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Comment from: Stanley [Visitor] Email
The way most of this will be sorted is for Wie's clubs to do the talking.

She came out in her press conference, discussed things like her injury that people complained she hadn't talked about, but the complaints go from one thing to another.

There are certain sections of the media that have it in for her and they have kept trying to come up with new things to complain about.

At least there is Chris Baldwin the unbiased reporter who will be reporting from the lpga championship!!!!!!!!!
2007-06-05 @ 19:45
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email

The media do not have to come up with things to complain about.

Bubbles supplies all the ammo they need. Her and her entourage.

Even superstar Annika thinks she's a three-star phony.
2007-06-05 @ 20:08
Comment from: Stanley [Visitor] Email
Annika didn't say any such thing.
2007-06-05 @ 20:24
Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
Alex of Hyperbole, Montana. He's fun to interpret.
2007-06-05 @ 21:01
Comment from: Art [Visitor] Email
All You Wiebots sure suffer from Denial self-deception and delusion.
How can you keep thinking She is for real. Her thinking is so askew, it was way overdue for someone to question her integrity. She has even lost track of her lies. She is now contradicting herself at an even greater pace than before.
Bubble's mind and Emotions are in such conflict and Turmoil She will probably wiff the golf Ball, let alone hit a fairway.
She will probably show up with a cast on her arm..
2007-06-05 @ 21:16
Comment from: Jim C [Visitor] Email
Was Michelle Wie hurt? Yes. Did Michelle Wie have a legitimate reason for withdrawing thst had nothing to do with the 88 Rule? Yes. Would Michelle Wie have witdrawn even if she had been 14 under with a good chance of shooting a 58 instead of 14 over with a good chance of shooting an 88? No. Even at 14 over would she have withdrawn at that point if not for the rule of 88? Probably not. But she still had a legitimate reason for withdrawing that had nothing to do with the rule of 88.

Allow me to put it this way. Nancy Lopez was 19 over for 36 holes at the Ginn Open, and Michelle was 14 over for 16 holes at the Ginn Tribute. Nancy has done much better than Michelle so far this year. Unless we assume that Michelle Wie's performance was seriously hampered by injury, we should feel safe predicting that Nancy Lopez will ourperform Michelle Wie in this year's LPGA Championship. I am putting down that prediction on behalf of all the people who are criticizing Michelle Wie.

2007-06-05 @ 21:28
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email
Jim C,

On another thread, you said that as far as you were concerned, Bubbles was as good a bet as anyone in the field to win the LPGA championship.

Yeah, sure. In her last two outings on the LPGA tour, Bubbles finisheda five over par 17th in a 20-player field, and withdrew after being 14 over in 16 holes. That's it. Period.

In the field we have three time winners Se Ri and Annika, Karrie, another major winner, Juli, and all the winners of LPGA events since the last LPGA championship, and you think that non-winner, Bubbles is as good as any, even better than Lorena, the present world number one.

Jimbo, don't ever take that type of logic to the betting windows at a racetrack.
2007-06-05 @ 21:47
Comment from: Jim C [Visitor] Email

Yes I think Wie is as good a bet as any. If you think there is someone who is a better bet name her. Including all the winners since the last LPGA Championship you are naming about 20 players. I'm willing to concede that the odds the winner will be one of those 20 is better than the odds of the winner being any one specific player--but I ask you to name one player you think has a better shot. Unless you do I will take your pick to be the first player you named, Se Ri Pak. Fair enough?
2007-06-05 @ 23:06
Comment from: Jim C [Visitor] Email

If you think 3 time winners of the LPGA Championship are a good bet, you might like to know there is another one in the field you didn't mention. Nancy Lopez.
2007-06-05 @ 23:19
Comment from: Art [Visitor] Email
I am watching Michelle on The Golf Channel.
She's finished as I have stated before. Seeing her Robotic emotions convinces me even more that She's done. You can not be that way and play good golf at the same time.
You can play instinct sports with those non-Emotions, but not golf which requires the mind getting involved.
2007-06-06 @ 02:42
Comment from: John D [Visitor]
Any bets as to which hole Wie-Wee will DROP OUT on this week?
2007-06-06 @ 05:26
Comment from: One-Putt [Visitor] Email
And some of you wonder why Michelle aspires to play on the men's tour. At least they keep their nails short.

2007-06-06 @ 07:14
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email
Jim C,

As far as my picking a player who has a better shot at the title than Bubbles, I'm glad you asked. You don't have to take my word for it, posted below are the odds as quoted by Pinnacle Sports Wagering, one of the premier betting sites on sports.

Lorena 3.7 to 1
Annika 8 to 1
Paula 14 to 1
Karrie 20 to 1
Christie 20 to 1
M.H. Kim 25 to 1
Juli 35 to 1
Sarah 35 to 1
Se Ri 35 to 1

Bubbles and Ai Mi are at 36 to 1, although I don't know why Bubbles has such low odds.

Morgan 45 to 1

So Jimbo, I'd be willing to wager if it were legal, that ALL of the above mentioned golfers will finish higher than Bubbles. For a single winner, I like Karrie.

2007-06-06 @ 07:31
Comment from: Stanley [Visitor] Email
Alex the bookmakers you quoted think that Michelle is more likely to win the event than Morgan.
This is fair, because if Michelle plays unhampered by injury which is a question, and if she hits form she has a fair chance, but Morgan has very little chance regardless of what form she is in.
2007-06-06 @ 08:44
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email

As usual, you are wrong.

The bookmakers have posted such an artificially low line on Bubbles to elicit the kind of thought that you've just expressed, that Bubbles has a better chance at winning the event than Morgan and about 135 other players.

In reality, the true odds on Bubbles winning the LPGA championship are infinity to 1, and I'm not talking about a car model.

I'd say the odds on Bubbles making the cut are 36 to 1, and that is assuming that she finishes two rounds.
2007-06-06 @ 10:45
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email

There, there, young man. Drink your warm milk and go along with the nice men in the white coats. The nurse will be along with your medication soon.
2007-06-06 @ 13:09
Comment from: Common Sense Inside [Visitor] Email
The facts that are being not told (and are COMPLETELY WITNESSED AND VERIFIABLE) are that Ms. Wie was going to be assessed a 2 stroke penalty thanks to an outside influence on her match (her father)on the par 3 and that she never once complained to her playing partnerss in that group and that the LPGA was transporting and communicating with her agent prior to a caravan of carts waiting for her "departure" on 17. Effectively she was at 16 over when she "ceased play"
2007-06-06 @ 13:49
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email
Common Sense Inside,

All true. The golfcart had been sent out to the seventh green to pick up the Wie entourage as soon as she told the official of her withdrawal.

But the Wie-wee's posting on this site will never agree. It's too obvious.
2007-06-06 @ 14:17
Comment from: Jim C [Visitor] Email
Tschnically Wie is tied for 10th and 11th with MIyazato at a dollar pays 35.52. Practically speaking she is in a five way tie at 7th through 11th that includes Inkster, Saeah Lee, and Pak who pay 35.46. I do not consider the 6 cents difference to be very significant.
My pick does not seem all that outrageous.
2007-06-06 @ 14:18
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email
Jim C,

I explained to Big Stan why the odds on Bubbles were so artificially low.

But hey, if you think she is a good bet, try to get something down on her.

Who knows? You may be right for the first time in a few years.
2007-06-06 @ 15:28
Comment from: James K. Bachmann [Visitor] Email
Can a player withdraw for any reason, or does it have to be for injuries, according to the applicabable rules?
2007-06-06 @ 16:37
Comment from: Stanley [Visitor] Email
Anyone can withdraw for any reason. If they withdraw about 5 times in a season the tour starts to ask questions.
2007-06-06 @ 18:05
Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email

I find it very strange that you're reading homosexual sites, very strange indeed. Hmm, you are English, correct?
2007-06-07 @ 15:38

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