generation to the next.. what endures and will last forever.. is the sport itself.. lpga was there before mw and will be there long after mw..
but really truly great players in any given sports are only once or twice once every other generation.

and in your old age, you'll be able to debate with your family and friends.. who was the better athelete?
was ali better than rocky and babe better than ted and magig and larry and so on and ad infinatum...

in closing.. i'd like to say, let's hope and pray michelle lives up to all of our expectations. it'll be some of the greatest moments to witness in any sport... were it to happen.

2007-06-06 @ 23:24
Comment from: Luke Easter [Visitor] Email
LPGA (Is Racism On The Ladies Pro Tour?)

Will someone please say it’s a rumor and not true,
That professional woman’s golf is not going to,
Require that players who play in any LPGA events,
Have to speak English or back home they are sent.

Wow! Why not take the lead of the PGA men’s side?
When Tiger Woods emerged did others run and hide?
No! They practiced, worked out and hired coaches,
As brighter lights shined some women hid like roaches.

2009 from September 7, is just over 100 days away,
It takes years to learn English unless sports you play,
Basketball, football, baseball are a few that come to mind,
The Ladies Profession Golf Association is ahead, not behind.

Many ex-players are making the adjustment to play by play,
Far from the days when, “you know” was all they could say,
But, this progress has taken decades and now you expect,
Better golfers to learn proficient English just to get a check?

What’s happened to competition, head to head with the best?
Do we have to wait for another Olympics to put skill to the test?
I though only in politics via the cold war did this stuff exist,
Now the “sport” of women’s golf is going be added to the list.

Sports is an activity governed by a set of competitive rules,
Not to be goverend by where you did or did not go to school,
Going from one country to another you don’t need a visa to play,
Just a passport, there is no test as to what you can or cannot say.

True, not every country like our United States has free speech,
However, you need not be fluent in the local just to compete,
Playing against the world’s best is what makes golf so sweet,
Not sending them home because you’re tired of getting beat.

I know this is not all the players only a handful of spoiled quitters,
Sometimes is seems as though a few caddies are also baby sitters,
The one and only way to be the best is to beat the ones that are,
Who wants to watch a match with winners barely breaking par?

This a demeanimg, stupid, selfish, insenitive, bitter, jealous rule,
You become a better golfer by going to UCLA instead of Q school?
I certainly hope this insenitiveness doesn’t last too long or go very far,
Will parking a Taurus next to a S600 Benz make the Ford a better car?

Didn’t the word golf mean, “Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden?”
Now it’s the ladies who are trying to keep the best players hidden?
OK, hide your mama, jewlery, money, Pissco, Rembrandt or Monet,
But don’t hide the best forigen players by not allowing them to play.

There’s an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, EEOC,
We should have one for the Equal Opportunity To Play, EOTP,
The 1st means you have rights if American Black or Latino Brown,
Number two won’t discriminate if you can’t tell a verb from a noun.

Most born and raised here do not know, just listen to their speech,
Many are insturctors in class rooms and they are the ones who teach,
There was a time when slaves were killed teaching each other to read,
This is simply the principle of, “good old fashioned American Greed.”

First there was the “noose” incident around the neck of Tiger Woods,
Now players are going to be penalized just because they are too good,
Have you heard the one about fast foods? What do you think of that?
World carry out & delivery will be illegal so only Americans can get fat.

Many are reporting the decision was made and it’s the sponsors call,
Still, it’s up to the American players, they’re the ones who hit the ball,
Whomever, to see that it is wrong you don’t need the neck of a Giraffe,
How many LPGA pros from this country spoke up on the others behalf?

Do what the men’s tour did, improve the quality of your game,
Does it bring any excitement with the boring same old same?
Ladies it’s time to speak up and proudly declare, “Yes we can!”
Whether it’s Sweeden, South America, Korea, China or Japan.

Poems By Luke Easter
2008-09-08 @ 16:29

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