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Comment from: Anne [Visitor] Email
Wow I haven't been back here since forever. Maybe because I vow not to respond to your posts with negative tone on Michelle Wie. So I was very taken aback with this entry. Either there is oozing sarcasm that of which I am blind or maybe there is a little piece Michelle Wie in that heart of yours?

Either way. I must agree with, maybe the only time I will. Even being a Wie fan myself (yes, even after her dubious withdrawal last week), I was not expecting Michelle to come out with a VERY impressive, respectable 73 with the world watching her. Check out the gallery she has. During the front 9 and being 4-over, I thought "Wow, Wie's going to give detractors much ammo." But I was glad, and not that surprised, as her round progressed. She's definitely not in tip-top form, so I'm really not expecting her to finish well quite frankly. I think and hope she will do decently, maybe top 30 or top 20?

Who knows, maybe tomorrow's round might not be as good. But she's definitely not on par (no pun intended) with her form. Nevertheless, I am still excited to see her play. And judging from the media attention and the crowd following her, I am definitely not the only one. I think she quieted some after today's round.
2007-06-07 @ 21:07
Comment from: Chris Baldwin [Member] Email
No sarcasm Anne. Just honest opinion like you've always gotten from this space. Difference is, this time you happen to agree with that opinion.

It's impossible to knock that round under those circumstances.
2007-06-07 @ 21:09
Comment from: Anne [Visitor] Email
Might I also add that I wouldn't be surprised if Wie doesn't do well tomorrow, and her round goes 180. I mean we all know right now she's not capable of doing her best (not her potential, but even to how she was last year) because she's definitely not well physically. I would just feel bad for her if her round does not go well tomorrow and let's say (hypothetically) misses the cut, and BAM! the media would be on her back again. I get squirmish when you folks (I know you get paid to do it) attack everything.
2007-06-07 @ 21:23
Comment from: JR [Visitor] Email
Gusty 1 over par?????
2007-06-07 @ 21:30
Comment from: Jim C [Visitor] Email
I didn't see much of her round, but if her 232.5 on the driving holes was representative of her game off the tee, and with only 5 fairways hit and 10 greens in regulation, it seems to me that one over is a pretty good result.

2007-06-07 @ 22:05
Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email
Yes, Bubbles' PGA Tour-like distance always impresses me . . . .
2007-06-07 @ 22:55
Comment from: Anne [Visitor] Email
Jim C. I definitely agree with you. Her statistics, especially her driving distance and fairways hit, are highly uncharacteristic for her on the LPGA tour. Like I said, she's not 100% recovered. But if you can still get 1-over par in this situation, that's something. Hopefully she's gets back to shape soon.
2007-06-07 @ 23:02
Comment from: tasha [Visitor]
I, too have been away from this blog. The pettiness expressed by many bloggers was getting tedious.

Baldwin, when you call it like it is without your useless scarcasm, you are a good writer and your true message gets though which allows for meaningful discourse.

The convoluted course that Michelle is taking to reach her goals is her way of growing up with or without her crazy entourage--she never does things the easy way, but underneath the seemingly fluffy 'valley girl" schtick, there is a steely competitor way beyond her 17 years. Oh, she'll still struggle, make mistakes, say silly things, and much will be written and said about her, but in reality, the LPGA benefits greatly from her. She'll learn to give back, provided that she has much wiser counsel around her.

Good for her for toughening it out and yet, playing through an injury is a dicey move too. The young heal faster, perhaps, both physically and emotionally.

Her poise is amazing and let's hope that as she matures, she will learn to weed out bad advice and will grow up to be a gracious, articulate, and most of all a winning athlete. With talent like hers and what's between her ears, I can only hope.
2007-06-07 @ 23:46
Comment from: Jim C [Visitor] Email

I don't know what she is like in private, but she always has been very gracious in public, although not to the extentj of allowing others to dictate what she should do with her life. She always has been articulate, except like you know when she is trying very hard to be gracious in a situation where she does not feel at all gracious. Men swear so they wont cry, women cry so they won't swear, and Michelle Wie throws in like you know so she won't blurt out her true feelings like Morgan Pressel. Until this week. This week Michelle Wie sounded more like Morgan Pressel in her interview, and I think that has been good for her. Bottling up anger cannot be good for your golf, certainly not your short game. And today it was her short game that saved her when she was horrible off the tee.

2007-06-08 @ 00:32
Comment from: tasha [Visitor]
Jim C:

Well said. Those are very fair insights.

2007-06-08 @ 02:22
Comment from: Stanley [Visitor] Email
Judge Smails,
Leadbetter had warned before she teed off that she had lost a huge amount of distance, and wouldn't be hitting it very far for that round.

It was very impressive that someone who was used to hitting it long and overpowering courses adapted so well to hitting it shorter off the tee.

Hopefully the time she spends hitting it shorter off the tee will help to enhance her game more, so that when she regains her distance she has a better all round game.
2007-06-08 @ 08:03
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email

Bubbles seems to have taken the advice of Leadbelly and abandoned her big-driving game, that is, if she ever had one.

And it is just as well. The pitty-pat golf game peculiar to the LPGA tour suits her game much better.

I mean, she does have to control those booming 232 yard drives so as to keep them in the fairways. Oops, she only hit five fairways. Well, you know what I mean.

Anne, if Bubbles misses the cut, try not to become "squirmish.":-)
2007-06-08 @ 08:37
Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email

Bubbles "poise is amazing"? How much poise did she exhibit when she withdrew, feigning injury?
2007-06-08 @ 10:18
Comment from: tasha [Visitor]
I said "the pettiness expressed by many bloggers was getting tedious", yup, it still is.

I am sure there are many ways to withdraw from a tournament. Swearing, crying, stomping off the course, blaming others, wrapping a club around a tree, not facing the press afterwards--any number of unattractive human emotions that lack composure happens. Pettiness also lacks poise.

Whether it was right or wrong or whether it was a result of an injury, has nothing to do with how she actually presented herself to the public. Throughout the ordeal, Michelle stayed poised and came back to face another day where the pressure on her was much heavier than at the previous tournament.

Granted, as John C says that she was more feisty in her responses and good for her. Michelle showed amazing poise.
2007-06-08 @ 13:11
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email

How did you like the amazing poise Bubbles showed when, needing a simple par to ensure making the cut, she choked terribly and was lucky to get a bogey?
2007-06-08 @ 13:42
Comment from: Jim C [Visitor] Email

In case you didn't notice, Michelle Wie is over par. A par is not a simple par for her the way she is playing now. On 18 she hit a bad tee shot and missed the fairway badly. But there is no reason to call that choking since she has been doing that a lot these two days. She was too agressive on her second shot, where she should have laid up--but you don't want a young player to be timid. You have to be agressive and make some mistakes to learn what you can and cannot do. Her third shot was unlucky--a few more yards and the ball would have gotten close to the hole instead of rolling the other way. She then played well to get down in two, including a pressure bogey putt that she needed to have any realistic chance of making the cut.
2007-06-08 @ 15:01
Comment from: tasha [Visitor]
Those of you stuck on the word "poise" and using it incorrectly, a simple English 101 course will give you a better understanding of the word.

When one has poise, no matter how things are tanking, as they sometimes will, one keeps one's composure. Certainly Michelle could have completely lost it and come out of it with a triple or a quadruple bogey accompanied by a tearful melt down, but she didn't--she is a professional athlete after all with amazing poise. Under pressure, nothing is simple and even a layman's view of a "simple" par is never simple.

If she pulled off a par or even a birdie under all that kind of pressure, now that's brilliant and when she's hundred percent, she will have plenty of chances to play brilliantly.

She has guts and she will keep grinding as that's what she needs to do right now. Healing process of an injury is very complex and the chances of re-injury are very high, so if she can still play with the injury and can adjust with her club choices, and if mistakes are made, then, it's a good learning process. What won't kill her will make her stronger.

An inopportune bogey or missed cut certainly doesn't define her entire career.

On the other hand, Paris Hilton, now, that's a woman who's lost her composure when her world started to tank. English 101 can't even begin to define her lack of poise.
2007-06-08 @ 18:44

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