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Canadians are more wimpy sensitive than Sergio Garcia, Al Gore & Wie Warriors put together

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I always thought of Canadians as mountain men with good palates. Folks who could survive in the woods but still appreciate a great bottle of wine. Then I wrote about Canada being a good summer golf destination and realized just how wimpy and whiny man… more »

Michelle Wie shows some humility at Evian Masters despite 84

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Sure Michelle Wie will have to wait much longer than even Natalie Gulbis did (in terms of tournaments played) to ever even dream of a win. Sure Wie only broke par in one of the four rounds at the Evian Masters. Sure Wie has dropped so far in terms of rel… more »

It will be birdies at British Open & Adam Scott conquering Carnoustie

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Banish any thoughts of the Carnoustie carnage of 1999. Sergio Garcia might be crying on someone's shoulder again, but that's because he is Sergio Garcia not because Carnoustie is going to be unfair. Thankfully, we can put those setups that produced dr… more »

Golf cannot afford another no-name bore of a champion in British Open like Zach Johnson & Angel Cabrera

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There have been enough unremarkable champions we know nothing about in golf's majors this year. We've had Zach Johnson, who's only at all interesting because he thanked God after his Masters win, and Angel Cabrera, who's lone compelling point is his habi… more »

America's wimpy dollar hurting Canadians most

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You know who's really hurt by the fact the American dollar is about as strong as Uncle Junior was at the end of the Sopranos?The Canadians, our lovable, innocent, often helpless neighbors to the North. Now that traveling to Canada isn't cheaper than… more »

Phil Mickelson gets started on the choking a week early in preparation for British Open

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It would be great for golf if Phil Mickelson could find a way to contend in the British Open. Of course, just days before The Open kicks off, Punxsutawney Phil showed everyone why he's still most afraid of his own golf shadow. With a chance to win the… more »

As British Open beckons, Nick Faldo still the coolest guy in the room

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Nick Faldo turns 50 on Wednesday, on the eve of a British Open that he'll both play in and analyze on the TV broadcast. How many 50-year-olds do you know who are still the coolest guy in the room? Faldo is even as he reaches the age that will let him… more »

Driving through fire: It's a West desert way of life

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If you grew up in the Midwest or spent much of your time on the East Coast, driving through fire is not part of your daily experience. Unless you're Evil Knievel or Nicolas Cage in a bad big budget motorcycle movie. Out West, especially in the deserts… more »

Vegas logic: Crazed shooter at New York-New York casino does not disturb slot machine players

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A shooter opened fire inside New York-New York casino in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip over the busy holiday weekend. The guy stood on top of the two long elevators that go down to the casino floor and fired 16 bullets before he was tackled.Anyone… more »

Tiger Woods puts U.S. Open first with Elin hospitalized because that's the price of greatness

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Anyone questioning Tiger Woods decision to play the U.S. Open with his wife Elin in the hospital with child bearing complications all four days of the tournament does not get it. Of course, Tiger played. That's why he's Tiger Woods and one of the coun… more »

Why does the USGA take it so much easier on the women in the U.S. Open?

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The USGA just held a national championship where five players finished under par - that's right under the mark the blue blazers live to uphold the "sanctity" of. Cristie Kerr finished five under herself at the U.S. Women's Open. Five under. If that… more »

Have to wonder if Lorena Ochoa will ever win a major now after latest U.S. Women's Open blunder

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Lorena Ochoa messed up the 17th hole at Pine Needles just as badly as Phil Mickelson blew the 18th at Winged Foot. There's no denying it any longer, not after another blown chance in a U.S. Women's Open. The No. 1 ranked player in women's golf is as f… more »
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