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Comment from: Jim C [Visitor] Email
If you want to talk about Morgan Pressel being overshadowed by Michelle Wie, it is only fair to mention that once again Morgan Pressel seems to be overshadowing the same player who is ahead of her: Birdie Kim.
2007-06-08 @ 00:00
Comment from: Chris Baldwin [Member] Email
No Jim. She's not. People paid much less attention to Kim than Pressel. She was outplayed by one shot in one round by Kim. Not close to overshadowed.

Big difference.
2007-06-08 @ 00:06
Comment from: Otis [Visitor]
Morgan Pressel,aka Miss Piggy is an obnoxious, annoying, whining, spoiled brat. That is why most people don't want to listen to her. We will see if she lucks out again tomorrow.
2007-06-08 @ 00:29
Comment from: Jim C [Visitor] Email

I just thought it was too good a point to not mention Birdie Kim. In 2005 Morgan Pressel finishing second overshadowed Birdie Kim winning. I don't really know who got more attention today, but it is true that Pressel has gotten more attention in the past than a player who won, and coincidentally that player is ahead of her today. Of course, Birdie Kim probably got a lot more attention in Korea.


Morgan Pressel was an obnoxious spoiled brat, but she has become a gracious young woman, albeit a politically incorrect one. It makes no more sense to criticize Morgan Pressel for what she now says about Michelle Wie than it does to criticize Chris Baldwin for what he now says.
2007-06-08 @ 00:49
Comment from: One-Putt [Visitor] Email
As each player was trooped in front of the media many of the questions they fielded were about Miss Wie. It was embarrassing for these wonderful players to be put on the spot about a fellow competitor. In the past Morgan would have taken the bait, but this year to her credit she took the high road and tried to keep the focus on her game. Props to Morgan.

The woman with three names, Dana Gross Rhode, should be doing pre-show interviews with Jerry Springer Show guests, not professional golfers.

What a ditz!

2007-06-08 @ 02:27
Comment from: One-Putt [Visitor] Email
Chris you missed the real story of the day, "How difficult is the course setup for a LPGA Major"?

Michelle hit a 3 wood all day and still ended up only 1 over par. Her average driving distance during the 1st round would have placed her around 150th on the LPGA list.

It should be unusual for anyone to score under par in a Major Championship.

2007-06-08 @ 05:13
Comment from: Sal [Visitor]
"Comment from: Otis [Visitor]
Morgan Pressel,aka Miss Piggy is an obnoxious, annoying, whining, spoiled brat. That is why most people don't want to listen to her. We will see if she lucks out again tomorrow."

First off Otis I am appalled that you would pick apart the appearance of a young 17 year old female phenom golfer purely because you yourself probably are no wonder to look at. Leave the gal alone, 1 she actually is a pretty cute girl, 2 she could kick your ass probably in any sport, 3 she is probably going to become one of the best LPGA players ever 4, the diarrhea that is spewing from your mouth when you open it is quite annoying!!!
2007-06-08 @ 07:30
Comment from: 2under [Visitor] Email
...and herein lies the problem with the media hype and public intoxication with uber-young phenoms.

They are immature. They are going to say and do stupid things. It's part of being a teenager.

Ability isn't everything. There's something about being a sportsman that counts significantly as well.

Someone needs to take the likes of Ms. Wie under their wing to show her how to handle the media, comport herself on the course, etc. The same goes for Ms. Pressel, and any other young athlete. We shouldn't have the likes of Ms. Bivens and Mr. Finchem taking advantage of "the hype".

2007-06-08 @ 08:42
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email

Bubbles and Morgan are female children of privilege. In all their brief existences, they have received anything they wanted and then some.

I don't know too much about Morgan's early teen years, but I know that she didn't attend regular school in order to accommodate her budding career.

Bubbles' case is better known. She was absent from school for what amounted to several months when in highschool to fly around the world in Phil's jet. Despite her prolonged and frequent absences, she supposedly graduated with high honors. Sure she did.

She waxed ecstatic about making the Ryder Cup team and playing in the Masters', and several folks who should have known better agreed with her. Is it any wonder that she has become defiant and disrespectful when none of her dreams have come to fruition?

Morgan seems to be developing into a young woman with a certain amount of class and humility.

Bubbles, as she is wont to say ,is still "a work in progress."

2007-06-08 @ 09:20
Comment from: Jim C [Visitor] Email
In 2005 and esrly 2006 Morgan Pressel went out of her way to way negative things about Michelle Wie. But following the 2006 HSBC Match Play Dana Gross Rhode tried very hard to get her to talk about Wie in a negative way, and Pressel refused to do so. At the same event Dana got Lincicome to say negative things about Wie by telling Lincicome only parts of what Wie had said in her interview to give Lincicome the false impression that Wie did not respect Lincicome.

Lincicome is now very respectful of Michelle Wie, and I believe her view of the LPGA is that she wants to make some money and get out when she's 30.

Dana Gross Rhode is also incompetent. Last week in the interview published on the LPGA site, she gushed about Lorena Ochoa's final round of 73 which was only 3 shots off the best round of the day, which was 70. Perhaps Lorena did have a good day, and just got beaten by a golfer having a better day--but she shot 74 not 73.

2007-06-08 @ 09:48
Comment from: Jim C [Visitor] Email
Alex, young people dream dreams. As the biggest story at the Omega last year, her comments about the Ryder Cup actually helped to promote the event. When you look at the way the US performs in the Ryder Cup, realistically the only reason to keep Michelle Wie off the team is the fact that the US needs her somewhere else, doing something else, so hopefully no lone will notice that there even is a Ryder Cup being contested.
2007-06-08 @ 10:06
Comment from: Otis [Visitor] Email

Miss Piggy will always be an obnoxious, whining brat, no matter what anyone says. That is why she is overlooked constantly, even when she "flukes" a win.

How about the others that don't get the attention they deserve? Like Angela Park, a rookie, leading the way ahead of the great MP. And she is still just 18 is she not? Where is the hype surrounding her? It really is a shame the press goes off on the wrong things instead of focusing on all these fantastic young golfers. Stop with the ridiculous rivalry crap and focus on their strengths instead. Let them play golf without having to answer idiotic questions by the likes of Ms.Gross/R.

And leave Michelle Wie alone for a while so she can find her game again!! You ALL know this is not the way she can really play, whether you want to admit it or not. Shame on the press and others who love to see her fall apart. They are the ones who have overhyped her all these years. Just let her recover from all this nonsense and see what she can do as she is a phemon who will come back and challenge them all. I hope her parents have the sense to not let her hear all the negativity being spewed right now. Just leave her alone.
2007-06-08 @ 11:06
Comment from: John D [Visitor]
Wie-Wee at +3 thru 10....Uh-Oh Projected cut line is +2. Tooooooo Bad.
2007-06-08 @ 11:16
Comment from: Otis [Visitor] Email
John D,

You are still a moron, I see.
2007-06-08 @ 11:28
Comment from: Blazer [Visitor] Email
Looks like the fast track to golf stardom didn work again as MW bogied the 18th to finish below the projected cut line. Talk about learning how not to win.
2007-06-08 @ 13:30
Comment from: Stanley [Visitor] Email
Excellent gutsy 2nd round from Michelle, she will make the cut.
Sorry John D if that disappoints you but an injured Wie swinging at 80% will make the cut. Okay.
2007-06-08 @ 14:02
Comment from: Shanks [Visitor] Email
One-Putt, you need a history lesson if you think a Major championship should rarely allow under par scores. I suggest you take a look at the past 20-30 years worth of scores at 1. The PGA, 2. The Masters and 3. The (British) Open. It is only the US Open that rarely gives up under par scores for all 4 rounds.
2007-06-08 @ 14:07
Comment from: Ty Webb [Visitor] Email
"Excellent gutsy 2nd round from Michelle, she will make the cut."

So it's come to this?

Celebrating over par scores and hoping to make cuts on the LPGA tour. How the mighty have fallen. That was a gutsy bogey on 18 from Michelle, needing only a par to secure her place over the weekend.
2007-06-08 @ 14:14
Comment from: One-Putt [Visitor] Email
"Comment from: Ty Webb [Visitor] Email
"Excellent gutsy 2nd round from Michelle, she will make the cut."

So it's come to this?

Celebrating over par scores and hoping to make cuts on the LPGA tour. How the mighty have fallen. That was a gutsy bogey on 18 from Michelle, needing only a par to secure her place over the weekend."

Ty why don't you leave your driver out of play during the next round at the local muni and see what happens.

I'm shocked Miss Wie only played at three over for two rounds, then again Nike drivers are a handicap to play with.
2007-06-08 @ 14:27
Comment from: Blazer [Visitor] Email
Ty why don't you leave your driver out of play during the next round at the local muni and see what happens.

I'm shocked Miss Wie only played at three over for two rounds, then again Nike drivers are a handicap to play with.

Tiger left the big dog in the bag almost teh entire Open Championship and won the whole shooting match!
2007-06-08 @ 15:04
Comment from: Joe Cool [Visitor] Email
2007-06-08 @ 15:25
Comment from: ToddCommish [Visitor] Email
The bar seems to be dropping every time Wie plays. First, it was playing in the Masters. Then, it went to making a cut for a men's tournament. Then, it went to NOT being last in a men's tournament ("Hey, she beat ONE guy."), Then, it went to beating the women and winning an LPGA major. Then, it went to beating the women and winning an LPGA event. Now, it's making a cut at an LPGA major.

At this pace, sometime next year, the Wie Warriors will be celebrating Michele getting the red ball into the windmill.
2007-06-08 @ 15:29
Comment from: John D [Visitor]
Comment from: Otis [Visitor]
John D,
You are still a moron, I see.
2007-06-08 @ 11:28

Awwwww, Come on. I am just reporting it like it is...tooo bad!!!
2007-06-08 @ 15:38
Comment from: John D [Visitor]
Comment from: Stanley [Visitor]
Excellent gutsy 2nd round from Michelle, she will make the cut.
Sorry John D if that disappoints you but an injured Wie swinging at 80% will make the cut. Okay.
Where did you learn math?
I think Wie-Wee is at +3. The cut line is at +2. That would make her on the side of the cut line that will NOT be competing tomorrow.
2007-06-08 @ 15:48
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email
John D,

Stanley is praying that those remaining on the course will back up enough for Bubbles to squeeze in.

That may in fact happen. That's hardly anything to exult over, but to the Wie-wee's it will be a remarkable victory for Bubbles.

I never thought that making the cut in an LPGA event would be something that the Wie Warriors would celebrate, but times and circumstances do change.

If she does get to play the weekend, the fondest hope of the Wiebots will be that enough of the second tier players shoot poorly enough for Bubbles to finish top fifty.
2007-06-08 @ 17:00
Comment from: 2under [Visitor] Email
Amazing comeback...debilitating wrist injury, causing WD to making the cut at a major.

What kind of BS is this? Does she really think people are that stupid? At least Daly will tell you straight up he walked off b/c he was pissed.

Okay, Wiebots...defend her now. What have you got? Was she hurt or not? How could she make the miraculous comeback?

Seriously Wiebots, save your collective breath. She's a poor sport. She wasn't hurt. She's a faker. It's in her head. She is going to need to seriously grow up to get over this.

For her sake, I hope someone outside of her current cult, with some common sense and a good conscience, will get through to this girl and teach her the right way. Otherwise, she is ruined. She'll get into a pressure situation and fold, just like she showed at the Ginn when the going got tough.

She needs The Great Santini.
2007-06-08 @ 18:38
Comment from: putt4par [Visitor] Email
Oh Alex, roflmao, may all your agonies be WIE, lol.
2007-06-08 @ 19:37
Comment from: One-Putt [Visitor] Email
Well into her Nike comeback tour Ms. Wie should set her next goal as having a sub-par round. It has been quite awhile since we have seen her shoot a below par round.

K2's record try for cuts not made continues and Ms. Wie's record for cuts made by a non-LPGA member remains intact. (If you overlook that little withdrawal thing last week.)

Yep, it looks like she will be around for awhile longer to torture Alex.
2007-06-08 @ 21:04
Comment from: Golf Geek [Visitor] Email
For god's sake, give her a break! First, it was a bunch of whiny, jealous LPGA players, who whined and whined why they could not get the lucrative contracts. Morgan Pressel was one of the worst team players, by criticizing and knit picking her fellow rookie player. BTW, who would want to compete and play with these whining cats in LPGA, day in and day out, when knowing that all they want to do is to stab her in the back, any chance they get. And now, it's the entire press (especially those pot-bellied, weekend quarterback losers at Golf Channel) whining at this talented teenage phenom. I don't think even Tiger could've handled such pressure at that age. It's quite ironical that people in Europe are more impressed with Michelle's ability than all those critics and jealous losers in this country. Sometimes, I am not sure why this great nation of ours is criticizing it's own talented golfer like Michelle. Let's just wish her the best. I think she deserves some credit. Don't you think?
2007-06-08 @ 23:11
Comment from: Golf Geek [Visitor] Email
Oh by the way, Michelle pays taxes to Uncle Sam while this Sorenstam figure takes the money and runs back to her own communist country called Sweden, or something. Who's doing more good to this great nation?

Moreover, this Sorenstam figure gets mad at Michelle for withdrawing her bu*****t invitational tournament, which is held right before the big major tourney, and have audacity to criticize her in the public for Michelle's legitimate wrist injuries.

I am a golf buff myself, and I have hit many balls at the golf range. My wrists get numb after about a couple of large buckets on hard mats. We've all been there, haven't we? Perhaps, Michelle had some tendinitis and irritated her wrists while hitting out of thick roughs. Hey, things like that happen all the time.

And yet, this Sorenstam bitch, as if she never had any wrist problems, blasted Michelle, because it probably made her feel good. And that, she showed the world how important are the integrity and respect in the game of golf. I'd say, bull crap. She is playing this media game to propel her into Jack Niclaus-like status.

Hey, where's my justice stick? I'd love to slap Sorenstam's big fat greedy butt with it.
2007-06-09 @ 00:52
Comment from: 2under [Visitor] Email
GG, (and that's not Gordon Gecko)

Tell me what miracle of modern medicine could take an athlete from the depths of injury, causing a WD, to playing in a major?

Tendinitis can be played through, with a little intestinal fortitude. Wie quit, plain and simple. That's poor sportsmanship in anyone's book. And we should be attacking a multiple major winner for calling her on it?

Get off the crack pipe.
2007-06-09 @ 13:11
Comment from: Art [Visitor] Email
11 over. What now Wiebots??
2007-06-09 @ 19:06
Comment from: Art [Visitor] Email
11 over. What now Wiebots??
And don't come up with the fake wrist injury.
2007-06-09 @ 19:07
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email
Golf Geek,

I believe that you asked if Bubbles deserves credit for something or other.

My answer is no, she does not. She has accomplished nothing that deserves credit. When she does, I'll let you know.
2007-06-09 @ 19:40
Comment from: Golf Geek [Visitor] Email
2under and Alex,
Obviously you haven't read my comments, have you? I clearly mentioned that Wie may have had tendinitis and withdrew from that Sorenstam bitch's invitational. Would you play your best at invitational tourney of someone who has criticized you in the past?

Alex, to answer your idiotic question about Wie earning some credits, she was the youngest US Amateur Links champion, the youngest top amateur at the LPGA US Open, runner-up at last year's US Open, missed cut by only one shot at the men's Sony Open at sixteen, and on and on.

What more does she need to get some credit from you idiots and pundits. She seems to be in a slump as a result of all these assholes like you and jealous, bitter media keep criticizing her. You probably noticed that her slump began when the entire world turned against after signing multi-million dollar contracts.

I believe we have too many immature adults these days, and you two are no exceptions. Shame on you.
2007-06-11 @ 02:48
Comment from: 2under [Visitor] Email

Uh, yes I did read your drivel. And I did respond...

If, in fact she DID have tendinitis (an issue that is open for serious debate), it can either be played through with a little intestinal fortitude. Or if the injury was as significant to require a WD, she could do the adult thing and apologize to the host. That would be the "bitch" you refer to, Ms. Sorenstam.

Additionally, it would stand to reason that if the injury was so severe as to require a WD, it would be reasonably assumed that she shouldn't be entered into competition so quickly.

GG - the whole point is that Ms. Wie does not yet possess the competitive mettle to be on the professional stage. She is obviously too young to realize that, so someone in her camp should step up and teach her how to compete like a true sportsman. She shouldn't be entertaining notions of competing on the PGA tour, or quitting tournaments on the LPGA tour.

So you can call me names, but it only illustrates your immaturity and lack of understanding of the issue. Hey, GG, you have something in common with Ms. Wie!
2007-06-12 @ 07:43
Comment from: Jim C [Visitor] Email
Can anyone provide any evidence that prior to the Ginn Tribute there was an expectation that a player withdrawing from a tournament should apologize to a tournament host. What about a situation when the host is in the middle of a round? For that matter, prior to the Ginn Tribute is there any evidence that a player was ever expected to apologize for withdrawing from an event to anyone?
2007-06-13 @ 15:52
Comment from: 2under [Visitor] Email
Jim C,

Are you that daft? "...provide any evidence...that a player withdrawing...should apologize...?"


Dude, do you live in a bubble or something?

2007-06-13 @ 18:29
Comment from: Jim C [Visitor] Email
2under I assume you mean you are not able to provide any evidence. My idea of courtesy is not to criticize another player the way Annika did. Certainly while some people praised Morgan Pressel for her candor, there were those of us who criticized her for her comments about Michelle Wie, and I for one, have noticed that Morgan Pressel has changed. Chris Baldwin has changed in my opinion as well, even if he says he hasn't.
2007-06-15 @ 19:12

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